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Photoshopped Mariah Carey Album Picture, Enrages Fans

Everyone knows that Mariah Carey has always been beautiful, and she is the envy of many other artists out there. Mariah Carey. Not only is Mariah Carey successful, and one of the biggest selling artists of all time, she also has one of the best voices in the music industry, and she has a hot body or does she? Mariah has had ups and downs with her weight, especially after having her two children, and her weight has gone up recently.

Mariah is working on her new album, which is soon to be released, but many are complaining about the album cover. On the cover of the album, you see a thinner Mariah Carey, who even looks taller, and she has one of the same poses that she has on her other album covers, which is with her right leg sticking out. The problem is, she looks extremely toned, and thin in the picture, which is not at all how Mariah looks now, or has looked, in the past year.

If the picture is Photoshopped, it was done very well, but her fans are crying foul, because many feel insulted that she would Photoshop her pictures, instead of putting out a picture of what she really looks like now. The fact is, people want to see thin and beautiful, and Mariah is giving them that, even if she is no longer as thin as she used to be. Columnist Crystal Hunt believes people should change their opinions on beauty instead.