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White Shark Media Reveals Its Art Of Listening

Digital marketing agency White Shark Media unveiled what it has learned from its mistakes and emerged with an improved system for its customers. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

The company is utilizing both its complaints and compliments to further advance and assist small businesses to be a success.

For example, one complaint took losing touch with adwords campaigns into account. White Shark Media acknowledged its reporting procedures were not sufficient enough to allow small business owners to evaluate reports.

In response to this complaint, the company assures that the small businesses are now alert to the full particulars of their new campaigns.

Positioning communication as a vital undertaking, White Shark Media heard from its customers that communication was not acceptable particularly as they initially were required to speak with a receptionist and not directly with their contact person. Learn more about White Shark Media Complaints:

The company addressed this issue by not only scheduling monthly status calls with online conference tool, GoTomeeting, but by allowing clients to call their contact person by adding phone systems with direct extensions.

White Shark Media also tackled the issue of old campaigns performing better than new optimized campaigns. The company has applied a greater value to the thriving aspects of clients existing campaigns.

For instance, should the client already have a well-performing campaign, White Shark Media Complaints team will take advantage of that until its programs begin turning out results.

In addition, experienced supervisors will provide information about reactions and supervise the running of all campaigns. This step will be accomplished by teaming up SEM strategists with a supervisor who will not be in charge of more than three to five SEM strategists.

And while many clients would like to have White Shark Media offer SEO services, the company will look over all SEO plans provided by its clients SEO company.

What’s more, many clients were unsure about tracking their AdWords Performance. To improve performance, the company has made an in-house process available which sets up conversion tracking, call tracking and in some cases Google Analytics.

For example, call tracking will be available through a partnering with mobile advertising analytics provider, Marchex.

To help with the transition phase, White Shark Media Senior SEM Consultants will work with clients from initial sign-up to the optimization process. They will also be available for questions even though they are no longer the primary contact.

White Shark Media emphasized the results have been highly useful and commended by many of its clients.