Marc Sparks Gives Advice to Other Entrepreneurs

The entrepreneurs of today have so many options to consider. They have the ability to present their businesses in stores or in the physical with brick and mortar buildings. All of this can be confusing sometimes.

Many entrepreneurs may not know where to start or what to do with anything when they start. That is where someone like Marc Sparks shines. He is a religious person that believes that the blessings come to those that do the work. I think this way as well so I was intrigued to see more of the information that he was ready to provide.

I know that he gives to charities like the Samaritan Inn and the Highland Park United Methodist Church. He also donates to the Habitat for Humanity.

He is able to do all of this because he has put the time and energy into investing in multiple businesses. He has proven himself to be a leader in the business world. His faith has presented him with the challenge to give because he feels that he has received a lot in terms of profits.

His book, “They Can’t Eat You” was something with an interesting title. I had to pick it up for this reason alone. I was impressed by all that work that he has been able to do. He is a venture capitalist at heart. He has seen many of the businesses that he is interested in take off. There have been private equity organizations like Timber Creek Capital that have gone well. He has also thrived in other businesses like casualty insurance and led a lot of companies to greater success.

Marc Sparks has even created a business challenge called the Spark Tank. It is an obvious play on words with his own last name, but there is a double meaning there. It is a contests that “sparks” creativity. This is what he has been able to do with so many people that come along to compete. There are all types of business ventures that people can bring to the table, but Sparks has the final say in what finalist will be the winner.

Sparks has able to find his way in the business world, and he wants to take a little time to help other people find their way as well. He is the type of entrepreneur that is able to motivate a whole new generation of entrepreneurs.

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