Securus Technologies Making Connections Flexible And Economical.

Staying away from a loved one can be tormenting and even more tormenting if you are in a tough environment such as a jail. Securus Technologies is a company that is committed to helping those in harsh environments. It has launched a multi-state campaign that seeks to promote the benefits of video visitation. There will be commercials that will show the value of video visitation, and it will run for 30 days. Many consumers choose to connect with their loved ones who are incarcerated through mobile phones or desktops. More than 110,000 visits are connected through mobile apps. Currently, there are over 160,000 visits every month and a total of 2 Million visits per year. The number of visitations more than doubles every year.


Why choose the video visitations? Prisoners can connect with their loved ones for various activities, for example, parents can work with their children on homework and share on special occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. An individual may also visit more without encountering the inconveniences of jail visits. Economically, people can save on travel time, waiting lists and transportation costs. It is important to note that the average price per visit is $2.72 and an individual saves $100 over the cost of onsite visitation.


Securus Technologies is the leader in civil and criminal justice technology solutions across North America. It provides cutting-edge products and services in emergency response, inmate self-service and incident management among others. It has earned an excellent reputation in the more than 3,450 law enforcement, public safety and correctional agencies it serves. The video visitation is one of the many innovative technologies it has. The registration, technology stack, scheduling and security features of the technology do not correspond with Video Chat or Skype as competitors claim. The firm which is dedicated to modernizing the experience of the incarcerated has its headquarters in Dallas, Texas.



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