Investing in Gold with US Money Reserve


Lately it has been getting more difficult to find an investment vehicle for increasing assets. For years now, bank savings has been horrid. Most banks offer a savings account that provides an interest rate less than 1%. This is because the Fed has had to lower rates across the board as it tries to promote economic growth.

Another safe option is bonds, but like bank savings they only have a very low return rate. Bonds are never looked at as a way of growing wealth, but instead for maintaining wealth.

When it comes to putting your money to work for you, the best way for the last few years has been to invest in stocks. They have boasted returns over 10% for a few years, but now it seems the tide is turning. Investing in stocks can be dangerous because companies can go bankrupt and your whole investment can disappear. That is the risk you take on in order to get those high interest rates.

But the stock market has gotten very rocky this year, and indications are that it will only get worse. The stock indexes have been negative for a large part of 2015, and worries of a recession are becoming more real. The stock market has not entered a bear market yet and that is a scary situation because it means that things could get a lot worse. Especially since other country economies have been entering bear market territory, and that has an effect on the US economy.

Luckily, at the same time it is looking like gold prices have nowhere to go but up. Many analysts have said that the bottom is in now, and gold along with other precious metals like silver are setting up for a bullish run. It’s looking more and more like the time to invest in precious metals is now.

For investors that want to invest in gold/silver, the best way that I’ve found to do that is through US Money Reserve. They are trusted by all levels of investors for providing quality precious metals, and they have a large range of products that you can buy as assets. US Money Reserve deals in all kinds of precious metals from gold to silver to platinum and more. Investors have been buying up gold/silver in anticipation of smaller buyers eventually understanding that the stock market is entering a dangerous environment and only realizing too late that the best way to grow wealth now is through gold/silver.

Yeonmi Park fights for North Korea Liberation

Being free is the most amazing feeling one can feel this is according to Yeonmi Park, a twenty-one-year-old North Korean Defector. She grew up in fear and was owned by the state. The government of dictator Kim Jung Un had successfully instilled fear among the North Korean people. The Korean people don’t have the freedom that other people in the world have. They are not allowed freely or watch movies. There are some the things that we do in the free world that are unheard of in North Korean.

Yeonmi Park tells about the struggle of the Korean people in most of her YouTube narratives. She also attends various human rights meetings and conferences in a bid to enlighten the world about what the people of North Korea are missing. Savannah Guthrie, a news anchor, asks her, what she would like about North Korea. She replies by saying that for the very first time she now owns herself. According to her, the feeling is so powerful since one is able to do whatever they like without fear. Yeonmi Park has also a book on Amazon. She lets the world know that the Korean people are just like other people in the world and that is why she was appealing to the people of the world to help in bringing democracy t North Korea.

Basic human rights are violated by the dictatorial regime in the North Korea. People don’t have the freedom of watching movies and wearing fashion clothing like jeans. These injustices and human right violations are what Yeonmi Park is fighting. There is also slavery in North Korean. Yeonmi Park says that young girls the age of 14 and 15 are sold for around $200. The people in this country have lost the hope of ever having a good life. Living without fear and having the freedom to do ass one wish is a basic need that all the people I the work enjoy equality since all the people are equal. Her sentiments have not gone unheard; many people have offered the audience to her cries. She has over time amassed a following that is empathetic and sympathetic towards her course.

Yeonmi Park has been a victim of the injustices and cruelty that are a part of the life of the Korean people. She grew up I one of North Korean villages and consequently led the same life just like thousands of her fellow countrymen. She grew up being made to believe that Korea was the best country in the world to live in. however, after watching a movie by American actor Leonardo di Caprio, everything in her world changed. She began questioning the way she lived, the way everything was running in her country and the infringement of the basic human right in her country North Korea.

N conclusion, early life experiences shouldn’t dictate our future negatively. Instead, those experiences should be used to shape our future for the better. Yeonmi Park own early upbringing id not so rosy. Having lost a father at a very tender age; It’s a wonder that she is still alive and fighting for justice for the people of North Korea.

