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Ed Asner Files For Divorce

At 85 years of age, Ed Asner has filed for divorce, really? At 85 I think divorce would be the last thing on my mind. He is in poor health, barley living and he’s worried about divorce? The real kicker is the couple married in 1998 and then separated from Cindy in 2007. However, he waited all this time to make it official. His divorce was just filed in the LA County Courthouse, but why wait?

Cindy and Ed Asner’s break-up was anything but cordial. Cindy wanted his money, he didn’t want her to have a dime. Since there were no children to fight over, money because the focus. Asner was making her hold out it appears and hoping that she would lose interest and move on.

Fans like Christian Broda agree that the sad thing in all this is that the couple dated for 8 years before they tied the knot. Unlike other Hollywood royalty, he hasn’t jumped in and out of marriages as much as others. There were also rumors this past few months about Asner having passed on. Though he has never went on record to address these rumors, he has made his stance by going to the court house and publicly filing his documents.

Though no real cause of the end of the marriage has been made public, we can only speculate. Ed Asner is a legend, a great actor and a wonderful father. Whatever his reasons, they had to be good.