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Handy: About Handy Home Cleaning Service

Handy is the perfect housecleaning company and can meet your needs. The company has a track record of providing outstanding home cleaning service. Handy on crunchbase has a dedicated team of home cleaning professionals, and can have your home looking great.

Are you looking for advice about hiring a residential home cleaning service? Want to know why you should choose Handy for all your home cleaning services? Hiring a home cleaner can change your life. A home cleaning professional can keep your house clean and tidy when you are pressed for time. They can leave your house looking and smelling great. If you need help keeping your house clean, you should hire a trained home cleaner. You may want to consider a home cleaning company.

When looking for a good company on to handle your home cleaning task, it is important to make a list of your needs and expectations before even contacting a cleaning company. Write a list of areas you cleaned around the house and where you don’t want cleaned. Determine how often you need the cleaning service. You can decide to sign up for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service.

Also specify what furniture or items you want cleaned, like dishes, floors, ceilings, carpets and laundry. You can even ask them to make the beds. After making a list of your requirements, and have considered what you need from the home cleaning company, you’re ready to contact them.

It is important to find out what experience the company has. Does the company have experienced cleaners who can clean large houses or residential homes? Are they well versed in cleaning all areas of a house, from the bathrooms to the kids’ play room? A company that has been around for many years, most likely has the necessary experience.

Cost is a big issue for many people, and residential cleaning companies are often aware of that. Handy offers high quality home cleaning service at affordable prices, and many customers are happy with the company.

Every cleaning company should carry insurance, in order to protect the customer and them against accidents or damages. Ask to see the proof of insurance before entering into a contract with a company. You should also find out what kind of screening or background checks the home cleaning company performs before sending workers to customers’ homes, and ensure your keys will be handled safely when not in use. These are all essential when choosing a company to provide service in your home.

Handy only works with individuals who have been thoroughly screened and have passed a rigorous background check. Their workers are prompt and polite, and they are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.

Handy’s professionals also have access to all the equipment and tools they need to get the job done efficiently and effectively. They arrive at a customer’s home, fully prepared and ready to provide the best cleaning service possible. To learn more about Handy Home Cleaning Service, visit their website.

The Rise of Handy Home Cleaning Services

The Epic rise of Handy Cleaning services has left many people wondering what the company is doing right. A look at their business model is not impressive and has not impressed many investors. Less than two years ago, the company was no known by anyone. It was a mere idea by the people who believed in themselves and those that knew, in their spirits, that this idea was noble and could become something. True to their belief, Handy is now a known brand, and continue to grow each day. The company is a pure manifestation of entrepreneurs who believe in their idea and forge forward despite the resistance they face, all in the need to better life in the society.

Handy has always been compared to Uber by the fact that for all of them, the clients look for use using their mobile devices. After checking for the availability of someone to undertake the service, they pay, and they will be handled appropriately. However, the advantage that Handy has it that they can make flexible time undertaking the task. Thus, it creates greater convenience, unlike Uber services that are called upon when the client is ready.

Recently, the company has seen increased profits and bookings. It is a normal occurrence for a business that has got its idea right, and appropriately uses the advertising channels. Being the solution for home cleaning, Handy is well positioned for millions of jobs within a single week. They do not need to be in your city, but simple vet the professional cleaners in it, certify and let them work for you. They provide extra support for their clients in case the service is not satisfactory, and can be called upon any time.

In the recent weeks, Handy has seen huge bookings that have even amazed the company, founders. Rising from a small idea by two Harvard students, Handy is currently receiving over $1 million in bookings per week. It is expected to double in the next few weeks given the launch of its mobile app that is now easy to access at wherever location the potential clients want the services.

From inception, the company has managed to vet and sign up to five thousand professionals. These are the most vital part of the business, for they provide services and interact directly with the client. Having five thousand people assisting you can be a tricky affair due to the difficult nature of managing individual expectations. However, statistics with Handy indicate that they have had very few cases where the needed to change the service provider for a client.

The home cleaning business is a huge market, and Handy is poised to get into it for the long term. The company leads in service delivery by the large presence, and professional standards they offer. Also, they are fairly price compared to other cleaning services in cities. It explains why at least every individual of the five thousand, gets a job in a month. It is the tremendous success that should be replicated by other start-ups.