New York Real Estate Developments Grow

New York City has always been a major hub of real estate success stories. Who would not want to build prime real estate in the Big Apple? While some might think that getting projects off the ground in NYC apartments for rent is difficult, the truth is big deals are launched frequently. Per the New York real estate news site, The Real Deal, scores of huge projects are slated for development. In an interesting article, the top ten major real estate deals coming to NYC are mentioned.

In the month of September, major real estate developers acquired a very large number of permit applications. These big names include SL Green Realty, Somerset Partners, The Chetrit Roup, and more. All of the sections of New York with the exception of Queens are going to be home to major projects. Brooklyn will see four huge developments and the Bronx is going to get three.

SL Green Realty’s One Vanderbilt project is the largest and most impressive. The scope of these projects is huge with each and every single one exceeding 100,000 square feet. A giant office tower will be built and comprise 67 stories and 1.3 million square feet. This is the top project and the other nine are fairly interesting as well.

Lincoln Ave will see the Chetrit project along with one on Third Avenue in the Bronx. Greenland Forest City Partners is going to build a huge Pacific Park development in Brooklyn. Halcyon Management is slated to launch an affordable rental building in Brooklyn, Z&K Realty Developers is readying a residential building in Brooklyn, and L+M Development Partners and Hornig Capital Partners is also planning on building affordable rental units. Rounding out the top projects is an expansion on the all-girls Marymount School, Douglaston Development’s 161 residential building, and another new residential building to be created by Anshel Friedman and Aaron Karpen.

Those interested in learning about impressive projects should check out Town Residential. Town holds the distinction of being one of the top luxury real estate services firms in all of New York. The company’s website is a great resource for news, information, and, of course, amazing real estate listings.

For those who want to learn more about the top ten projects, simply check out the article in The Real Deal. The article provides a bit of insight into the “movers and shakers” of the New York real estate scene.

Nobilis, The Leader in Spinal Surgery

Surgery is often required as a result of spinal injury. Spinal injury is quite complicated as it involves the nerves. When anyone is in either a car accident, vicious attack or something as a bad fall off a horse or on the slopes that is always the first thought of everyone involved especially those awaiting news on the patient’s condition. We have, sadly seen too many of these type of injuries, superman, Christopher Reeves was a classic tale of the dangers of spinal injury.

When an accident occurs it often results in an injury that can or has caused paralysis. No one ever wants to wake up alive being so thankful only to be told you are paralyzed from the neck down. It is inevitably one of the hardest things to go through ever as a patient. There is nothing worse than the recovery that is involved. It takes not only physical surgery but it plays a large role in the way the mind and emotions cope.

It is often a wise idea to go in and see a therapist after such a tragic event. Active person or not losing one’s abilities is so truly hard in every aspect. It also affects the family of the person affected. When a person loses their ability to walk or parents see their son go through that, it is a loss and a grieving process must take place. Hopefully the patient is close to a Nobilis center.

The Nobilis surgery centers are experts in this kind of injury. They have national level specialized surgery centers, so that the client is getting every single best doctor and nurse available. The thought is that if Nobilis take an expert approach by running, staffing and maintaining facilities in which they concentrate on knowing everything about the spine. They are well versed in issues at a natural level as well as an accidental level. It is a false sense of well being to think that bigger is better. By this we mean it is dangerous in assuming because it is a big practice that specializes in everything that one will get client centered highly specialized care.

If you went into a box store and bought a purse would it be the same quality as Coach? For the men in the audience it is the equivalent of sitting in the nose bleed section just for the experience, the view on the television is better so why bother trying to change things. If it is too expensive to get tickets that are close is there really a point? Yes, for the love of the game, better bring binoculars. It is best to be as close as you can when dealing with one’s health. It is hard to hit the target if one can fix everything. It is better to deal with someone who can fix more than just one thing.

