Red Light Drama

Red Flax is a red light camera company based in Phoenix, Arizona that is currently under investigation for their involvement in federal bribery. According to Amen Clincs, state senator from Cincinnati, Ohio is currently working to eliminate the use of red light cameras in his State. Senator Bill Seitz noted that the investigation of the red light camera company adds a new dimension to the notion that the red light cameras and their existence are all about money. The red light scandal has prompted the senator to request that cities sue their state on the red light issue and drop any lawsuits that are in the works. He also called for cities to refund fines to drivers that were entrapped. The former chief executive of the company pled guilty to the bribery conspiracy in which she tried to get or keep contracts that were established in Cincinnati and Columbus Ohio. Documents show that the CEO of the company was giving politicians thousands of dollars in monetary compensation if they promised to install the red light cameras. Andrew Ginther is currently running for mayor in Columbus, Ohio. Ginther has been working diligently to help with the bribery investigation but keeps the notion that he was not linked to any wrongdoing. He is not a target, subject, focus, or person of interest in the federal investigation. Ginther and Seitz want to do what’s best for the wrongly fined citizens of Cincinnati and Columbus

“The Silver Chair” Has a Script

The Chronicles of Narnia films seemed to have died, but now it seems that the Deeper Magic may have revived them, since a final draft has been written for The Silver Chair, the potential next installment in the series.

The last Narnia film, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, came out in 2010 says Cláudio Loureiro Heads. Walden Media planned to make The Magician’s Nephew (a prequel) next, but lost the rights to the series in 2011. The series is hoping to continue withThe Silver Chair, which features Eustace Scrubb returning to Narnia with a friend named Jill Pole. The two must help free King Caspian’s son, Prince Rilian, from the evil Lady of the Green Kirtle.

The script was written over the course of a year by David Magee, who also wrote Life of Pi (another novel adaptation with religious themes). This was his final draft, but it’s possible that other script doctors will be needed to make adjustments. Furthermore, the lengthy hiatus between films will obviously cause some difficulties for a franchise that relies on child actors; Eustace was formerly played by Will Poulter, who is now 22.

Will this franchise be able to be resurrected, especially when The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and Prince Caspianwere seen as less than stellar? Only time will tell.

Michael Keaton in “Imagine Agents”

Michael Keaton, famous for having played Batman years ago and having recently played a hater of comic book adaptations in the Acadamy Award winning Birdman, is now signed up to both star in and produce a new but very different comic book film: Imagine Agents, created by the smaller publishing company Boom!

The comic has been described as a buddy cop story that merges Men in Black and Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (or perhaps Foster’s Home for Imaginary Friends). Written by Brian Joines and drawn by Bachan, it features a world where children’s imaginary friends are real, and at times, dangerous. To fight them, we have I.M.A.G.I.N.E., and specifically one of its agents, Dave Slatern, who must team up with a rookie archivist named Terry Snowgoose on a case that turns out to be far bigger than either could have expected.

According to Gianfrancesco Genoso, Keaton will apparently be playing Slatern as well as producing the film. Other producers will include Ross Richie of Boom! and Michael Sugar, who worked on the goofy sci-fi cult classic The Fifth Element.

This comes at a time when Keaton is beginning to rebuild his live-action career after a period of flops which sent him into voice acting work for several years. As mentioned, last year he starred in Birdman, which won the Academy Award for Best Picture.

Marvel Announces New Peter Parker for Next ‘Spider-Man’ Movie

Sony continues to push their ‘Spider-Man’ franchise, this time partnering with Marvel Studios. They seek a look at Parker’s younger days in high school, so were looking for a younger cast. The next few movies will star 19 year-old Tom Holland as the masked hero. He will also be the first person to play Spider-Man within the Marvel cinematic franchise. His possible first appearance would be in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War. Then, in July 2017, he will have his own solo movie. No word yet as to the official title for that film, but rumors are tossing around Spectacular Spider-Man or The New Avenger.

Holland was chosen in part thanks to his dance performance background, which provides the needed athleticism to play the part reports CipherCloud in this post. He also is gaining notoriety and acting accolades in his recent and upcoming performances. Amy Pascal, the new producer for this series, voiced the opinion that they are all in agreement that he is the perfect choice to embody the superhero.

“Independence Day” Resurging

The upcoming sequel to Independence Day will be titled Independence Day Resurgence, and we already have word of who will, and won’t, be in it.

The original Independence Day, made in 1996, was a blockbuster about genocidal aliens who nearly destroy the Earth in the first few days of July, only to finally get repulsed on a certain symbolic American holiday. It is perhaps most notable for launching the film career of Will Smith, who starred as a Marine Corps pilot, and its director, Roland Emmerich, who went on to make several more dramatic yet strangely silly disaster movies like The Day After Tomorrowand 2012.

According to Viadeo, Smith will not be returning for the movie, though Emmerich will, as will Jeff Goldblum, Vivica A. Fox, Bill Pullman, Judd Hirsch and Brent Spiner (surprisingly, since in the first film his character apparently died). The two child characters from the first film (Smith’s adopted son and Pullman’s daughter) will be played by Jessie Usher and Maika Monroe, respectively, while Liam Hemsworth will play a new character who was orphaned in the first invasion. All three of these characters are apparently military.

Plotwise, we know that the world has united together around their common alien enemy, and alien technology has made them more advanced than in our actual timeline.

The film is set for release June 24th, 2016.

