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Could Rob Gronkowski Have a Career in Rap?

It doesn’t seem as if New England Patriot’s fans have to worry about Rob Gronkowski trading in his football for a microphone. However, Rob’s not shy when it comes to grabbing a mic. He recently took the stage to show off one of his raps. He did this while out celebrating a friend who was about to get married.

Fans like Jim Dondero know that members of the band, and other patrons in the bar in Savannah, Georgia, stated that while Rob was out to have a good time, he was polite and classy throughout the night. He spent a lot of time on the dance floor and female patrons in the Warehouse Bar and Grille were happy to dance with him. He was in Georgia to celebrate the wedding of one of the friends that he grew up with.

The consensus seemed to be that Rob Gronkowski knows how to party and have a good time. However, he knows how to remain a gentleman while he’s doing it.