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Yeonmi Park’s Escape from North Korea

Yeonmi Park‘s life has experienced tremendous upheaval. In her early years, she and her parents lived inside the borders of the communist nation of North Korea. Like many others, Yeonmi and her mother escaped the country. Sadly, her father did not live long enough to find his way to freedom. Yeonmi did make her way to China and then to Mongolia and, finally, to South Korea. Free to speak about her experiences, Yeonmi is telling her life story. The libertarian website Reason is giving a great deal of coverage to her tale and the autobiography she has published.

Needless to say, the North Korean government has not been too thrilled with Park’s tale of a harrowing life and has disputed her account. The rest of the world does find her words credible. The tale is difficult to read about since Park experienced so much cruelty and heartbreak. The work is inspiring in many ways. And yes, the tale does have a happy ending since Park does find a new life in a free country.

Park’s autobiography is entitled “In Order to Live” and the work focuses on the arduous journey to freedom. While so many people enjoy life in a free society due to birthright, Park had to struggle to achieve the same rights as others. She was only 13 when embarking on the journey and her age makes her tale even more inspiring.  Now, she is telling the entire world on  youngvoicesadvocates that tale and calling attention to, in her exact words, the “oppression” she and others faced in North Korea.

Park has gained worldwide fame on The Guardian for her life story. Her book truly is a revealing work and one worth reading.