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Helane Morrison: Life of a Compliance Officer

Helane right now works at Hall Capital Partners as a compliance officer. However, she has lived a highly active and effective year as a compliance officer who has made a huge impact on businesses. She has had a full career which started with her learning as much as possible about the industry with Harry Blackmun. She considers Blackmun to be one of the greatest influences in her career because he has fought for the rights of people who are often marginalized. He stood up in the face of threats. This has not only showed her the type of world she is going to deal with, but also how she can handle the opposition.

Helane Morrison believes in and works towards equality and diversity, which is one of the reasons that she has joined Hall Capital Partners. She has been impressed with the diverse leadership culture. Helane has also been involved in journalism.  She has seen that there is still a lack of trust in financial institutions even nearly a decade later.

Among the activities she has been involved in included the exposing of many of the predators or people that prey on and exploit the desperate and other financial dependents. When people have caught wind of all of the corruption that was happening in the industry, they have been concerned with how to pursue any action. It was Helane Morrison that had the confidence to proceed with action in order to get the institutions to act more ethically. She has went forward with the passion that has gotten the industries to work a little more ethically.