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Slyce’s Take On Visual Search Technology

Visual Search Technology Unleashed

The world has certainly changed when all the technology people have created can fit into the palms of our hands. So many people use their smartphones just to text, just to play games or just to watch videos. However, this technology is immensely useful in simplifying and creating ease in peoples’ lives. It can help people make their lives easier by not forcing people to waste their time in the lines at the shopping malls. Those long lines have always been a hassle, and they are even worse around the holidays. Thanks to the new visual search technology, like Slyce, you can now find what you need at the store by taking a picture of it.

It was easy already when all the online shopping companies popped up on the internet, but Slyce’s visual search technology leaps far ahead of the usual online shopping. Now people don’t even have to type in what they want to buy into the search box on their phones. That is the way of the past. Typing is overrated, and Slyce proves this by providing a well working and useful visual search product that is free to use on all smart phone devices.

Visual search technology is a way of the future. All of a sudden, people can buy anything they see and want in their surroundings. The software that Slyce uses is run by automated AI assistance. It is accurate in finding the correct items that the consumer is looking for in their search. There was an article by MIT Technology Review that talks about the new updates in the visual search technologies. I wanted to post it here for anyone who is interested in learning more about this growing technology. The article talks about how major companies like Google and Pinterest have developed this technology, and it is making the online shopping experience much easier than it has ever been in the past.

Slyce has put a nice spin on the visual search industry by including a group of customer care workers that are human to look over the results that people produce with the Slyce App. This is a quality control measure that makes sure that the results produced by the computer systems are working properly.