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Jon Urbana gives back with his artistic expression and tireless charity work

The keys to a quality and successful life are to live with passion and follow your dreams. Developing your talents to the fullest and sharing your accomplishments with the world is something rewarding and also opens up opportunities to give back to those around you and your community. This is the vision a gentleman by the name of Jon Urbana strives to embody in his everyday life.

Jon Urbana is a Colorado business man and entrepreneur. Growing up he was passionate about sport and became an All American lacrosse player at his university. He continues this passion today and helps young aspiring lacrosse players to develop their strengths on the field through an academy he helped start and build called Next Level Lacrosse Camp, founded by Jon Urbana. This is just one example of how Jon takes something he is passionate about and develops a dream into reality.

Besides lacrosse, Jon has many other talents and hobbies that he has developed and continues to perfect. Among these are photography, video creation and publishing, and music. Each of these mediums offers a creative outlet for Jon Urbana  like he had at Villanova, and an opportunity to grow and share his talent with those around him and those he still hasn’t met.

His unique and inspiring photography can be followed via his Instagram and his WordPress blog which are just a few of the social platforms he uses to share his art work.

His music can be followed on Soundcloud where Jon creates many of his own original tracks and also does interesting spins and covers on popular songs of the day. As people groove to his music his following on the platform grows daily.

Finally, his video publishing channel which can be seen on the quality uploading platform. Jon Urbana on Vimeo will show you his unique style of avande-garde videos which are attracting thousands of views a month.

These are just a few of the many talents Jon Urbana shares with the world. He is also very active philanthropist and is intrinsically involved in charity work both in his community and for national and international organizations. He is an entrepreneur at heart and is always building new business ventures and developing social structure around them through his active social media presence. You can follow him on Facebook, Twitter, About me, and Tumblr.

Our Favorite Blog Discovery of January 2016

Jon Urbana is an entrepreneur, co-founding the Next Level Lacrosse Camp and Ellipse USA, however both of these are very different businesses. One is a lacrosse camp; the other is a medical device company. Jon’s interests, such as his personal airplane (via Aviation Business Gazette), squash, taking pictures on Instagram and video editing at Vimeo are as diverse as the companies that he started. It makes you wonder; how many hobbies and interests does Jon Urbana have?

Jon’s interests are so varied, however, a person’s Tumblr is a good way to tell more about what’s important to them. Even more so is Jon Urbana’s Official Blog ( For example, one of the categories on Jon Urbana’s blog is photos. As you look at his October 2015 post titled Time For A Break, you see some delicious coffee from a cafe in Vienna, while another post on the same day shows some fresh green grapes on a wooden plank. His other posts under the Photos category also show food; it’s obvious from a look at his Twitter stream that Jon’s a gourmet at heart.

Several of Jon Urbana’s posts are about Chicago. In a post from January 2016, Powerful Aldermen Shelve IG Merger Ordinance, discusses how Chicago has two Inspector Generals, however, the vote to merge the offices is delayed. Another post from January 2016 mentions a Chicago Alderman who boycotted a breakfast honoring Martin Luther King. Finally, this post about Chicago, titled Analyzing The Possibility Of Google Fiber Coming To Chicago mentions that Google may bring low-cost, very high-speed fiber service to the city.


Any of his employees will tell you that Jon Urbana obviously cares a great deal about his business, creating a green future (GoFundMe), helping cats and other creatures (CrowdRise), and he also appears passionate about his many other interests.

Did you know that he’s pretty good when it comes to making remixes?? You probably don’t follow Jon at SoundCloud but if you did, you’d know about these songs, some of our favorite of January 2016. Urbana will be touring the country later this  year and we’ll post details as soon as we know more.