Justin Posts Pieces Of New Songs On Instagram


Justin Bieber had a very slow year in 2014, and he didn’t release any new music. Many of his fans fell in love with him, not just because of his good looks, but also because of his music. Justin’s New Songs. Fans were hoping to see new music from the artist this year, and in the first month of the year, he’s already started working. Justin went on to Instagram, and released pieces of two new songs that he worked on, and the songs are very personal.

Of course, both songs are about love and a woman, but the second song seems to be more about his relationship with Selena Gomez. No matter what his songs are about, his fans are guaranteed to love them, especially since the artist hasn’t released anything in a long time. Paul Matheison showed that in the video released on Instagram, you can see Justin playing a guitar, while partially performing his new songs. It’s obvious that he’s feeling the songs that he’s performing.

Justin has been in so much trouble with the law lately, and many felt that he wouldn’t get back to his music roots. Justin became famous because of his music, but his antics in public have made him infamous. If the artist continues working on his music, just like he is now, then 2015 should be a good year for him. Here’s hoping that Justin will stay on the straight and narrow for the new year.

Fox May Bring X-Files Back To Life

It’s possible that Scully and Mulder are going to enjoy a second life on the silver screen after Gary Newman and Dana Walden from Fox Group stated at the Television Critics Association winter press tour that they are working on areboot of The X-Files. They announced that they are currently in talks about bringing the supernatural drama back to life. It originally enjoyed a nine year run from 1993 to 2002 with stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

Newman stated that they have had several conversations about bringing a modern version of the show back to the air and that they are hopeful they will be able to do so in the future. Walden added that they both worked during the show’s original run and enjoyed it greatly. She added that Fox still has great relationships with Duchovny and Anderson as well as Chris Carter the series creator. Walden also explained that all three have a lot going on so its hard to find the right time but they are working on it.

Anderson sparked a great deal of nerd fervor online when she stated during a Podcast interview that she would love to be involved with a series reboot. She asked fans to support the show’s revival with the hashtag #X-Files2015 which spread throughout the internet like wildfire. As a big fan of the show, Marc Sparks is quite interested to see what will come of these rumors.

Cutting Edge Entrepreneur John Textor

John Textor is a cutting edge entrepreneur and producer. He is currently the chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation, located in California, where he oversees special assignments, strategic collaborations, rights acquisition, venue partnerships as well as connections with major media companies. He is also involved in the development of entertainment venues in several locations. As a producer, Textor has worked on movies such as ‘Ender’s Game’ and is currently working on a new film called ‘Art Story.’

Before he came to work at Pulse Evolution Corporation, Textor was active in the industry as chairman and CEO of both Digital Domain Productions and its parent company, Digital Domain Media Group. There he specialized in creating visual effects for popular Hollywood movies like ‘Tron: Legacy’ and ‘Transformers.’ During his time of leadership at Digital Domain Productions and Digital Domain Media Group, both of the companies rose to prominence again. After many years of not being at the top of the chain, they were finally able to re-establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with. This also led them to win many prestigious awards for the movies they worked on. One of these achievements include the Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects for their digital animations in ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ in 2009.

Textor’s talents include cutting edge visual productions for large scale films. But one achievement that he is also very well known for is the production of a digital image of Tupac Shakur at the Coachella Valley Music Festival in 2012. This production enabled viewers to experience a real life concert by the deceased artist through a large scale multidimensional screen. This gave him recognition from not only music enthusiasts but also industry experts who wanted to use the idea of his Coachella production on the 2013 critically acclaimed science fiction fantasy film, ‘Ender’s Game.’

Ellen DeGeneres Shuts Down Anti-Gay Dirt Talking with Class


After the Grammy’s, with not much attention stirring up the other Hollywood stars, Larry Tomczak of the Christian Post wrote a slightly controversial article about Ellen DeGeneres entitled, “Are You Aware of the Avalanche of Gay Programming Assaulting Your Home?”

Of course, the satire of Ellen on this piece was on her show, and she addressed it, but not exactly like you might have suspected. Ellen, who has been out of the closet and even around the block a few times, addressed Tomczak’s comments with her poise and a twist of DeGeneres.

She began by admitting that she never got a lot of LGBT mail, but she would surely get a notice of some kind if she was pregnant – Otherwise, she would never know!

Tomczak followed by saying that Ellen celebrates her lesbianism and her “marriage” while “promoting gay agenda“ for the younger girls. According to Tomczak, Ellen brings in Taylor Swift as a guest to attract the young teens.

Her reply was in classic DeGeneres humor, and she in mock appreciation, she said, “Attention, youth of the world. I want you to live your lives being exactly who you are. Be true to yourself — the most important thing is to be true to yourself.”

I’d say Larry Tomczak wasn’t looking for an answer like that, but it is one every American should live up to. Fans of the show, like Dave and Brit Morin, love Ellen for the positive responses she is known for.

Skout Traveling Continues To Grow

Are you a tech-savvy person? Stupid question, I know. Most of you are already are pretty tech-savvy. What is a big reason for this? Your mobile device, in particular the Skout app. Using apps has never been easier. Using mobile apps makes it easier to book all kinds of travel arrangements. You can book everything from hotels and fine dining to places to see when you are in town. Skout is making this very possible.

