George Soros says that the Chinese Economy is headed for a Recession

US billionaire, George Soros, said that the current Chinese economy closely resembled that of the United States before the 2008 global recession. He reiterated that the increasing debt financing experienced in the Chinese economy is a recipe for disaster even as the Chinese reputed his claims as mere hearsay.

The Chinese economy on recorded growing credit figures in March, 2016. Soros said that this should be taken as a serious warning sign while speaking at an event commemorating Asian Society in New York. The Chinese government has been seen to prioritize economic growth over reducing the amount of debt. George Soros said that the current growth experienced in China, which is fueled by credit financing, is reminiscent of what happened in the US before the 2007/2008 economic recession hit.

Uncertainty in the Economy

Soros made his fortune by betting wisely in the financial and stock markets. He founded Soros Capital Management on and grew it steadily over the years to earn him over 24 billion dollars in net worth. Today, he is ranked as one of the wealthiest individuals alive. His hedge fund has earned a steady 20 percent in annual growth since 1969 up to 2011. The growth was fueled by excellent prediction of the markets, excellent managerial skills and hard work. George Soros is known for pocketing $1 billion dollars from the short sale of the UK pound.

Soros revealed that he was betting against the Asian currencies because with what is happening in China currently, a hard landing is inevitable. George Soros said this back in January when he was speaking in Davos at the annual World Economic Forum. However, Xinhua news agency that is run by the Chinese government refuted Soros’ claims in an editorial alluding to the fact that he had made the same predictions previously but they never came to pass.

Soros said that it was not a good economic indication that the Chinese banking system currently has a huge number of loans compared to deposits. Another source of uncertainty in the Chinese economy is the fact that some banks are currently borrowing from others creating more instability. He said that even though currently the problem is being management by deferment, it is increasing at a high rate.

The recent surge in the Chinese real estate sector saw a boom in new credit that has allowed it to rebound. The prices of new homes in Shenzhen rose by 62 percent. Soros said that the Asian Giant’s economy was entering a parabolic cycle whereby, the surge in credit financing was capable of derailing the whole economy. However, Soros was positive about the Chinese foreign policy stating that the linking of the Yuan to an international basket of currencies was a healthy development.

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Soros Predicts A Financial Quake Rumbling The Euro

George Soros, a man of many talents and predictions. Soros, now 80 years old, is the founder and chair of Soros Fund Management. This fund management company established in 1969 by George Soros. Soros fled Hungary during World War II, when Nazi Germany occupied his homeland. He migrated to England and attended the London School of Economics on, graduating with his degree in Economics as he planned his voyage to the United States. He settled in New York and began his successful climb to wealth.

George Soros is also an acclaimed author of fourteen books providing insight and investment strategy for individuals and businesses alike. The bestsellers include “The Tragedy of the European Union, written in 2014, Financial Turmoil in Europe and the United States: Essay, written in 2012, and The Soros Lectures at the Central European University in March 2011. Together, these most recent writings will give insight into today’s financial turmoil.

Shortly after the new year, George Soros reports an upcoming crisis in global markets, reflecting back to the crisis the world experienced in 2008. Soros warns investors large and small, to approach the investment market cautiously. China is experiencing a currency devaluation with vibrations felt around the world, and could result in a crisis similar to what the world experienced in 2008 on

The volatility of the potential crisis is sending shock waves that could grow and affect the markets worldwide, but China will feel the major shock of the crisis. China’s Communist Party is committed to increasing the yuan convertibility by the year 2020, and remove the capital controls now in effect. The People’s Bank of China has reduced interest rates considerably while dumping into the economy billions of dollars, hoping to offset any problems, but the manufacturing area remains sluggish.

What remains consistent is the advice by George Soros that U.S. investors need to remain vigilant in selecting where they invest their funds. Something to remember is “What goes up, must come down.” When the investment market is low, the price of Gold, Silver, and Platinum rises. A strong, secure investment is precious metals, and United States Gold investments are backed by the U.S. Federal Government, and worth looking at for investing in your future during times where the market is so unstable.

Soros reminds the public that “Gold Is Turmoil’s Beneficiary”. China’s weakening currency can keep investors up at night, but although this is troubling it is also very bad news for the oil markets. The radical drop in oil prices this year as reported by Bloomberg Business completely changes the price of oil, and gasoline at the pump for the first time in almost a decade. Investor beware and plan for your future appropriately.