Status Labs Darius Fisher is Honored by PRWeek

Darius Fisher, the president and founder of Status Labs, was honored by PRWeek as one of the Innovative50. The Innovative50 is a list of promising digital PR entrepreneurs for 2015. Status Labs a firm which does crisis management for over 1,500 clients in 35 countries, was called impressive for cleaning up the mess that is sometimes found on Google search. Mr. Fisher worked his magic for his clients while cleaning up a crisis in his own company.

Having went through what many of his clients experienced, Mr. Fisher applied that experience to his own company making it stronger and earning him and Status the respect of the industry. The New York Times and Yahoo added their kudos for Status Lab’s amazing work with the Ashley Madison disaster. The Daily Beast added their voice to his success, and called his firm the Olivia Pope & Associates of the Internet. Mr. Fisher is thrilled with the reviews, and said that 2015 looks to the best year ever for Status Labs.

Mr. Fisher’s Status Labs is an online reputation management firm. It uses proprietary software and strategies to produce positive and compelling content to repair negative reviews and unsavory social media content. The positive campaigns force search engines to push negative commentary to the back pages where they are rarely seen. Even photos can be manipulated, so an embarrassing incident is erased from the internet. Victimization happens all the time on the internet, and embarrassing college incidents or a spouse with an ax to grind can ruin lives. Status Labs offers solutions, and with a strong positive campaign can repair the damage caused by negative reviews or social media.

Before founding Status Labs, Mr. Fisher worked as a political consultant and copy writer. He took his experience and created a premier reputation repair company that is growing by leaps and bounds. He’s added offices in New York, Austin and Sao Paulo. It’s through his strategies that Status Labs brought on board strong partnerships with teams of influential sales and management teams. Mr. Fisher believes everyone deserves a second chance, and the success of Status Labs proves his commitment to his clients.

Mr. Fisher is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, and Scarsdale High School. He has a cum laude degree in Economics. His interests outside of Status Labs include education, the environment and empowering others to succeed.

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