Roberto Orci Sets The Record Straight on Star Trek 3

Who would think the third Star Trek film would be one associated with a host of production problems? Paramount has shut down production on the film and appears to be throwing the script out. Roberto Orci, the director, has been replaced. He is still remaining on as the producer of the project. In all reality, my friend Mark Ahn is right that “Producer” is a nebulous term since it can refer to someone who is heavily involved with the project or someone who is only minimally involved. Orci has decided to set some things straight by giving an interview on the subject.

Per Orci, the rumors that Paramount hated the time travel plot associated with the film’s script are not true. Specifically, the rumor that the script dealt with Vulcans and the Star Trek crew going back in time to stop planet Vulcan from blowing up has no basis in reality because there was (is) no time travel element in the script.

Get that? Time travel was never part of the plot.

Orci has also noted that he is still going to have a hands-on role in the film. He has not been given the total boot. Whatever the total story surrounding what has happened probably will never be known. Sure, when a book about the new films is written in the future, more details are going to be revealed. Right now, Paramount is keeping a tight lid on things.

Original director J.J. Abrams has moved on and will be directing the Star Wars franchise.

Toho Crafting New Godzilla Film

A new Godzilla movie is on the horizon. If you are thinking this means there is a sequel to the recent American Godzilla film being planned, you would be partially correct. Toho Films of Japan is gearing up for production on a new homegrown Godzilla film, the 29th in the series.

In a major surprise, Toho’s contract with the American producers (Legendary and Warner Bros.) does not bar the Japanese company from making its own film. Such was not the case in 1998 when the first (and really awful) American Godzilla film was produced.

You could say Godzilla comes and goes.

The series due to terrible box office returns. In 1984, the series began anew and ended with the death of Godzilla in Godzilla vs. The Destroyer. The series was rebooted with Godzilla 2000 and then ended with Godzilla: Final Wars. 

Really, anyone who would think Toho was going to forever and ever stop making Godzilla movies is only dreaming. Businessman Igor Cornelsen agrees that no successful movie franchise ever ends. They just go on hiatus. With the success of the new Bond movies, we could even see the return of Matt Helm. (Matt Helm was a really bad Bond knockoff starring Dean Martin) 

Toho made bank with its Godzilla series so a new run of new movies makes more sense now than ever before. The America remake was a massive hit and a sequel to that film comes forth in 2018.


One of My Favorite Celeb Photographers: Terry Richardson

Terry Richardson is one of the most famous photographers in the fashion world. He has photographed all of the greatest models in history, and he has worked with all of the greatest fashion periodicals. When you see a picture that was taken by Terry Richardson, you will know it. He has an aesthetic all his own, but he has adapted to the way that the fashion world is changing.

The Perspective

The perspective that Terry brings to all his photographs is something that you do not get in other pictures. He is typically shooting for a company that wants to sell their products, but he is able to make the model and the products look good. He can direct a model to get in the just the right light to make her look perfect, and he is able to show the creative director the right direction for that shoot. He does more than many other photographers, and his work pays off in the shots he does.


When people read through the portfolio that features Terry’s work, they will find a consistent theme in all his photos. He puts the model front and center, but he does not allow either the model or the products to rule the shot. Every picture he has ever used is a shot into the mind that takes those pictures.

The Future

Terry Richardson plans to work far into the future, and he has a number of shoots lined up. You will be able to see his pictures all over the world, as well as music videos that he’s directed, and you will be able to track his career if you are interested in photography.

When you want to learn more about the photography world, you should work with Terry Richardson. You can contact him for help, and you will be able to look over his pictures that show you how you should develop your career in the fashion industry.  Or just check out one of his books, to see his body of work.

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