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Zika Virus, Not A No Fly Zone


It goes without saying that one of the main health topics in the news today is the Zika virus. Sergio Cortes points out this is especially important to those women who are pregnant or may become pregnant in the near future. It is important to note how the virus is spread and what can one do to help prevent the virus from infecting you and your loved ones.

First of all, the virus is spread by a very small mosquito called Aedes aegypti, or yellow fever mosquito and has killed thousands of humans over the past several decades. The insect itself is very small and has a very short flight radius. Over the years however they have become increasingly aware of how easy it is to find and infect humans which are their primary targets.

One of the most dangerous aspects of this tiny marauder is its ability to breed anywhere there is even the most miniscule amount of water. As many as 500 larvae have been discovered to be living in the folds of a drain spot or in the top of a small soda can.

There are a number of things that can be done to help prevent the varmint from moving in with you. Of course all standing water even the most miniscule of amounts should be dealt with immediately. They like to bite below the knees so wearing long pants can be a great help.

There are many other actions you can take and remedies you can employ to help you avoid the sting of the yellow fever mosquito.



Dogs Love The Way You Love Them with Beneful Chew Bones

When you go to the grocery store, you always make sure to get the freshest fruits and vegetables and the freshest meats. You never look for the grayest meats and the fruits with dark spots. Your bananas will not be mushy and your grapes will not be dry like prunes. This is the same way you should feel about the food your dog is eating. Everyone should make sure their dogs are getting the tastiest foods and the best nutrition available. This is going to be a lot easier with the new food lines that the dog food companies are producing. Companies such as Colgate-Palmolive, Mars, and Purina are researching the best way to give your dogs good taste and natural foods such as fresh meats and meat products, not fillers. Companies are sparing no expense to provide the best foods for our pets and these are expected to increase the sales for dog foods over the next year. It is expected that dog food sales will exceed millions. Beneful dog food is one of the brands on Amazon that is already making sure that your dog gets the good taste and good healthy food. The food is full of healthy ingredients and good taste. Your dog will enjoy the dry food because it adds crunchy food with chewy food to give your dog a variety when they are eating. Beneful also has dog treats that are good for their teeth. It is difficult to brush your dogs teeth but they have food particles and junk between them that can cause a decay just like yours does at times. Flossing and brushing are one task you do not look forward to doing unless it is as easy as handing your dog a bone. Dental chews by Beneful are good for your dog to chew on and they help to remove tar and food from your dog’s teeth. It will help your dog have better breath and will give your dog something that occupies him when it is time to relax. Dental chews are flavored so your dog will love the chew bone and will look forward to that time of the evening.

Nobilis, The Leader in Spinal Surgery

Surgery is often required as a result of spinal injury. Spinal injury is quite complicated as it involves the nerves. When anyone is in either a car accident, vicious attack or something as a bad fall off a horse or on the slopes that is always the first thought of everyone involved especially those awaiting news on the patient’s condition. We have, sadly seen too many of these type of injuries, superman, Christopher Reeves was a classic tale of the dangers of spinal injury.

When an accident occurs it often results in an injury that can or has caused paralysis. No one ever wants to wake up alive being so thankful only to be told you are paralyzed from the neck down. It is inevitably one of the hardest things to go through ever as a patient. There is nothing worse than the recovery that is involved. It takes not only physical surgery but it plays a large role in the way the mind and emotions cope.

It is often a wise idea to go in and see a therapist after such a tragic event. Active person or not losing one’s abilities is so truly hard in every aspect. It also affects the family of the person affected. When a person loses their ability to walk or parents see their son go through that, it is a loss and a grieving process must take place. Hopefully the patient is close to a Nobilis center.

The Nobilis surgery centers are experts in this kind of injury. They have national level specialized surgery centers, so that the client is getting every single best doctor and nurse available. The thought is that if Nobilis take an expert approach by running, staffing and maintaining facilities in which they concentrate on knowing everything about the spine. They are well versed in issues at a natural level as well as an accidental level. It is a false sense of well being to think that bigger is better. By this we mean it is dangerous in assuming because it is a big practice that specializes in everything that one will get client centered highly specialized care.

If you went into a box store and bought a purse would it be the same quality as Coach? For the men in the audience it is the equivalent of sitting in the nose bleed section just for the experience, the view on the television is better so why bother trying to change things. If it is too expensive to get tickets that are close is there really a point? Yes, for the love of the game, better bring binoculars. It is best to be as close as you can when dealing with one’s health. It is hard to hit the target if one can fix everything. It is better to deal with someone who can fix more than just one thing.