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Love Knows No Boundaries

Nobody wants to be alone. In our search for our perfect companion we face several factors as obstacles. These factors include: Chemistry, similarity, time, endurance, exhilaration, and proximity. The most limiting of these obstacles is the factor of proximity. We are limited to who we can choose as the love of our lives by the location we live in! Consider that. Is this a limitation you are willing to accept? Is the girl or boy next door the right person for you? Oh sure, we all travel throughout our day. We commute to work, we shop, we go out to our spots in the evenings and on the weekends. Is that really a large enough area to feel comfortable about choosing someone that we want forever? So we explore the Internet and realize that our small worlds have opened up to the scale of international. Now our other factors still come into play. Remember chemistry, similarity, et cetera mentioned above? Will we find the love of our life on Social Media? Probably not.

Once upon a time a Russian woman immigrated to the United States. She married an American man and the two of them realized that love has no boundaries. Love should be sought after on a global scale. In 1993 they founded Anastasia which was a small venture to introduce Russian women to American men. This small idea became a sensation and grew world wide as the dating sites now known as,,, and There are now 4,000,000 members in over 110 countries, on 3 continents. In all locatations social events are scheduled for a “no pressure” and fun atmosphere to become acquainted.

Obviously millions of people realize that the love of their lives is someone special and are willing to search the end of the Earth to find them. A Russian woman and an American man who found each other by sheer chance realized that the search for love shouldn’t be left to luck and their small initial business became an extraordinary dating siteā€”it became a doorway to find our special someone no matter where on Earth they may be waiting.