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The DeVos Family Has A Philanthropy Objective In Common Especially School Reformation

Dick DeVos and his wife Betsy DeVos certainly have acquired a common character of their father in philanthropy. Richard DeVos, who is Dick DeVos father, was a great education reformist in 2000; he funded religious-sponsored schools especially and youths and all faith-based organization. Dick DeVos and his wife, on the other hand, awards grants to the organization giving scholarships to students like Michigan Christian Organization that runs faith-based schools and is managing bot elementary school and high school. DeVos and his wife have a foundation named Dick and Betsy DeVos Foundation that donates widely majorly in schools and other areas like health youths and community development.


Richard DeVos earlier in his reign also made huge grants from the fortune he made when he founded and invested in Amway Corporation a direct sales strategy corporation. He also donated to political campaigns just like Dick DeVos, but his largest share went to help in the education freedom fund. The DeVos family does not just give grants, but faith based organizations and those concentrating institution and curriculum development most likely get their attention. Particularly they are stewards of strong community projects that trigger positive change in the community. In 2006, Dick was on in the fight for the development of more schools in Michigan and educational transformation.


Dick DeVos also followed his father’s footsteps to work in the family corporation named Amway. He first became its vice president and then became the overseer of all activities in the company as the president he, however, left the position to his brother in 2002. DeVos is known as the conservative political persuader but not easy to convince because he once rejected the offer of being the ambassador of the United States in Netherlands. He and his wife are currently endorsing Rubio in the current political campaign. This is a choice that he says they thought over to identify the right person to fund.


Dick DeVos made Amway Corporation spread to other countries, and he managed the National Basket Association’s Orlando Magic basketball franchise in 1991. His family has created a philanthropic profile especially with donating huge money to charitable organizations. He supports policies that are favorable to the lives of the disadvantaged in society. Despite their active participation DeVos and his family love to keep a low profile from the public. Most of the large grants they give are not publicly valued. DeVos, however, is ranked among the wealthiest persons who ran for the Michigan governorship back in 2006.