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Boeing Wins Bid for Next Air Force One

Although it will not be in service for almost another decade, the next United States Presidential Plane better known asAir Force One will be made by Boeing. Identified as the 747-8 airframe it will be a substantial upgrade from the current plane that is a VC-25. However, most of the upgrades will be noticed more by the flight crew than its prestigious passengers. This is because the major difference between the Presidents plane and the civilian air equivalent will be in the navigation, communication, and electronic systems of the planes. From what Lee Slaughter understands, Air Force One is designed to be the White House in the sky while the President is traveling a significant distance from Washington DC. The functionality and comfort of the President and First Lady are given a top priority, but essentially will remain the same as earlier versions of the air craft.

The closest competition for which plane would be the next in line for presidential service came down to Boeing’s 747-8 and the Airbus A380. Both are enormous planes and would offer state of the art features within the airframes. But only Boeing is owned and operated in the United States. By being based the State of Washington, the airplane manufacturer had the leg up on its competitor when the country’s image is reflected in almost everything the President does and especially what he fly’s in. The 747-8 will be in the air in 2017 and after five years of experience and testing will be expected to be in service to the nation for the next 30 years.