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Canned Food or Kibble?

You’re staring at the many options in dog food. If you’re a long time dog owner, you don’t stare for long. You’ve long ago made your decision as to what types of food your dog is going to get. And if you’re new to the game, you’re probably trying to decide. Still, at some point, we all find ourselves wondering which Beneful on purinastore food is the best choice. But the universal question for every owner is always going to be canned food or kibble? Which is better?

You can let the dog decide. There are dogs that will prefer one over the other. For your consideration though, here are a few facts about these Beneful foods that can help you make a decision.

  • Canned food has fewer carbohydrates.
  • Dry dog food is an exceptional plaque remover. As the average dog doesn’t get the oral hygiene they need, this can be beneficial.
  • Canned food is less likely to contain synthetic preservatives. This is because the packaging of cans are not subject to the same risk as bagged dog food. That means the fats and oils essential to dog health will not easily go rancid in cans.
  • A healthy dog can eat a regular diet of dry food without needing dietary supplements.
  • Unlike kibble, meat ingredients in canned foods are in a more natural state. This is why they look more appetizing.
  • Kibble is bagged and once put in a bowl can last up to 24 hours without going bad.
  • If your dog is dieting, a canned food’s moisture can supply needed amounts of nutrients, but occupy more volume, giving your dog the feeling of feeling full faster and thus eating less.
  • Dry dog food tends to come in larger sizes than cans of wet food and, in comparison, can be lower in price.
  • Canned wet food may be the better option for senior dogs, especially ones with chronic dental problems that can make breaking down dry kibble difficult and even painful.
  • Dry food can be measured and distributed far more easily than wet food which cannot be stored for long after the can is opened. (Uneaten wet food has to be thrown away after a few hours. Uneaten food left in the can should be tossed after three days.) Dry food not only keeps diets consistent, but it minimizes waste of food.
  • Canned foods will be higher in meat proteins, natural fats and have more flavor choices.
  • Some people prefer dry food because it creates a solid waste, which is easier to clean.

So what’s the bottom line?

Well, we like to feed our dog a little of each. Though she does have an affection for Beneful, which is affordable, comes in a broad range of flavors and has great health benefits. We like to throw in a little wet food as well. After all, we don’t eat the same thing every day. Why subject our pets to the same meal every time?

Keeping Up With A Healthy Lifestyle For Your Dog

As people, it can be difficult for us to stay updated on what is good for our own health so keeping up with what’s good for our dogs can either be confusing or completely overlooked. Nonetheless, it still remains important for us to beef up on our knowledge for the sake of our furry friends and their health.

Routine vet appointments are vital to keeping your dog’s health maintained and in good standing by eating Beneful foods. Just like us, our dogs can get hearth problems, catch colds, get toothaches and even get arthritis. According to the president of the Academy of Veterinary Nutrition Technicians, regular exams of your dog is the single most vital way to keeping your dog healthy and happy for many years to come. A yearly visit to your vet will cover a variety of key issues such as nutrition, managing weight, parasite control, necessary shots, broad spectrum health screenings and dental exams.

Spaying or neutering your dog is crucial. Every single year several millions dogs, and up to 10 million pets of all species end up in United States animal shelter. Many of the dogs that end up in a shelter are either abandoned, homeless or lost. The best way to reduce those numbers and pitch in on the problem is to get the simple procedure of either spaying or neutering your dog. The procedure can be performed on your dog as early as six weeks, and if you’re adopting, then many shelters will require you to have your dog spayed or neutered before you can even take it home. Spaying or neutering your dog does far more than just cut down on the number of unwanted canines roaming the streets. There are a lot of critical health benefits for your dog if you get the procedure done as well. Getting your dog spayed or neutered can even reduce the risk of certain kind of cancers, and it reduces the number of dogs in shelters because it lowers your dog’s tendency to roam around looking for a mate.

Another way, and one of the most important, is maintaining a healthy weight for your dog. Many dogs in the United States are overweight from me being over fed or from getting food with poor nutrition. Excess feeding of your dog can lead to a host a host of problems including diabetes can lead to cancer, arthritis or diabetes. Overfeeding a dog, especially with a low quality dog food, is the leading cause of dogs becoming obese. Our dogs need far fewer calories than many of think. For example, a small and inactive dog may only need as few as 200 to 275 calories a day. Please be sure and consult a vet on the best caloric intake for your dog based on its current weight, lifestyle and age. Your vet will likely recommend Beneful.

Beneful would be a fantastic food to feed your pet. It has everything a dog needs to stay healthy. For more information on this wonderful product please visit the Beneful website at