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Michael Jackson Double Upholds the Idol’s Legacy.

Sergio Cortes was born in Spain on July 30, 1971. The 44-year-old Spanish man strikes a jaw-dropping resemblance to that of deceased pop legend, Michael Jackson. The career of this professional impersonator began as early as his childhood.

As a small boy, Cortes’s parents noticed the similar features between their son and the (at the time) young, up-and-coming performer, Michael Jackson. His physical and facial features were noted to be strikingly similar to Jackson’s, and he took an interest in watching the pop star sing and dance when he was still the youngest member of the Jackson 5. Years later, during Sergio Cortes’s adolescence, a local journalist got ahold of him and asked him to do a dress photo shoot as Michael Jackson. Surprisingly, the photo shoot received much more success than anticipated when it was published.

Today, Sergio Cortes, Michael Jackson Impersonator, manages an entertainment industry under the same title. However, he also administers the contract of other similar performers. He has performed at many concerts and other venues over the years, and has managed to create a full-fledged career out of the art of professional mimicking. Although he associates with other artists as wee, his signature alter-persona is that of Michael Jackson. This lifestyle and career has taken Cortes many years to perfect, and requires special attention to the former star’s every detail, from the choreographic patterns used in his dancing, to the distinct tones and pitches that only Jackson himself was known for implementing into his musical performances.

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Impersonator Cortes Contributions In The Entertainment Industry

Sergio Cortes is an artist of diverse talents. Sergio Cortes has been in the entertainment industry since his childhood. Sergio Cortes was born in Spain. He started his impersonation dream in his childhood. Cortes has been Michael Jackson best impersonator ever. In his entire career, Sergio Cortes managed to get closer to Michael Jackson as compared to other impersonators.
According to the R7 publications, natural looks and talent in dancing and composing songs made Cortes achieve his success. Sergio Cortes started his career of impersonating the pop king through his mother’s motivation. Sergio Cortes mother used to buy him disks of Michael Jackson, and he would imitate the moves and dressing style very well.
Cortes depicted that he used to practice the pop king’s dancing styles and moves and later perform for his family. Cortes was Michael Jackson fanatic. He even cried when the pop king died. His success was triggered by the fact that he is Michael Jackson’s look alike.
Cortes represents the pop king who died in 2009. He has hit the social media platforms and attracted many fans. Impersonator Cortes hit his career limelight when he was invited in a photo taking a session to represent Michael Jackson. Unlike other Michael Jackson Impersonators, who undergoes surgery and make ups resemble Jackson, Cortes describes himself naturally.

He once conducted a live performance of the late Michael Jackson at a famous stadium in Spain. Cortes has also acted as a mentor to many. He regularly organizes performances to honor the late Jackson. Michael Jackson would be impressed to watch the lifestyle of Jackson, who acts exactly like him.
Sergio Cortes has been a crucial figure in artistic development. According to the interview, Cortes implied that he was privileged to represent the late pop artist. Impersonator Cortes has also gained an enormous number of followers on the Facebook platform. He has managed to have more than sixteen thousand followers on Facebook.
Sergio Cortes also holds a twitter account where he informs his diehard fans on performance issues.
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In conclusion, Sergio Cortes has achieved so much accomplishment in the entertainment industry as compared to hi rivals. He is greatly recognized for his hard work and commitments.

You can follow Sergio Cortes on Facebook and on Twitter.