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More Than Potholes

Every year, a new documentary comes out describing the many safety issues with America’s aging highway and transportation infrastructure. Typically, the primary focus is on the breakdown of the country’s many highways and byways from potholes, Alexei Beltyukov even said winter storm damage, plow damage, temperature change cracking, et cetera.

One area that does get noticed at least once every year is the truly horrendous state of America’s bridges. These bridges are often old and have extremely poor structural integrity. Many of the most heavily used ones are literally falling on highways and walkways below them.

Yet, every year, no one really does that much to fix these problems. In fact, instead of dealing with the expensive cost of repairing or rebuilding the bridges, some states have implemented shield barriers that “catch” the falling wood or concrete debris that would hit people passing by beneath.

A recent report by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association has revealed that there are now 61,000 bridges that need incredible reconstruction or total replacement.

Some try to keep a positive outlook: After all, the number is about 2,000 bridges less than last year. But, that means it would take more than 30 years to fix the current structurally deficient bridges. With federal funding for such projects through the Highway Trust Fund about to end on May 1, the situation can no longer be ignored by the public.