George Soros Speaks Of Possible Economic Catastrophe

Economic advice is not always easy to find. Many people need to carefully consider the kind of investments they make as they go through life and save up a nest egg. In many cases, investors must carefully consider multiple factors when considering the kind of investments that may be right for their needs. One of the best ways that many people have found to consider the kind of investment that is right for them is to work with a skilled fiscal adviser who knows the market well. Many successful market champions are happy to share the secrets of their success and help others figure out where to go next.

One of today’s most skilled investors is investor George Soros. Soros earned a huge fortune by investing in the market and deciding that a bear market was going to overtake the United Kingdom. Known as The Man Who Broke The Bank of England, Soros saw his own fortune rise at that time. Since his own financial triumph, Soros has been quite active in helping show others how they can do as he did. Many people have found it very useful to listen to his words in order to make sense of the contemporary stock market at any given time.

Soros speaks out on Bloomberg about the present state of the market in a recent economic forum in Sri Lanka. He sees the situation today as having parallels with previous markets, especially that of the situation in 2008 when stock prices fell and investors had problems. In his view, the economic situation today is potentially similar. He thinks that investors who are looking for economic opportunity need to be very cautious as they may face problems of all kinds should they enter the market. He thinks that caution is warranted as the global markets may experience a crisis that can be triggered by many factors.

He sees a particular problem with the nation of China. The Chinese must feed and help provide jobs for over a billion people. This task is often quite difficult for many Chinese leaders and may cause problems for world markets as well. Many Chinese leaders are not sure where they can find growth in the market. This has led the markets in Chinese to experience a period of instability. Instability in China may lead to other kinds of problems in the world of investing as investors everywhere remain unsure what the Chinese will do next. Soros finds this situation may trigger other kinds of problems as well as investors around the world react to this problem. He thinks investors may be facing a problem that is highly reminiscent of the prior situation in 2008 when a similar problem happened.

Recognizing Forward-thinking Companies: How Samir Tabar Approaches Investing

Sam Tabar is a graduate of Oxford University and Columbia Law School. Today he works as a financial planner and an attorney. His resume includes a former position at Bank of America/Merrill Lynch as the Director and head of Capital Strategy for the Asia-Pacific Region. Currently he works as a Senior Associate at Schulte Roth and Zabel LLP.

Tabar works diligently to provide sensible direction to investors based on his predictions of what stocks are likely to perform best. His reputation as an expert in hedge funds and effective past performance makes him an advisor that is sought out for opinions by numerous financial publications. He recently shared his opinion on the common risks people fail to recognize when investing in the commodities market.

Problem products, poorly managed funds that fail to perform as expected, are a common mistake people make when investing. Tabar believes that many investors research past performance and use that as a guide as to whether or not to purchase a specific stock. Unfortunately, many do not take the time and effort to look at current management and identify any future problems that may arise due to the direction of the company.

In addition to providing investment advice, Tabar is an angel investor himself as well. His most notable recent investment has been with a company called THINX. This unique startup is part business, and part philanthropic organization.  It also inspired the creation of Sam Tabar’s philanthropic efforts on GoFundMe.  The company designs and sells attractive undergarments that are designed to double as protection for incontinence or to use during menstruation. The company donates to Ugandan women a set of reusable sanitary pads whenever a pair of their undergarments are sold. Their efforts have made it possible for numbers of African women to be able to attend school and go to work during their menstruation. In the past, the lack of protection would have forced them to stay at home.

In this instance Tabar is helping to prove that it is possible to continue to earn a profit, while helping the world at the same time. Not all investments can help to change the lives of others. With Tabar’s advice however, many investors have been able to make more profit, avoid common pitfalls and learn how to avoid mistakes in the future.  Follow Sam Tabar through his website, or even on social media sites like Instagram.

