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Is Elektra Coming to Netflix’s Daredevil?

Fans of the Netflix Daredevil series are probably wondering when iconic characters from the comic book are going to turn up. We have not seen a lot of legendary villains and fellow heroes yet, but the show has only completed one maiden season. Casting rumors are emerging and they indicate that Elektra might show up in the second season. This is most definitely good news as Elektra is among the most important of all characters in the Daredevil mythos.

It does bear repeating these are only rumors. Nothing is confirmed about Elektra becoming a regular character on the show.

At some point, Elektra does have to appear. She is integral to many important plots in Daredevil’s history.

Elektra was Matt Murdock’s true love during his college days. Eventually, the two would go their separate ways. Elektra ended up learning much of the same martial arts that Matt learned on his path to becoming Daredevil. Elektra, however, did not go the route of becoming a hero. She ended up seeking wealth and power as one of the Kingpin’s top assassins. Truthfully, she was his main assassin much to the chagrin of the notorious Bullseye. The tensions between Bullseye and Elektra boiled over and the crazed hitman killed her in a legendary Daredevil comic. Fans like Sam Tabar know that she ended up being brought back from the grave, but that horrible storyline is best ignored.

We are just going to have to watch the next three or four seasons of Daredevil to see how all this plays out.

Netflix Announces Highest Number of Streaming Hours in History of Company

Just a couple of years ago, experts wondered how long Netflix would last. According to sources then, the company was in trouble and their streaming video service didn’t seem to be a product that could stand on its own. Well, times have certainly changed. Netflix’s original series have bolstered the company and brought new subscribers out of the woodwork. In a recent report it was revealed over 10 billion hours of video had been streamed through Netflix in the last three months.

Users at STX Entertainment have learned that Netflix currently has around 60 million subscribers. Based on the 10 billion streaming hours, that means each subscribe is streaming about 2 hours of video each and every night. According to sources, this indicates that Netflix is growing exponentially, and that it could replace television all together in the coming years, not simply compliment it.

In the same quarter last year, Netflix users streamed 6.4 billion hours of video, and in the same quarter in 2013 they streamed 4 billion hours. The growth rate, year-over-year, is impressive and may hint that Netflix is the video revolution it always said it could be.

While Netflix continues to gain strength and loyalty, many television companies are losing steam. In recent months Viacom has announced massive cuts in an attempt to offset their expenses. According to experts, this scenario is likely to continue happening as streaming options grow at a faster and faster rate.