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George Soros: Tackling the Syrian Refugees Migration.

George Soros has articulated his opinion again on the current issue that is threatening the existence of the European Union. In his article published in the Project Syndicate, he claims that Putin intentions should not be overlooked as he is planning to disentangle the European Union. The situation currently with the EU is that the number of refugees flocking the region is high and to some extent they are not able to cater for all. Putin, on the other hand, is blinding them by pretending to have a common enemy ISIS therefore working alongside the EU but in reality, he is masking is intention as the Russian army is bombing major towns in Syria. In his article, Soros Claims that the Russian president wants the EU to collapse before the economy of Russia tumbles in 2017 due to bankruptcy.

In another issue, the Forbes billionaire also offers a practical solution to be adopted so as to prevent the EU from collapsing as well as not aggravating the situation between them and Russia. The EU has been advised to come up with one asylum seeking an agency that will dictate and come up with standards on how to handle them. The European Union should also be on the front line supporting the countries that have opened their borders for the Syrian refugees in Jordan and Turkey. Soros also believes that the EU should request aid from the private sector so that they can adequately support the refugees. He insists that the union should increase the number of refugees they can adapt to a million in a year.
Soros was born in Hungary before moving to the United States. He is also involved in humanitarian acts and has been voted the top philanthropist in the world having donated approximately $8 billion through open society. The foundation has also helped black South Africans who were unable to get proper education due to the segregation then. He also spearheaded the revolution against the communism that was taking roots in the eastern bloc. The Open System Foundation is made up of foundations that are distributed throughout the globe. They support paralegals with clients who have been detained illegally. The organization advocates for a non-central authoritarian government that is transparent and one that respects human rights.
The financial guru has also predicted some disasters on the money market with the latest being the fall of the Yuan. He acquired his education at the London School of Economics and started his hedge fund Soros Fund Management that was voted the best by Forbes in 2013. Soros is also involved in writing books and articles. In most of his writings, he expresses ideas that can be adopted so as to solve the current crisis. Some of his books are The Alchemy of Finance, Financial turmoil in Europe and USA among others.