Slyce’s Take On Visual Search Technology

Visual Search Technology Unleashed

The world has certainly changed when all the technology people have created can fit into the palms of our hands. So many people use their smartphones just to text, just to play games or just to watch videos. However, this technology is immensely useful in simplifying and creating ease in peoples’ lives. It can help people make their lives easier by not forcing people to waste their time in the lines at the shopping malls. Those long lines have always been a hassle, and they are even worse around the holidays. Thanks to the new visual search technology, like Slyce, you can now find what you need at the store by taking a picture of it.

It was easy already when all the online shopping companies popped up on the internet, but Slyce’s visual search technology leaps far ahead of the usual online shopping. Now people don’t even have to type in what they want to buy into the search box on their phones. That is the way of the past. Typing is overrated, and Slyce proves this by providing a well working and useful visual search product that is free to use on all smart phone devices.

Visual search technology is a way of the future. All of a sudden, people can buy anything they see and want in their surroundings. The software that Slyce uses is run by automated AI assistance. It is accurate in finding the correct items that the consumer is looking for in their search. There was an article by MIT Technology Review that talks about the new updates in the visual search technologies. I wanted to post it here for anyone who is interested in learning more about this growing technology. The article talks about how major companies like Google and Pinterest have developed this technology, and it is making the online shopping experience much easier than it has ever been in the past.

Slyce has put a nice spin on the visual search industry by including a group of customer care workers that are human to look over the results that people produce with the Slyce App. This is a quality control measure that makes sure that the results produced by the computer systems are working properly.

Impersonator Cortes Contributions In The Entertainment Industry

Sergio Cortes is an artist of diverse talents. Sergio Cortes has been in the entertainment industry since his childhood. Sergio Cortes was born in Spain. He started his impersonation dream in his childhood. Cortes has been Michael Jackson best impersonator ever. In his entire career, Sergio Cortes managed to get closer to Michael Jackson as compared to other impersonators.
According to the R7 publications, natural looks and talent in dancing and composing songs made Cortes achieve his success. Sergio Cortes started his career of impersonating the pop king through his mother’s motivation. Sergio Cortes mother used to buy him disks of Michael Jackson, and he would imitate the moves and dressing style very well.
Cortes depicted that he used to practice the pop king’s dancing styles and moves and later perform for his family. Cortes was Michael Jackson fanatic. He even cried when the pop king died. His success was triggered by the fact that he is Michael Jackson’s look alike.
Cortes represents the pop king who died in 2009. He has hit the social media platforms and attracted many fans. Impersonator Cortes hit his career limelight when he was invited in a photo taking a session to represent Michael Jackson. Unlike other Michael Jackson Impersonators, who undergoes surgery and make ups resemble Jackson, Cortes describes himself naturally.

He once conducted a live performance of the late Michael Jackson at a famous stadium in Spain. Cortes has also acted as a mentor to many. He regularly organizes performances to honor the late Jackson. Michael Jackson would be impressed to watch the lifestyle of Jackson, who acts exactly like him.
Sergio Cortes has been a crucial figure in artistic development. According to the interview, Cortes implied that he was privileged to represent the late pop artist. Impersonator Cortes has also gained an enormous number of followers on the Facebook platform. He has managed to have more than sixteen thousand followers on Facebook.
Sergio Cortes also holds a twitter account where he informs his diehard fans on performance issues.
For more information about the interview on Sergio Cortes interview, visit the following link
In conclusion, Sergio Cortes has achieved so much accomplishment in the entertainment industry as compared to hi rivals. He is greatly recognized for his hard work and commitments.

You can follow Sergio Cortes on Facebook and on Twitter.

Coriant’s Best CEO, Shaygan Kheradpir

Shaygan Kheradpir, a long-time business executive and technological expert, has recently been appointed as the chief executive officer of Coriant. The sole financier of Coriant, Marlin Equity Partners, was led by Shaygan Kheradpir. The board of directors at both Coriant and Marlin Equity Partners decided that it would be best for Mr. Kheradpir to take over the head position at the company to help it grow to its fullest potential.

Pat DiPietro is the former chief executive officer of Coriant, who actually performed very well at his job but Mr. Kheradpir has experienced such a high degree of success with other technological companies, the executives felt that it would be best for Shaygan Kheradpir to run the company.

Shaygan Kheradpir is originally from London, grew up in Iran, and then moved to the United States of America to earn a college education at Cornell University. In the 1980s, when Mr. Kheradpir went to school, the three degrees that Mr. Kheradpir earned meant much more than they do today. With the vast amounts of experience that Mr. Shaygan Kheradpir has had in college, he was able to transition successfully into the workplace. He started working for GTE Labs, then decided to stay with the company when it was merged into Verizon Communications.

Verizon Communications was a demanding job for Shaygan Kheradpir, but it was the first place where he was able to prove himself as one of the leading business and technology executives in the entire world. Shaygan Kheradpir has since been employed by Juniper Networks and Barclays, two large companies involved with technology improvements advanced by Mr. Kheradpir himself.

Coriant made a great decision by hiring on Shaygan Kheradpir as the chief executive officer of the company. As technology continues to improve at a very, very fast rate, it takes a very special leader of a company that is able to deal with adversity and being able to develop new types of technology or networking systems that other companies cannot compete with in order to succeed. Coriant is expected to continue to grow in size thanks to Shaygan Kheradpir and all he has done for Coriant already in his short tenure with the technology giant.

Yeonmi Park’s narrative of her great escape to freedom

Yeonmi Park was born in 1993 in North Korea. Following what she was exposed to when growing up, she later on became a human rights activist. With only one sister and her parents, Park enjoyed a loving and close-knit family. This was however cut short after the imprisonment of her father for illegal metal smuggling into China. Afterwards, Park and her mother were exposed to a repressive and brutal life in North Korea which forced then to flee to China to seek for freedom.
Life in China was not any better. Park and her mother were subjected to physical and mental disturbances. They received sexual harassments after they had been sold to human trafficking. This was great abuse of their human dignity and they felt they needed to get out of China. Their father joined them later on but unfortunately succumbed to colon cancer. Due to all this brutality, they surely couldn’t take it anymore and they set off on a journey to South Korea.
Finally Park was free from the oppressive and brutal life she went through in her childhood. She lived to tell her story of the price she had to pay for her freedom. Park had looked forward to reuniting with her sister who had left for China but the effort proved futile and was only left with her mother.
Recently, Park released a book, In order to live, where she comes out clean of all the bitterness she went through in both China and North Korea. She watched her mother give in to sexual harassment to guarantee for their survival. Inspired by a Titanic movie she watched while still in North Korea, she was equipped with a sense of love and humanity and knew there was much beyond North Korean walls.
In her book, she recognizes millions of people who still live under the North Korean brutality and torture. This is mainly what pushed her to become an agent of change and protect human rights. As an activist,Yeonmi Park is more than determined to save her home country from the fierce and brutal dictatorship causing great trauma.
The writing, categorized as a great narrative, is the main platform Park targets to have her compelling voice heard all over the globe. With her voice, she serves as a great face of hope for those still in the mysterious slavery of North Korea and China. She states she will determinedly work to deliver her home country from slavery.