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Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Devoted to Excellence

Excellence is important in any field. This is particularly true in medicine. Those who enter this field are fully focused on the need to provide quality care for their patients at all times. This is something that Jennifer Walden fully understands. As one of the leading plastic surgeons in America, she offers her services to all who need them. Her byword at all times in her practice is excellence in her field. She wants to be the best possible plastic surgeon she can be at all times. As a native of Austin, Texas, she tells readers of Texas Monthly magazine of her devotion to the field of medicine and her desire to continue to learn as much as she can about her chosen field.

A Professional At All Times

Dr. Jennifer Walden knows that it is important to be professional at all times. Her entire career has been about her devotion to all aspects of medicine. She knows that it is imperative for her to be about the latest developments in the field of medicine. As she well knows, the world of medicine is one in which changes can happen quickly. What may be known to work on any given day may be proven not quite as accurate the next.

Regional Excellence

Austin has long been Walden’s home base. It is where she returns again and again in order to reconnect with her roots. It is also where she has chosen to open up her own practice in order to be part of this community. Being based in Austin means that she can be with her loving family who still live there. She has two sons of her own that she has chosen to bring up here. Her two sons are part of an extended family of hers that lives here. This makes it easy for her to enjoy pleasant family gatherings with people who offer her important support.


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