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Johnny Depp’s Daughter Celebrates Sixteenth Birthday

Johnny Depp’s daughter Lily Rose recently celebrated her 16th birthday. However, it seems that the occasion was not sweet, and it was actually rather sour. Lily Rose posted several pictures of her get-together with friends, and it’s quite obvious that Johnny Depp’s daughter is very strange. In fact, Lily Rose looks like she is the daughter of Edward Scissorhands and not an actor.

Johnny Depp is currently in Australia filming for the new ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’ movie, and he was unable to attend his young daughter’s birthday. Many people suspect Lily Rose is upset with her father for not being there, but Johnny Depp is making millions for her future. The luxury apartment designers at Boraie Development LLC expressed the importance of planning for the future. Nonetheless, it’s quite obvious that Lily Rose isn’t the happiest girl in the world. However, it seems that Lily Rose has a bright future, because she is already a model at the young age of 16. If she has any talent like her father, Lily Rose will someday become a superstar. E!, recently published an article about this story, and further information on Lily Rose can be found. Johnny Depp fans are hoping that the famed actor bought his young daughter an extravagant gift for her sweet sixteen.