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Building Scholars Through Success Academy

Education is about encouraging youth of today to reach for the stars. This can be accomplished no matter what type of situation or environment a student is challenged with. Success Academy is a charter school that believes in a strict core foundation, not found in typical public schools in order to motivate and build the fundamental parts of education needed.


Success Academy begins molding students at a young age, and working together as a team and community throughout the student’s educational career. Beginning in elementary school, students are prepped to become outstanding scholars. These students are exposed to various learning techniques and environments that are not seen in a typical public school. A lot of the success derived from Success Academy, is from incorporating real life experiences with textbook education.


A lot of the problems that arise in public schools stem from the disadvantages the majority of Success Academy students face, which are low income and learning disabilities. The curriculum removes the focus on this by concentrating on the educational needs of each school group. This means providing hands on learning, independent thinking and offering more electives based on real life.


Success Academy focuses on creating programs based on educational needs of students. Most of the learning is conducted in a group hands-on atmosphere versus a didactic environment as in a typical public school. Students are given the opportunity to expand their horizons through the various choices of electives offered. High school students are given the chance to receive college credit while performing their high school fundamentals.


One advantage of being a charter school, is that Success Academy designs and develops their academic curriculum separate from any statewide model. They have the opportunity to test and develop different formats of learning and work with what helps to build the youth into academic scholars.


Success Academy continues to focus on the needs of each individual educational group, while devising programs and guidelines to address each area. The instructors and leaders can be found hard at work around the clock, with the same mission in mind- create and build successful scholars.


Mission Possible