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Lime Crime Is Art

Lime Crime Is Art
I knew from a young age that I was born to stand out in a crowd. I never wanted to blend in. When I was in high school, I went through some tough times. That’s because everyone expected you to blend in and not do anything that would be different from the norm. I didn’t care. I just wanted to be me. It was a rough time, however. I was in a transitional page and I didn’t have anyone to help me when it came to nailing down what I wanted to look like. So, I bought makeup from convenience stores and I attempted to pull off unique looks. I wish I had someone like Doe Deere as inspiration back then.

Doe Deere has a makeup line called Lime Crime on urbanoutfitters and it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s filled with every color that I’ve ever wanted. They’re bright and bold. Lime Crime has me covered no matter what I’m in the mood to highlight. If I’m feeling a new look for my eyes, she has an array of eye shadows and eye liners for me to choose from. They’re all in such different and vivid colors! I sometimes like to mix and match two different colors to create even more of a unique look. Lime Crime also offers me bright and eye-catching nail polish! I absolutely love how flawless it goes on my nails. It truly makes me feel like a magical person. Perhaps, my favorite cosmetic item is her glitter eye shadow. I love making a statement this way and really draw attention to myself. I look and feel beautiful using eye shadow.

Lime Crime is makeup that is high-quality yet still affordable. I can choose as many lipsticks as I want and know that I’m always getting the best I can. I don’t have to worry about my makeup crumbling and falling apart like it sometimes does when I purchase it from the drug store. Deere ensures that all her products are the best that we can get. That’s what makes her such a great founder of the company!

Lime Crime is all about standing apart from the crowd and using makeup as a form of art. I love being a unique individual. Lime Crime makeup allows me to do real wild things like having my lips a different array of colors or having my hair match my eyes shadow. It’s so much fun to play around. I also enjoy the fact that Lime Crime is makeup that is animal safe and vegan friendly. It’s nice to know that there are products out there that aren’t harming anyone or anything. Overall, I’ve never been disappointed. The website doesn’t do the colors justice when it comes to just how much they pop.