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Recap on the Proper Ways to Feed a Pet

It is important for pet owners to take responsibility of their dog’s health. It is upon us to make good decisions on the type of food to feed the dogs to ensure overall health and proper wellbeing. The type of dog food and treats one gives to the pet should have health benefits, be safe and also affordable. Since dogs have different calorie numbers, it is important to use a dog food calculator to help one understand how much to feed the dog depending on a package. For instance most experts recommend that senior dogs be given food with higher protein content but also lower in calories, carbs and fat.
Feeding Habits
It is highly recommended to feed a dog at least twice a day that is, once in the morning and in the evening. However puppies are an exception since they are to be fed three to four times every day according to instructions from vet. The food given to the dog should be balanced in that all nutrients are present this will help boost the dogs cell growth and maintenance. When buying commercial pet food it is crucial to take into account feeds that have been manufactured in a way that they offer high quality nutrients as well as meet the required standards. Recently, companies have come up with innovative types of food that are vital for dogs’ health.
Nestle Purina Brand
Beneful is one of the feeds that are highly recommended for dogs. It took quite some time for Nestle Purina to come up with this complete nutritious meal. Beneful comprises of wet dog food, dry dog food and also the dog treats. This combination is balanced thus giving a complete package for all dogs depending on their size and age. The contents and appearance of Beneful have attracted many pet owners thus generating billions for the company annually.
Beneful is designed in a way that it has eight main flavors for the prepared meals. In addition to these, a multipurpose packaging is also offered in that it can serve as a bowl for serving the dog. Beneful products are also affordable thus attracting most pet owners to buy them.