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Zoe Saldana’s New Husband Takes Her Last Name

If anyone has ever wondered whether or not Marco Perego is a feminist or not, they probably don’t any longer. He recently married Zoe Saldana, and in an unlikely twist, decided to take her last name. It isn’t uncommon for celebrities to keep their show names in public, but to actually change their names in private. Fans like Keith Mann know that many celebrities still go by their popular name but in personal life they have their husbands last name.

It is an usual stance to do, although it is becoming more common practice for a woman to at least maintain her last name during marriage. This is something that many individuals would not have thought about a few decades ago, but it has become seen as edgy or even the “hip” thing to do. It truly has become the first real time in the modern historical era where individuals are looking into doing something like this.

Of course, if more and more individuals start doing this, it could prove rather interesting to see family lineage and even make it difficult to trace certain families based on last names. However, it ultimately is up to the couple and what each individual decides to do with it. It is not something that truly means all that much, as there is the classical line of “what’s in a name,” but many people are proving that there really is importance in a name.

The X-Files return seen as not easy by star

The return of important TV shows from the past has been big business in recent months with Twin Peaks returning for a short mini series being caught up with contract disputes and director David Lynch returning to the production after initially walking away. In contrast, the return of The X-Files to Fox has been smooth and most of the original cast are set to appear in the six episode event planned as a final farewell to Agents Scully and Mulder. Studio exec Ivan Ong confirms that the latest addition is The Smoking Man who will return as the FBI agents bid farewell to our screens.

Gillian Anderson, who plays the initially skeptical Scully has claimed she was hoping for a return to the character after always dreaming of one final conspiracy for the two agents to chase, Guide Live reports. Although both she and David Duchovny claim they knew opening up The X-Files would not be easy Duchovny has now expressed his desire for the series to return to TV on a full time basis. The problem the actor who plays Agent Mulder knows is how busy Anderson has been since The X-Files ended, particularly in the uK where she has appeared in a number of mini series and the long running The Fall with Fifty Shades of Gray’s Jamie Dornan.