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How iFunding is Changing Real Estate Investing

Up until recently, it was really hard to get into real estate investing. For one thing, it was required to have a lot of money. Otherwise, it was hard to set up an account for real estate investing. Fortunately, a new firm has been set up which allows people to sign up for free and it also has a smaller requirement for funding. This company is known as iFunding. The website indicates iFunding only requires $5,000 as opposed to the traditional amount of $50,000 and up. Also, there is a lot of detail information on each asset that the client invests in.

The company is founded by William Skelley, an alternative investment professional. He is the one that coined the termed crowdfunding and has made the concept possible. With crowdfunding, people are able to make small deposits into an account in support of a cause. Often times, these people may not otherwise have access to it.

Mr Skelley looks over all of the activities, including running the company Twitter, on iFunding that have to do with business development. He also meets with his clients in order to give them advice on transactions if they exceed $2 billion. One activity he is specifically skilled in is running a fundraiser from investors that are accredited. He often speaks at events in order to spread more awareness to crowdfunding and real estate finance. indicates iFunding is one company that is changing the face of real estate investing by making it accessible to people who do not have as much in capital to put forth. It is also easy to sign up with iFunding. It was founded with a lot of thought given to real estate crowdfunding. Among the things thought about was the markets growth among other innovations. With his experience in starting and managing similar businesses, William Skelley has a lot of useful thoughts to share when it comes to structuring a business that is dedicated to crowdfunding. iFunding is at least the first in a new and more accessible market of real estate investing that is based more on the crowdfunding model. Among the people that would be attracted to this business model are developers and investors.  Take a look at the iFunding Google Play app.