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Funny Female YouTubers

There are all kinds of guys and comedians who have built their following by using the power of YouTube videos. It is in video creation where so many people have shared their so tires and talents. There are, however, countless female YouTubers who have jumped onto the scene that have changed the way comedy is seen, and in fact, women have taken over the world of comedy on YouTube. There are countless women who are changing the comedy game with their funny antics and their approach to hilarity.

– Lily Singh

Lily Singh is definitely one of the few comedians who truly know how to turn the world upside down with her hilarious approach to comedy. She has have reached such a huge level of success because of the fact that she has been on live television interviews like Live With Jimmy Fallon. She is revolutionizing the idea behind the world of comedy and skits.

– Wengie

Wendy Huang is more of a makeup artist and guru, but the fact is that Wengie is funny in her own little way. Her ideas on crafting great and helpful videos on further improving your makeup skills. Her ideas and videos are always made with top quality. Wengie is definitely one of the few YouTubers who bring together great makeup skills and top of the line

– Jenna Marbles

Jenna marbles is known for her funny videos that always get people laughing. She has made videos there funny, hilarious, and interesting to listen to. Jenna is known for being the one person who truly knows how to create fun simple videos with hilarity jumped in.

Funny female YouTubers everyday are always popping up, but these few girls are definitely worth watching and can provide you with everything you need to enjoy some real entertainment. YouTube is the place to be if you’d like to watch some talented people emerge and reach new heights as musicians. Wengie is a great example of somebody who is simply herself and loves to share what she knows about makeup, and she is one YouTuber that you must watch.