Dogs Love The Way You Love Them with Beneful Chew Bones

When you go to the grocery store, you always make sure to get the freshest fruits and vegetables and the freshest meats. You never look for the grayest meats and the fruits with dark spots. Your bananas will not be mushy and your grapes will not be dry like prunes. This is the same way you should feel about the food your dog is eating. Everyone should make sure their dogs are getting the tastiest foods and the best nutrition available. This is going to be a lot easier with the new food lines that the dog food companies are producing. Companies such as Colgate-Palmolive, Mars, and Purina are researching the best way to give your dogs good taste and natural foods such as fresh meats and meat products, not fillers. Companies are sparing no expense to provide the best foods for our pets and these are expected to increase the sales for dog foods over the next year. It is expected that dog food sales will exceed millions. Beneful dog food is one of the brands on Amazon that is already making sure that your dog gets the good taste and good healthy food. The food is full of healthy ingredients and good taste. Your dog will enjoy the dry food because it adds crunchy food with chewy food to give your dog a variety when they are eating. Beneful also has dog treats that are good for their teeth. It is difficult to brush your dogs teeth but they have food particles and junk between them that can cause a decay just like yours does at times. Flossing and brushing are one task you do not look forward to doing unless it is as easy as handing your dog a bone. Dental chews by Beneful are good for your dog to chew on and they help to remove tar and food from your dog’s teeth. It will help your dog have better breath and will give your dog something that occupies him when it is time to relax. Dental chews are flavored so your dog will love the chew bone and will look forward to that time of the evening.

Magic Mike XXL; The Sexy Saga Continues

Introducing the sequel to the original film, “Magic Mike.” Reprising his role as Magic Mike Lane is Channing Tatum, who in this next film has come out of retirement to have one last brouhaha of adventure with his male cohorts trailing along for the ride. However, watch out boys, the ladies just arrived. This time, the movie has cast several standout women in leading roles. Jada Pinkett Smith, Andie McDowell, and Elizabeth Banks are a few of the well-known actresses who grace this plot. They have also featured a few newcomers to the big screen, but not new to the world of acting. One of these talented actresses is Crystal Hunt.

Crystal Hunt has a very prestigious resume through daytime drama. Presently, she came back to the television audience in a show on Pop TV very fittingly called, “Queens of Drama,” as it will star Crystal along with five other former soap vixens. In the past, she has presented her talent well on soap operas such as; One Life to Live, where she played Stacy Morasco. She has also received an Emmy nod for her role as Lizzie Spaulding on the long-running soap, Guiding Light. I believe it’s past due for this most talented actress to show her stuff on the big screen. Although she has captured parts on movie screens before with her roles in the 2005 film, “The Derby Stallion,” and the 2007 movie, “Sydney White,” she has yet to get recognition beside the big stars of Hollywood until now. Crystal Hunt will now find her place alongside some of the most well-known actors in the business today on Magic Mike XXL.  From her Metacritic numbers, she’ll definitely be an asset for review scores.

Coming into her role as Lauren in, Magic Mike XXL, she was quoted as saying her role was very empowering. She learned a lot while working with the veteran lady actresses, and it was a pleasure playing the role of Lauren, which was a love interest to Matt Bomer’s character, Ken. It is noteworthy to mention that Crystal and Matt already had a history of collaboration, both were cast members on the set of Guiding Light when the show was in broadcast. Crystal Hunt seems to have found her place in this busy business of reality stars and movie starlets, and I am sure we will see many more projects in the works for this talented young lady.

How does White Shark Media Operate?

Every company or business goes through a number of challenges before it can be fully established. This challenges range from lack of clients to lack of efficiency in the services offered. These problems are however done with as the company continues to conduct its business. Many companies adopt a similar method of ensuring efficiency in their businesses by ensuring that they receive their customers’ complaints and act upon them. Through this, they ensure that they improve their service delivery by acting on what their customers are complaining about.
White Shark Media is a marketing agency that works hard to connect businesses both medium and small sized to connect with their clients through an online platform. As a service provider, it is burdened with the obligation to ensure that their clients get the services they pay for without any failure. They have with years improved their mode of service delivery through working on their clients’ complaints.
With many people in the world able to access the internet, online digital marketing has been the most effective tool to reach to clients. This in return ensures that the businesses gets more people go for their products and services. White Shark Media acts as the bridge between the business firms and their clients. Once an organization takes its business to the marketing agency for advertisement, the agency through its website displays the services and products being offered by the said company for people to see.
The firm was founded in 2011 and has been on growth throughout. With the current use of the internet by people of all ages, many people will prefer their businesses to be advertised online so as to have a wide coverage of their clients and potential clients. With the internet, there is no jurisdiction as to the area of coverage which widens the scope of operation for any business.
One of the best things with White Shark Media is that they value their clients’ feedback on their service delivery. They ensure that they work on every complaint raised by their clients on their services. They also ensure that they keep very closely in touch with their clients so as the clients can be free to contact them in case of problems. This gives the clients confidence and motivation to continue working with them as they feel recognised.
An example of a complaint they have worked on is improvement of their technology so that their clients can track how many people are able to view their businesses being advertised. This ensures that the client is able to see how the advertisement is fairing. Clients also get a chance to suggest on how they want to have their businesses advertised.

