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Practices of the Kabbalah Centre

Kabbalah explains the relationship between EinSof or infinity, and the physically finite galaxy. While it got its start in Judaism, it is not actually a religion. Kabbalah is really a religious interpretation that includes mysticism in its discipline. It attempts to solve the questions that many of us have about the purpose of existence, and the nature of space and life. There are actually no specific concepts that Kabbalah teaches, because many different outlooks and principles have resulted from its interpretations. Kabbalah’s concepts are highly abstract and sometimes can only be comprehended on a personal level.

Zohar is a notable text that Kabbalah practitioners sometimes restrict followers to as a way to narrow the field. The Kabbalah Centre, located in Los Angeles, provides courses on the Zohar and Kabbalah’s outlooks. Its purpose is to help students worldwide learn about Kabbalah and use the teachings to supplement their own religious beliefs. Bible passages and Torah sections may be passed out to students with Kabbalistic commentaries written along with them. Light represents the essence of God in Kabbalah, since the actual God is seen as beyond our interpretations. The Kabbalah Centre also teaches that 99% of reality cannot be experienced by humans and that we only have access to 1% of reality through our five senses. Teachings also include the belief that anyone can have a connection with the infinite light, but Klippot blocks our connection to the metaphysical spiritual world. Students can overcome Klippot by studying Kabbalah and removing violent and negative behavior.

Many celebrities have been associated with The Kabbalah Centre. Madonna has been a long time student and receives guidance by a personal rabbi of the centre. Roseanne Bar, Britney Spears, Alex Rodriquez, Jerry Hall, Lindsey Lohan, Ariana Grande, and Lucy Liu, Mick Jagger, and James Vand Der Beek are some of the celebrities that have also been linked to having ties with the centre.

Rav Berg, founder of The Kabbalah Centre, has written numerous books and is open to astrological beliefs. Berg added astrology to its teachings, since he believed that Jewish scholars studied it during the Middle Ages.