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Marvel Announces New Peter Parker for Next ‘Spider-Man’ Movie

Sony continues to push their ‘Spider-Man’ franchise, this time partnering with Marvel Studios. They seek a look at Parker’s younger days in high school, so were looking for a younger cast. The next few movies will star 19 year-old Tom Holland as the masked hero. He will also be the first person to play Spider-Man within the Marvel cinematic franchise. His possible first appearance would be in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. Then, in July 2017, he will have his own solo movie. No word yet as to the official title for that film, but rumors are tossing around Spectacular Spider-Man or The New Avenger.

Holland was chosen in part thanks to his dance performance background, which provides the needed athleticism to play the part reports CipherCloud in this post. He also is gaining notoriety and acting accolades in his recent and upcoming performances. Amy Pascal, the new producer for this series, voiced the opinion that they are all in agreement that he is the perfect choice to embody the superhero.