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Michael Jackson Double Upholds the Idol’s Legacy.

Sergio Cortes was born in Spain on July 30, 1971. The 44-year-old Spanish man strikes a jaw-dropping resemblance to that of deceased pop legend, Michael Jackson. The career of this professional impersonator began as early as his childhood.

As a small boy, Cortes’s parents noticed the similar features between their son and the (at the time) young, up-and-coming performer, Michael Jackson. His physical and facial features were noted to be strikingly similar to Jackson’s, and he took an interest in watching the pop star sing and dance when he was still the youngest member of the Jackson 5. Years later, during Sergio Cortes’s adolescence, a local journalist got ahold of him and asked him to do a dress photo shoot as Michael Jackson. Surprisingly, the photo shoot received much more success than anticipated when it was published.

Today, Sergio Cortes, Michael Jackson Impersonator, manages an entertainment industry under the same title. However, he also administers the contract of other similar performers. He has performed at many concerts and other venues over the years, and has managed to create a full-fledged career out of the art of professional mimicking. Although he associates with other artists as wee, his signature alter-persona is that of Michael Jackson. This lifestyle and career has taken Cortes many years to perfect, and requires special attention to the former star’s every detail, from the choreographic patterns used in his dancing, to the distinct tones and pitches that only Jackson himself was known for implementing into his musical performances.

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Mary J. Blige Will Perform In Front Of The Statue Of Liberty

Mary J. Blige has been on and off screen recently, especially since her scene in the hit show “Empire.” Empire is set to come back to the small screen this fall, although no date has been set yet. Mary played on the show Empire as a singer, and now she will be performing in front of the Statue of Liberty. Mary J. Blige Performance. Mary is the Queen of Hip Hop Soul, and when it comes to music, she is one of the best. Mary is a R&B singer, and she started off by working with P Diddy when he was virtually unknown.

Although Mary doesn’t need to prove herself anymore, and she no longer needs to work, she continues to show her talents to the world, and show that she still has it after all these years. On June 21, Mary will be singing in front of the Statue of Liberty, and it’s an event that has been set up by Tidal. Tidal is the streaming music company owned by Jay-Z, and he’s doing many things to help bring promotion to his new company.

Fans at Boraie Development know that Jay-Z even signed Lil’ Wayne to Tidal as an artist owner, so Lil’ Wayne will be collecting money through the company for his music. Anyone who wishes to go to the event, they can purchase tickets in advance, but they may want to hurry because tickets are limited. This may be a real event to see, especially since Mary rarely does live performances anymore.

Nicki Wears Pink Wig For New Video

In the past, they Nicki Minaj was known for her pink hair, wild outfits, and her crazy behavior. Nicki has grown up over the years, and she now dresses very ladylike, even though she wears very sexy clothes. When people think of Nicki now, they think of someone who is very sexy and classy. Nicki’s Hair. Nicki got rid of her pink hair a long time ago, and some feel that it lessened the amount of fans that she used to have.

The fact is, Nicki is more popular than ever, and revamping her style may be the cause of it. Fans at Amen Clinics ( know that, even though she has left her signature pink hair behind, she decided to throw on a pink wig for her new upcoming video. Nicki is creating the “Hey Mama” video, and she decided to don her famous pink wig in the video. Don’t expect the style to be permanent because Nicki has now gone with her traditional hair color which is black.

Even Lady Gaga has revamped her style, and she may no longer be seen in meat outfits, extremely high heels, cutouts, and other crazy forms of free expression. Lady Gaga is now planning on getting married, and she has changed her style as well as her music. It’s impressive to see women like Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga change their style and grow into different young ladies. Nicki is now riding the success of her new video with Beyoncé.