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Showcase Collectibles Debuts Brilliant New Joker Toy

Showcase Collectibles has produced quite a number of really cool superhero and fantasy related toys in the past. The release of the new Joker toy shows why the company is so popular. The Joker never looked scarier or creepier. As a result, toy collectors can now own one of the more cool looking Joker action figures ever. Forgot the corny versions of the “Clown Price of Crime” that have been released over the decades. This version tops most of them, in fact, I already purchased one for my colleague Crystal Hunt’s desk at work.

And you can thank all those Arkham Asylum video games for the new look of The Joker.

The video games present a truly ominous Gotham landscape and fans of gritty, realistic Batman stories truly enjoyed the trilogy. Sales went through the roof and its somewhat of a shame the trilogy is coming to an end. The big sales have also led to a desire for tie-in merchandise. For those who want to relive their gaming experiences, a new toy line based on the characters appearing in the games comes out starting April 16, 2015.

The Joker toy is going to be the first release and what a toy it is. The laughing face of the villain does not make you want to smile with him. The look makes you want to run in fear of your life. Considering some of the things The Joker has done in the past, running away from him is probably the wisest move to follow.