Different Types of Healthcare Companies

There are many different types of healthcare companies. As a matter of fact, there are many different methods of healthcare. Healthcare is a term that covers a wide variety of measures that have to do with healthy living. In fact, everyone provides their own healthcare when they eat a healthy diet and make sure that they get enough fluids. There are tons of vitamins and minerals and places that sell these products and services that will help people live the healthiest lives possible. There are also websites that are available that provide advice on how to take better care of one’s own health.

One of the most popular type of healthcare companies are those that sell healthcare products such as vitamins, minerals, meal replacements and other items that are designed to keep one healthy. There are also different types of healthcare that one is offered. The different products that the companies sell have different purposes. For instance, there are some products that offer weight loss for people that are struggling with their weight. There are plenty of shakes that are designed to help speed up one’s metabolism or suppress one’s own appetite. There are also products that help people gain the muscle that they need for fitness.

Another type of healthcare company involves helping people become more physically active. There are companies that are available to help people adopt a healthier lifestyle. These companies go a long way towards bringing people to their best health. They will work with people to map out a diet and exercise plan based on their health condition and other factors in their health and genetic make up. They tell their patients what types of foods they need to eat and the type of work out that they need to take part in for their best health.

Then there are healthcare companies like Nobilis Health which provides treatments for people that are suffering from different ailments and pain. They not only provide healthcare for people, they also deal with the marketing and the promotion of healthcare facilities so that patients can know where to go for treatment. Among the things that they specialize in is providing some of the best noninvasive procedures that are very effective for the patient. Their number one concern is their patients. They care for the health of the people that they serve. They also help facilities build and run websites.

Healthcare companies like Nobilis Health Corp come in many different shapes and sizes. While general healthcare companies are good to visit for issues, it is better to find some specialized healthcare companies for certain illnesses if possible. Doctors or healthcare professionals that specialize in certain ailments are more likely to successfully treat one of those specific ailments for people that are suffering from them. Even those who are not necessarily suffering from ailment can do the best they can to avoid contracting that illness. Some illnesses can be hard to get rid of once one catches it. Other illnesses become hard to fight when they are left alone.

Status Labs Darius Fisher is Honored by PRWeek

Darius Fisher, the president and founder of Status Labs, was honored by PRWeek as one of the Innovative50. The Innovative50 is a list of promising digital PR entrepreneurs for 2015. Status Labs a firm which does crisis management for over 1,500 clients in 35 countries, was called impressive for cleaning up the mess that is sometimes found on Google search. Mr. Fisher worked his magic for his clients while cleaning up a crisis in his own company.

Having went through what many of his clients experienced, Mr. Fisher applied that experience to his own company making it stronger and earning him and Status the respect of the industry. The New York Times and Yahoo added their kudos for Status Lab’s amazing work with the Ashley Madison disaster. The Daily Beast added their voice to his success, and called his firm the Olivia Pope & Associates of the Internet. Mr. Fisher is thrilled with the reviews, and said that 2015 looks to the best year ever for Status Labs.

Mr. Fisher’s Status Labs is an online reputation management firm. It uses proprietary software and strategies to produce positive and compelling content to repair negative reviews and unsavory social media content. The positive campaigns force search engines to push negative commentary to the back pages where they are rarely seen. Even photos can be manipulated, so an embarrassing incident is erased from the internet. Victimization happens all the time on the internet, and embarrassing college incidents or a spouse with an ax to grind can ruin lives. Status Labs offers solutions, and with a strong positive campaign can repair the damage caused by negative reviews or social media.

Before founding Status Labs, Mr. Fisher worked as a political consultant and copy writer. He took his experience and created a premier reputation repair company that is growing by leaps and bounds. He’s added offices in New York, Austin and Sao Paulo. It’s through his strategies that Status Labs brought on board strong partnerships with teams of influential sales and management teams. Mr. Fisher believes everyone deserves a second chance, and the success of Status Labs proves his commitment to his clients.

Mr. Fisher is a graduate of Vanderbilt University, and Scarsdale High School. He has a cum laude degree in Economics. His interests outside of Status Labs include education, the environment and empowering others to succeed.