Our Favorite Blog Discovery of January 2016

Jon Urbana is an entrepreneur, co-founding the Next Level Lacrosse Camp and Ellipse USA, however both of these are very different businesses. One is a lacrosse camp; the other is a medical device company. Jon’s interests, such as his personal airplane (via Aviation Business Gazette), squash, taking pictures on Instagram and video editing at Vimeo are as diverse as the companies that he started. It makes you wonder; how many hobbies and interests does Jon Urbana have?

Jon’s interests are so varied, however, a person’s Tumblr is a good way to tell more about what’s important to them. Even more so is Jon Urbana’s Official Blog ( For example, one of the categories on Jon Urbana’s blog is photos. As you look at his October 2015 post titled Time For A Break, you see some delicious coffee from a cafe in Vienna, while another post on the same day shows some fresh green grapes on a wooden plank. His other posts under the Photos category also show food; it’s obvious from a look at his Twitter stream that Jon’s a gourmet at heart.

Several of Jon Urbana’s posts are about Chicago. In a post from January 2016, Powerful Aldermen Shelve IG Merger Ordinance, discusses how Chicago has two Inspector Generals, however, the vote to merge the offices is delayed. Another post from January 2016 mentions a Chicago Alderman who boycotted a breakfast honoring Martin Luther King. Finally, this post about Chicago, titled Analyzing The Possibility Of Google Fiber Coming To Chicago mentions that Google may bring low-cost, very high-speed fiber service to the city.


Any of his employees will tell you that Jon Urbana obviously cares a great deal about his business, creating a green future (GoFundMe), helping cats and other creatures (CrowdRise), and he also appears passionate about his many other interests.

Did you know that he’s pretty good when it comes to making remixes?? You probably don’t follow Jon at SoundCloud but if you did, you’d know about these songs, some of our favorite of January 2016. Urbana will be touring the country later this  year and we’ll post details as soon as we know more.

Recap on the Proper Ways to Feed a Pet

It is important for pet owners to take responsibility of their dog’s health. It is upon us to make good decisions on the type of food to feed the dogs to ensure overall health and proper wellbeing. The type of dog food and treats one gives to the pet should have health benefits, be safe and also affordable. Since dogs have different calorie numbers, it is important to use a dog food calculator to help one understand how much to feed the dog depending on a package. For instance most experts recommend that senior dogs be given food with higher protein content but also lower in calories, carbs and fat.
Feeding Habits
It is highly recommended to feed a dog at least twice a day that is, once in the morning and in the evening. However puppies are an exception since they are to be fed three to four times every day according to instructions from vet. The food given to the dog should be balanced in that all nutrients are present this will help boost the dogs cell growth and maintenance. When buying commercial pet food it is crucial to take into account feeds that have been manufactured in a way that they offer high quality nutrients as well as meet the required standards. Recently, companies have come up with innovative types of food that are vital for dogs’ health.
Nestle Purina Brand
Beneful is one of the feeds that are highly recommended for dogs. It took quite some time for Nestle Purina to come up with this complete nutritious meal. Beneful comprises of wet dog food, dry dog food and also the dog treats. This combination is balanced thus giving a complete package for all dogs depending on their size and age. The contents and appearance of Beneful have attracted many pet owners thus generating billions for the company annually.
Beneful is designed in a way that it has eight main flavors for the prepared meals. In addition to these, a multipurpose packaging is also offered in that it can serve as a bowl for serving the dog. Beneful products are also affordable thus attracting most pet owners to buy them.