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The Crow Reboot Hits ANOTHER Snag – Lead Actor Drops Out!

Can we finally say that the reboot of The Crow is over and done with? Actually, no we cannot. The forever “in development” film just experienced yet another setback. Jack Huston, the actor cast as The Crow, has bowed out. He is another actor in a long line of would-be stars who left the project. So, The Crow stalls yet again as the producers have to go back to try and cast another lead actor. All of this does little more than delay the project again. Honestly, the amount of money being wasted on trying to cast a lead actor makes you really wonder if The Crow could ever make a profit.

No one really knows why Huston is out. The studio making the film or, more accurately, trying to make the film really does need to lock down a committed star and do so quickly.

Development and pre-production are not free. The production company has to make a return on all money invested or, like any other business, ends up suffering a major loss. Despite many years in development, The Crow remake is nowhere near moving into production. The question “Why?” has to be seriously asked.

Honestly, the executives in charge of the production really do need to think about the possibility of dropping the project. Unless this feature actually moves forward smoothly soon, then the project is going to continue to be a financial drain.

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