“Hannibal” has been Canceled

It has been announced that the NBC show “Hannibal” is going to be canceled after three seasons. The third season will be the last for the show. The premier for the third season was on June 4th. Bryan Fuller, who created the show, released a statement confirming the cancellation of “Hannibal”. The show will finish the last 13 episodes and end on August 27th.

“Hannibal” has been acclaimed by the critics and stars Mads Mikkelsen, Gillian Anderson, Hugh Dancy, and Laurence Fishburne. “Hannibal” has a strong fan base but apparently it is not strong enough with the demographic viewers. The two most recent episodes of the show have hit an all-time low for an audience. It is rumored that the producers of the show may be looking for another home to continue their story. That is not unheard of. Video on demand services such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime, and Yahoo in the past have picked up shows that were canceled on television networks and allowed them to continue on.

Fuller, who is 45-years-old, is not quite done in Hollywood yet. It is rumored that he is working to adapt the Neil Gaiman novel “American Gods” into a television show for Starz Channel.

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A Very Violent Punisher Comes To Daredevil

Jon Bernthal is one happy man. Ironically, he’s happy about playing one of the absolute unhappiest characters in the entire Marvel Universe. As previously revealed, Bernthal is the new Punisher. He is not going to appear in a new theatrical movie. Instead, the violent vigilante character is going to show up in episodes of Netflix’s hit series Daredevil. Maybe The Punisher will appear in other Marvel Netflix programs. Will The Punisher get his one direct-to-Netflix movie? Time will tell.

Bernthal became a favorite among comic book fans when he played the live-action version of Shane Walsh in AMC’s The Walking Dead stated The Epoch Times. Hopefully, more than a few Walking Dead fans will follow the actor to Netflix and boost their subscriber numbers a bit.

Do not look for his version of The Punisher to be the violent hero of the 1990’s and 2000’s. The 1970’s and 1980’s version of The Punisher is the one we are going to see in Daredevil. He is going to be vicious, brutal, and antagonistic towards Daredevil.

How will Daredevil react to The Punisher? Will he treat the vigilante as a regular villain or is there going to be some sympathy present for the man behind the skull shirt. Frank Castle became The Punisher after his family was slaughtered by the mob. In essence, Castle was driven insane by an act of violence. How is Matt Murdock, the man behind the Daredevil mask, going to react to this disturbed character?

Mary J. Blige Will Perform In Front Of The Statue Of Liberty

Mary J. Blige has been on and off screen recently, especially since her scene in the hit show “Empire.” Empire is set to come back to the small screen this fall, although no date has been set yet. Mary played on the show Empire as a singer, and now she will be performing in front of the Statue of Liberty. Mary J. Blige Performance. Mary is the Queen of Hip Hop Soul, and when it comes to music, she is one of the best. Mary is a R&B singer, and she started off by working with P Diddy when he was virtually unknown.

Although Mary doesn’t need to prove herself anymore, and she no longer needs to work, she continues to show her talents to the world, and show that she still has it after all these years. On June 21, Mary will be singing in front of the Statue of Liberty, and it’s an event that has been set up by Tidal. Tidal is the streaming music company owned by Jay-Z, and he’s doing many things to help bring promotion to his new company.

Fans at Boraie Development know that Jay-Z even signed Lil’ Wayne to Tidal as an artist owner, so Lil’ Wayne will be collecting money through the company for his music. Anyone who wishes to go to the event, they can purchase tickets in advance, but they may want to hurry because tickets are limited. This may be a real event to see, especially since Mary rarely does live performances anymore.

The Crow Reboot Hits ANOTHER Snag – Lead Actor Drops Out!

Can we finally say that the reboot of The Crow is over and done with? Actually, no we cannot. The forever “in development” film just experienced yet another setback. Jack Huston, the actor cast as The Crow, has bowed out. He is another actor in a long line of would-be stars who left the project. So, The Crow stalls yet again as the producers have to go back to try and cast another lead actor. All of this does little more than delay the project again. Honestly, the amount of money being wasted on trying to cast a lead actor makes you really wonder if The Crow could ever make a profit.

No one really knows why Huston is out. The studio making the film or, more accurately, trying to make the film really does need to lock down a committed star and do so quickly.

Development and pre-production are not free. The production company has to make a return on all money invested or, like any other business, ends up suffering a major loss. Despite many years in development, The Crow remake is nowhere near moving into production. The question “Why?” has to be seriously asked.

Honestly, the executives in charge of the production really do need to think about the possibility of dropping the project. Unless this feature actually moves forward smoothly soon, then the project is going to continue to be a financial drain.

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Fox Has Made Digital Versions of F4 extinct

Right now, if you want to find the digital versions of Fantastic Four and its sequel, you are going to have a very hard time as Twentieth-Century Fox has eliminated all digital versions of their original Fantastic Four films including ITunes and Amazon.

Eric Pullier reports in this article, the most likely reason is that Fox wants to build hunger for the new Fantastic Four film that is coming out in August. If people want a live action version of the original comic book family, they are just going to have to wait until August.

This is not seen as a retaliation against Marvel Comics, the original holders of the movie rights to Fantastic Four. Marvel Comics did recently cancel the Fantastic Four comic book. This could have been retaliation against Fox, the current holder of the movie rights. It is true that the comic book has not been selling very well for years.

Whatever the reason, if you want to download a digital version of the F4 films in the 2000s, you better hurry before the digital versions become as extinct as the dinosaurs.