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Yeonmi Park fights for North Korea Liberation

Being free is the most amazing feeling one can feel this is according to Yeonmi Park, a twenty-one-year-old North Korean Defector. She grew up in fear and was owned by the state. The government of dictator Kim Jung Un had successfully instilled fear among the North Korean people. The Korean people don’t have the freedom that other people in the world have. They are not allowed freely or watch movies. There are some the things that we do in the free world that are unheard of in North Korean.

Yeonmi Park tells about the struggle of the Korean people in most of her YouTube narratives. She also attends various human rights meetings and conferences in a bid to enlighten the world about what the people of North Korea are missing. Savannah Guthrie, a news anchor, asks her, what she would like about North Korea. She replies by saying that for the very first time she now owns herself. According to her, the feeling is so powerful since one is able to do whatever they like without fear. Yeonmi Park has also a book on Amazon. She lets the world know that the Korean people are just like other people in the world and that is why she was appealing to the people of the world to help in bringing democracy t North Korea.

Basic human rights are violated by the dictatorial regime in the North Korea. People don’t have the freedom of watching movies and wearing fashion clothing like jeans. These injustices and human right violations are what Yeonmi Park is fighting. There is also slavery in North Korean. Yeonmi Park says that young girls the age of 14 and 15 are sold for around $200. The people in this country have lost the hope of ever having a good life. Living without fear and having the freedom to do ass one wish is a basic need that all the people I the work enjoy equality since all the people are equal. Her sentiments have not gone unheard; many people have offered the audience to her cries. She has over time amassed a following that is empathetic and sympathetic towards her course.

Yeonmi Park has been a victim of the injustices and cruelty that are a part of the life of the Korean people. She grew up I one of North Korean villages and consequently led the same life just like thousands of her fellow countrymen. She grew up being made to believe that Korea was the best country in the world to live in. however, after watching a movie by American actor Leonardo di Caprio, everything in her world changed. She began questioning the way she lived, the way everything was running in her country and the infringement of the basic human right in her country North Korea.

N conclusion, early life experiences shouldn’t dictate our future negatively. Instead, those experiences should be used to shape our future for the better. Yeonmi Park own early upbringing id not so rosy. Having lost a father at a very tender age; It’s a wonder that she is still alive and fighting for justice for the people of North Korea.