Dr. Jennifer Walden Has Put Hard Work Toward Her Talents

Not too many woman have the kind of big career that someone like Dr. Jennifer Walden has had, but every woman who puts in enough ambition should be able to do just as well for themselves. All that Dr. Jennifer Walden did differently from anyone else was to take her talents and work on them until she was good at what she did. She trained very hard to get to be a great cosmetic surgeon, and every bit of success that she has had is all because of the work that she has done. She has herself to thank for her success and the places that she has gotten to.
Dr. Jennifer Walden was even able to open up her own practice after gaining some popularity, and many people have come to her through the years for the cosmetic surgeries that they need done. They realize that she is a woman who has worked hard to become great at the things that she does, and they trust her to do the surgeries that they need done more than any other. Her practice did quite well in New York City, and she was popular enough that when she moved it to Texas it continued to do well.
Dr. Jennifer Walden has built quite the life for herself. She trained hard to become great at the cosmetic surgeries that she does, and everyone who had her perform a surgery on them can be grateful to her for doing that. She has put every bit of ambition toward her career to make it into what it is today, and every woman who longs to have a good career needs to keep that in mind. No woman, or man, will get anywhere in their career without putting their all into it. That is what Dr. Jennifer Walden did, and when one is to look at where that has taken her they will realize the value in what she has done.

The Life of Susan McGalla

As far as female business professionals are concerned, Susan McGalla is one of the most respected in the world. Working in the position of American Eagle Outfitters president and in other positions, Susan gained a great deal of respect among some of the most powerful figures in the business community. The Ohio city of East Liverpool is where she was born and raised. She grew up with a pair of brothers. The daughter of a football coach, she went to the University of Mount Union that is in Alliance, Ohio. Receiving her bachelor’s degree in marketing and business, she later went on to marry Stephen McGalla, who manages the assets of his clients. She is also still very involved with her school. She still maintains a seat on the board of advisers at Mount Union.

Once college was in Susan’s rear-view mirror, she got into the workforce by getting a position with the famous Joseph Horne Company. This was a major chain of department stores according to that was eventually sold to another department store chain called Dillard’s. Her bosses knew her to be a very hard worker. As a way of rewarding her, she was allowed to work in both the marketing and managerial departments.

After her time at Horne’s had come to a close, Susan started to work for a company that would make her a very well known person in the business world. She started working at American Eagle Outfitters. The company is responsible for selling clothing and accessories. The city of Pittsburgh is where the company has its headquarters. She began her employment by buying merchandise. However, she was very fascinated with management, expressing a desire to get into that field. As time went buy, she gained the confidence that would allow her to get promoted to the position of president and merchandising officer. Prior to her ascending to the top of the food chain, Susan was also the person behind the development of aerie or 77kids.

It was 2010 when Susan felt the timing was right to finally quit working for American Eagle Outfitters. With her vast experience in the retail and financial investment industries, Susan was able to get appointed to the Board of Directors at HFF INC. This company is primarily responsible for services in the commercial real estate industry. She then continued her success by founding P3 Executive Consulting. She now has relationships with some of the Pittsburgh Steelers staff, allowing her to get promoted to the Director of Strategic Planning and Growth.

Another board that Susan sits on is located at the Magee-Womens Hospital research Institute and Foundation. She was also one of the people responsible for directing the Allegheny Conference on Community Development. Along with her career and business passions, another thing Susan is passionate about is donating to charity. She has organized many benefits where people were able to donate to their favorite charity. Her good work has helped people to have coats during the winter and a warm place to sleep.

Canned Food or Kibble?

You’re staring at the many options in dog food. If you’re a long time dog owner, you don’t stare for long. You’ve long ago made your decision as to what types of food your dog is going to get. And if you’re new to the game, you’re probably trying to decide. Still, at some point, we all find ourselves wondering which Beneful on purinastore food is the best choice. But the universal question for every owner is always going to be canned food or kibble? Which is better?

