Dr. Clay Siegall Appointed To Board Of Mirna Technologies


Seattle based biotechnology company Mirna Pharmaceuticals has announced the appointment of Dr. Clay B Siegall to its board of directors. Siegall currently serves as CEO of Seattle Genetics.

Siegall is a distinguished doctor with several years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. His professional credentials and knowledge will serve the interests of Mirna Pharmaceuticals well, according to company CEO Paul Lammers.

MicroRNA therapeutics is the core of cancer research. “The possibilities are endless,” according to Siegall. “Mirna has positioned itself well with a strong stream of exciting candidates.” Siegall went on to say that the research is promising and the advancements will do wonders for patients who are badly in need of new medicines.

Mirna Therapeutics has been working on a number of medicines for years. They also conduct clinical trials throughout the U.S. to learn more about the effectiveness of medicines. “We are very close to making breakthroughs,” said Siegall. “It’s only a matter of time that we will have vastly improved medicines to help all cancer sufferers.”

Dr. Siegall Clay B. Siegall founded Seattle Genetics in 1998. A trained scientist, it was Siegall’s goal to develop targeted research therapies for helping cancer patients. In 2011, Seattle Genetics received a patent in collaboration with Japanese pharmaceutical company Takeda for the cancer-treatment drug ADCERTIS. The FDA approved drug is available in over 60 countries.

Through Siegall’s leadership, Seattle Genetics has created partnerships with several pharmaceutical companies for the purpose of research. He has also secured over $1 billion in private funding.

Prior to Seattle Genetics, he worked for the National Institute of Health and Bristol Meyers Squibb. Dr. Clay Siegall has also been published dozens of times and holds 7 patents. He received a bachelors degree in Zoology from the University of Maryland and his genetics PhD from George Washington University.



U.S. Money Reserve CEO To Soon Become Huffington Post Blogger

The Huffington Post is a very well-respected online media site that is read by millions upon millions of people. PR Newswire has just announced Angela “Angie” Koch is soon to become a featured blogger on the site. Koch impressed a lot of people with an article on the subject of women at the recent Republican and Democratic National Conventions.

Angie Koch is the current Chief Executive Officer at U.S. Money Reserve, one of the top distributors of gold, silver, and platinum in the world. The company has sold millions of precious metals assets to customers looking to expand their investment portfolios to include coins, bars, and/or bullion.

Running such a dynamic company requires solid business acumen. Koch possesses such exceptional knowledge and skill. Now, she will be writing on subjects related to business. Her blogging is sure to be both entertaining and informative.

The writing will not solely focus on precious metals or investing. Rather, the content is going to cover numerous different aspects of leadership and business success.

Per Biz Journals, The Huffington Post receives 79 million unique visitors per month. Koch’s writing is going to be presented to a huge audience. In addition to the readers gaining excellent advice and insights from Koch, U.S. Money Reserve is slated to receive a lot of outstanding publicity thanks to the work of Koch.

One very interesting subject Koch plans to write about is “company culture”. The topic is one that readers interested in learning about life in the business world do not always see published. Ironically, the topic can be among the most interesting covered. Learn more about US Money Reserve: http://www.goodsearch.com/us-money-reserve/coupons

A company – or corporate – culture can be best described as the identity or personality of a particular enterprise. Fitting in with a corporate culture is critical for employees and managers who wish to be successful. Not everyone has a strong ability to recognize or define a company’s culture very easily. By reading works that discuss the subject, a better understanding can be gained.

Then, there is another component to company culture: the creation of one. Leadership requires being able to perform a host of important duties and tasks. Crafting and inclusive and mission-supporting company culture is one of them. Maybe Koch’s writings will give insights into these unique duties.

Angie Koch is sure to bring the same exceptional skill to her Huffington Post writings as she does to her management of U.S. Money Reserve. Her blog posts are going to be very much looking forward to.

Mirna Therapeutics Inc. with Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D.

Mirna Therapeutics is a biotechnology company that focuses on developing and commercializing MicroRNA (miRNA) therapeutics. The company has the privilege of Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D. as the company’s outside director to its Board of Directors. Dr. Clay Co-founded the Seattle Genetics. He also serves as the President, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Director at the Seattle Genetics. Clay Siegall, Ph.D. has a broad spectrum of experience in the pharmaceutical industry. The Mirna team will receive guidance from Dr. Clay as they continue to advance developing therapeutics based on MicroRNA.

Mirna Therapeutics Inc. Appoints Clay B. Siegall, Ph.D., to Its Board of Directors

The President and CEO of Mirna, Dr. Paul Lammers, recognized the expertise of Dr. Clay noting that he has attained several achievements through the building and running a very successful oncology firm. According to Dr. Siegall, Mirna has a strategic position with an excellent line of product candidates. Dr. Siegall was pleased to serve on the board of a company that has an early involvement in the field of MicroRNA. Mirna focuses on miRNA therapeutics as an ultimate area of cancer research.

In 1998, Dr. Siegall co-founded Seattle Genetics. The firm has its headquarters in Bothell, Washington. Dr. Clay, as a scientist, focuses on therapies that target cancer research. Seattle Genetics has a passion for impacting the life of others through drug development and exhaustive research. Dr. Clay has pioneered several achievements of the company including several ADC technology licenses. Seattle is one of the leading firms in the field of antibody-drug conjugates (ADCs).

Seattle Genetics primarily utilizes the ADC technology to increase the targeting ability of monoclonal bodies. The company has the greatest minds behind Adcetris (Brentuximab vedotin), which was the company’s flagship product and is available in over fifty countries around the world.

