An Insight into the Brazilian Law

The law is a living fact that in undeniably inevitable. Each country or region is governed by certain regulations that vary in the way of formation. In our everyday lives, the law affects almost every aspect.

The system regulates the rules of conduct, protecting each and everyone’s rights; as is the case of lawyers and law in Brazil. Lawyers in Brazil are in abundance, and due to their large numbers, Brazil boasts of an enormous number of law schools. The schools accommodate the growing population of lawyers. In fact, Brazil has the highest number of law schools than every country in the world put together.

The Brazilian civil law is rooted in Roman law, which the Portuguese implemented during the period of colonization. Brazil elevates the significance of law that is codified over judicial precedent. Given the well-organized legal system of Brazil, then it follows that its lawyers have to be of the highest caliber of professionalism.

Brazilian lawyers have to go through three phases to become fully pledged professional lawyers. Firstly, they have to pass the vestibular exam, which is compulsory for every high school graduate student. After passing the exam, the student can be enrolled in a university then the last phase requires the students to pass the national bar examination. Even after graduating, apart from the usual vocational training an internship is necessary.

In Brazil, when one thinks of the law, he or she thinks about Ricardo. Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho is a prominent leader in the Brazilian legal practice. He established the firm that went to become one of the largest firms in Brazil. His case was not like that of many other firms. He started in law at a small office and later joined a corporate litigation law firm. The latter firm was one of the most experienced in the area. He has worked on many nationally recognized cases. It ranges from defending large and significant Brazilian multinationals, the government, public personalities and many other known companies.

Ricardo Tosto has pioneered the adoption of many legal mechanisms that become the commonly used tools in the Brazilian legal community. Ricardo has an expansive and impressive resume. He is widely remembered for serving as the president of the Brazilian Bar Association, a member of the Board of Directors for a center for lawyer societies, and a known writer both in the legal and political arena. Numerous articles have been published in his name.

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