You can let the dog decide. There are dogs that will prefer one over the other. For your consideration though, here are a few facts about these Beneful foods that can help you make a decision.

  • Canned food has fewer carbohydrates.
  • Dry dog food is an exceptional plaque remover. As the average dog doesn’t get the oral hygiene they need, this can be beneficial.
  • Canned food is less likely to contain synthetic preservatives. This is because the packaging of cans are not subject to the same risk as bagged dog food. That means the fats and oils essential to dog health will not easily go rancid in cans.
  • A healthy dog can eat a regular diet of dry food without needing dietary supplements.
  • Unlike kibble, meat ingredients in canned foods are in a more natural state. This is why they look more appetizing.
  • Kibble is bagged and once put in a bowl can last up to 24 hours without going bad.
  • If your dog is dieting, a canned food’s moisture can supply needed amounts of nutrients, but occupy more volume, giving your dog the feeling of feeling full faster and thus eating less.
  • Dry dog food tends to come in larger sizes than cans of wet food and, in comparison, can be lower in price.
  • Canned wet food may be the better option for senior dogs, especially ones with chronic dental problems that can make breaking down dry kibble difficult and even painful.
  • Dry food can be measured and distributed far more easily than wet food which cannot be stored for long after the can is opened. (Uneaten wet food has to be thrown away after a few hours. Uneaten food left in the can should be tossed after three days.) Dry food not only keeps diets consistent, but it minimizes waste of food.
  • Canned foods will be higher in meat proteins, natural fats and have more flavor choices.
  • Some people prefer dry food because it creates a solid waste, which is easier to clean.

So what’s the bottom line?

Well, we like to feed our dog a little of each. Though she does have an affection for Beneful, which is affordable, comes in a broad range of flavors and has great health benefits. We like to throw in a little wet food as well. After all, we don’t eat the same thing every day. Why subject our pets to the same meal every time?

The Rise of Handy Home Cleaning Services

The Epic rise of Handy Cleaning services has left many people wondering what the company is doing right. A look at their business model is not impressive and has not impressed many investors. Less than two years ago, the company was no known by anyone. It was a mere idea by the people who believed in themselves and those that knew, in their spirits, that this idea was noble and could become something. True to their belief, Handy is now a known brand, and continue to grow each day. The company is a pure manifestation of entrepreneurs who believe in their idea and forge forward despite the resistance they face, all in the need to better life in the society.

Handy has always been compared to Uber by the fact that for all of them, the clients look for use using their mobile devices. After checking for the availability of someone to undertake the service, they pay, and they will be handled appropriately. However, the advantage that Handy has it that they can make flexible time undertaking the task. Thus, it creates greater convenience, unlike Uber services that are called upon when the client is ready.

Recently, the company has seen increased profits and bookings. It is a normal occurrence for a business that has got its idea right, and appropriately uses the advertising channels. Being the solution for home cleaning, Handy is well positioned for millions of jobs within a single week. They do not need to be in your city, but simple vet the professional cleaners in it, certify and let them work for you. They provide extra support for their clients in case the service is not satisfactory, and can be called upon any time.

In the recent weeks, Handy has seen huge bookings that have even amazed the company, founders. Rising from a small idea by two Harvard students, Handy is currently receiving over $1 million in bookings per week. It is expected to double in the next few weeks given the launch of its mobile app that is now easy to access at wherever location the potential clients want the services.

From inception, the company has managed to vet and sign up to five thousand professionals. These are the most vital part of the business, for they provide services and interact directly with the client. Having five thousand people assisting you can be a tricky affair due to the difficult nature of managing individual expectations. However, statistics with Handy indicate that they have had very few cases where the needed to change the service provider for a client.

The home cleaning business is a huge market, and Handy is poised to get into it for the long term. The company leads in service delivery by the large presence, and professional standards they offer. Also, they are fairly price compared to other cleaning services in cities. It explains why at least every individual of the five thousand, gets a job in a month. It is the tremendous success that should be replicated by other start-ups.