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Dr. Jennifer Walden Is Devoted to Excellence

Excellence is important in any field. This is particularly true in medicine. Those who enter this field are fully focused on the need to provide quality care for their patients at all times. This is something that Jennifer Walden fully understands. As one of the leading plastic surgeons in America, she offers her services to all who need them. Her byword at all times in her practice is excellence in her field. She wants to be the best possible plastic surgeon she can be at all times. As a native of Austin, Texas, she tells readers of Texas Monthly magazine of her devotion to the field of medicine and her desire to continue to learn as much as she can about her chosen field.

A Professional At All Times

Dr. Jennifer Walden knows that it is important to be professional at all times. Her entire career has been about her devotion to all aspects of medicine. She knows that it is imperative for her to be about the latest developments in the field of medicine. As she well knows, the world of medicine is one in which changes can happen quickly. What may be known to work on any given day may be proven not quite as accurate the next.

Regional Excellence

Austin has long been Walden’s home base. It is where she returns again and again in order to reconnect with her roots. It is also where she has chosen to open up her own practice in order to be part of this community. Being based in Austin means that she can be with her loving family who still live there. She has two sons of her own that she has chosen to bring up here. Her two sons are part of an extended family of hers that lives here. This makes it easy for her to enjoy pleasant family gatherings with people who offer her important support.


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The Midas Legacy helps create long lasting financial success

How do you save or manage your money in order to retire early? It’s a question that lingers especially for those who are getting a little older and really have to get serious about how they’re going to be able to afford to retire early with no financial worries and be in good health at the same time. The Midas Legacy wants to help.

If you have the capacity and the drive to positively help other people in the areas of entrepreneurship, finance, real estate, and natural health, then The Midas Legacy wants to offer you capital to do so. They know, that when you’re able to help others, you will be rewarded in return.

What is The Midas Legacy? They are a consultancy group that helps you reach the financial success you have dreamed of. They are the ones who are able to offer that capital to you to make a difference in the lives of others in those business sectors. They have one goal, and that’s to ensure you reach the financial goals you’ve set for yourself.

It all starts when you consult with the group and become a client. As a client, you become eligible to receive a free gift that gives you valuable tips and suggestions on how to manage your wealth better. It’s called The Midas Code. Then, as you become a member, you’ll be directed into various business sectors by their expert mentors.

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These expert mentors are from the areas of publishing, the stock market, real estate, and more. They have exceptional knowledge of trading, entrepreneurship, and finance. They want to make sure you reach your financial goals so you can retire on your own terms.

Jim Samson, an exceptional real estate entrepreneur of about 20 years and author, is one of the experts within the group ready to take your financial success to the next level on themidaslegacy.com. Sean Bower and Mark Edwards, are two others who, along with many others, will help ensure your success.

The Midas Legacy is a group that truly believes in giving back to the community. They are deeply involved in giving to worthy charities such as the Give Hope Foundation, the Wounded Warrior Project, and more.

You can reach your goals of reaching early retirement without financial worry. You can live your life in your later years comfortably and happily with the help of The Midas Legacy.

Learn more about The Midas Legacy: https://twitter.com/themidaslegacy

The Future of the Classroom Looks Bright

The addition to the ClassDojo app will surely be a great one as teachers are able to share these photos and videos with the parents of the student’s classwork, projects, and even field trips. The ClassDojo app has grown over the last few years in the United States and is now in two-thirds of all schools across the nation. This app has been a great addition to the learning experience and has helped many parents feel more connected to their child’s teacher and assignments.

Parents today are extremely busy and in most cases both parents work full-time jobs. Some parents even work multiple jobs and are just unable to make it to the parent/teacher conferences that are done quarterly. In the past, this has been the only time teachers and parents could connect and parents could get up to date information on their students. That has all changed with the ClassDojo app. This app allows the teacher and parent to interact like never before and this only leads to better communication along with better grades for the student. When the child comes home from school the parent is now able to know more about what they did at school that day and that in turn helps the child to perform better.

Having the ability for teachers to communicate with parents can ensure that the child is getting the best education they can and also involves the parent where the parent can help the child more at home in certain areas of learning that need improvement. This is greatly beneficial for the child and will only make learning easier for them. The child can gain confidence knowing some of their hard work has paid off and is being shared with their parent also.

The ClassDojo app is certainly changing the way teachers and parents interact and is a change that benefits everyone greatly. With the new Student Stories feature now the parents get to see firsthand what their child is working on and can feel confident that they are learning the classwork as they should. This app is one to have.


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Helane Morrison: Life of a Compliance Officer

Helane right now works at Hall Capital Partners as a compliance officer. However, she has lived a highly active and effective year as a compliance officer who has made a huge impact on businesses. She has had a full career which started with her learning as much as possible about the industry with Harry Blackmun. She considers Blackmun to be one of the greatest influences in her career because he has fought for the rights of people who are often marginalized. He stood up in the face of threats. This has not only showed her the type of world she is going to deal with, but also how she can handle the opposition.

Helane Morrison believes in and works towards equality and diversity, which is one of the reasons that she has joined Hall Capital Partners. She has been impressed with the diverse leadership culture. Helane has also been involved in journalism.  She has seen that there is still a lack of trust in financial institutions even nearly a decade later.

Among the activities she has been involved in included the exposing of many of the predators or people that prey on and exploit the desperate and other financial dependents. When people have caught wind of all of the corruption that was happening in the industry, they have been concerned with how to pursue any action. It was Helane Morrison that had the confidence to proceed with action in order to get the institutions to act more ethically. She has went forward with the passion that has gotten the industries to work a little more ethically.