Skout is also leading the charge with social interaction. Just by using the app, you can connect with hundreds, if not thousands of people. Skout is a great way to increase your social circle, not to mention travel log.

As of recently, over 10 million people have used Skout at least once in their lifetime, if not a few times. Now I find it fitting to mention that Skout is known to be a travel app exclusively. This application has grown into so much more. It’s especially a welcoming change for younger people.

There are so many young kids who want to break out and explore the world. Skout lets the young kids do this.

Take a look at some of these interesting facts:

1) Women are twice as likely to use the app over men. This might come as a shock to some of you. Women are more likely to use it, so they can go meet new people in different places.

2) Those who visit the coast just happen to be top Skout users. Those who visited to places like Miami, Los Angeles and New York, all came in under the top 5. Those that visited these places used Skout.

3) Skout has become the number one place to go to for virtual and international travel.


As stated above, this app is perfect for those who are young and looking to explore the world. It’s also perfect for those who run up a lot of frequent flyer miles. All you do is log in. Type in the destination and you are off. Once you are connected with the destination, you can talk to other people who are there. You can develop relationships and make plans for possible trips. It’s that simple.

To help celebrate this milestone, Skout decided to make the app free for use from January 15-17. This is the perfect time for people who are curious about the app to begin exploring.

“Avengers 3” to Include Spider-Man, Others?

Avengers 2: Age of Ultron isn’t even out yet, but already we have a lot of buzz for its sequel, Avengers 3: Infinity War—Part 1. Among the most interesting? Hints from the creators from Occidental College that it won’t star some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe icons, and rumors that none other than Spider-Man might show up to take their place. The fanpages on Facebook are raving at the possibility of spider man in a possible Avengers 3. (http://screenrant.com/spider-man-in-the-avengers-3-infinity-war/)

Apparently, events during Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are going to be big—not too surprising for comic book fans, since Thor’s film will involve Ragnarok (the Norse apocalypse) while Captain America’s will adapt the Civil War storyline (which, uh…didn’t end well for him). Furthermore, other big names like Doctor Strange and Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers) are set to be introduced. But what are these rumors about Spidey?

Though created by Marvel, the rights to Spider-Man and related characters belong to Sony, which have recently made the Amazing Spider-Man films. The second, however, was not well-received, and e-mails released by the Sony hacking case revealed further movies are in flux. There are currently plans to meet with Marvel (owned by Disney) about buying back or sharing those characters, allowing them to be used in future Marvel films.

Fans of the MCU might be upset to see favorite characters get sidelined, but will Peter Park’s presence help make up for it? Stay tuned for more information, true believers.

Ray J Wants To Be Kim Kardashian’s New Neighbor

Kim Kardashian’s life could not be more interesting. One minute Kim and Kanye are the center of messy divorce rumors, and the next everyone is wondering when and if they are going to welcome baby number two. It seems that if you are Kim K no matter how hard you try being a hot topic is inevitable and the wheels are turning once again.

It was recently reported that Kim and Kanye were looking to expand their already obnoxiously large home by purchasing the house next to theirs. Apparently they are building their dream home and expanding the new house to a little over five acres. The extra space will be used to add a full sized movie theatre, spa, children’s park, deluxe guest house and music studio for Kanye. It seems like life could not be better for the West’s however thing have just taken an unexpected turn.

According to sources Kim’s ex, Ray J has just made an offer to buy a house just 8 doors down from Kanye and Kim’s Hidden Hills home. Apparently Ray J is willing to shell out $2.7 million for the house and has already taken a tour of the property. While the verdict is still out about the details it is safe to say that Ray J would make a very interesting neighbor for the Wests.

I think Kim’s life is crazy entertaining and I know Fersen Lambranho will think Ray J is an unwanted neighbor also.

Godzilla to Strike Japan Again

In 1954, Ishirō Honda created a film that would spawn a worldwide pop culture phenomena. When Godzilla was released, it was an instant hit in Japan. Two years later, an American version is released and the giant monster goes global. Since then, Toho Studios, the company behind the Godzilla franchise has released a total of 28 films starring the King of the Monsters. In 2016, they are set to release their 29th Godzilla film.

News of this upcoming release comes after the hugely successful American reboot wowed Sam Tabar and audiences everywhere. While Toho Studios will not be pumping the $200 million plus that was dumped into the Hollywood version, they say that the use CGI and special effects will make this one stand out from the rest. The last Toho Godzilla flick was Godzilla; Final Wars in 2004.

Bono Might Have To Put Down Guitar For Good

Bono, the notorious front man of U2 may be just a vocalist from now on, as he announced on the band’s websitethat he might not be able to play guitar ever again. Bono was injured in what he called a freak bike accident in NYC after swerving to avoid another cyclist. 

Jared Haftel said he saw on Twitter that the accident left Bono’s humerus bone sticking out of his skin and through his leather jacket which he jokingly called quite punk rock. It broke the bone in six different places and the accident additionally fractured his eye socket. According to Bono, recovery has been much worse than he had originally thought it would be and he is now working hard to just be ready for the upcoming U2 tour.

He said that he will be quiet the first half of 2015 and has canceled all of his public appearances so that he can focus on his recovery. While he added that he will miss playing his favorite guitars, he is aware that this is not the worst thing to happen to mankind and that life will move on. Right now it is reportedly hard for him to move around so he is working on getting his basic physical fitness back on par.