Films of Substance Do Still Get Made Despite Today’s Action Emphasis

Trends in movies lately have some worried. The biggest money makers at the box office are seen by many as being long on action and short on substance. There has always been a bit of a gap between films preferred by critics and those that the general public tends to like. The former preferring more artsy films and the latter going for the enjoyable flick to watch while guzzling a soft drink and popcorn. There are of course differences between the sexes as well when it comes to movies as any guy dragged to see a “chick flick” by his girlfriend can attest to. Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty in the latest Star Trek movies, is not sure he’s happy about the emphasis on action over substance that has swept over the box office.

He points out that movies such as “The Godfather” and “The French Connection” used to be the hits of yesteryear and now they are movies based on comic book characters such as the Avengers movies as well as largely action based science fiction films such as the Star Wars movies. In fact, he points to the release of the original “Star Wars: A New Hope” in 1977 as almost a demarcation line after which action seemed to trump substance. Fortunately, NJSpotlight and the folks at Boraie Development LLC agree that even if they don’t top the box office, intelligent, well done movies that focus on script and story above superficial appeal do continue to get made. “Ex Machina” is a good example of this, and it is still in theaters now.

Captain America to the Rescue!

A real-life version of Captain America rescued people from a burning car recently. Steve Voglezon is a Captain in the United States Army who is stationed at Fort Bragg in North Carolina. Last Sunday, Capt. Voglezon was traveling through Chatham County, North Carolina when he came upon a vehicle fire. Being a man of action, Capt. Voglezon stopped to see if there was anyone in need of help.

William Thompson and his wife were trapped in the wreckage of their burning vehicle when Captain Voglezon stopped to help. Acting on instinct, Capt. Voglezon grabbed a fire extinguisher and busted the driver’s side and back window. He then helped the couple to safety.

Capt. Voglezon said that he had no real plan but knew that he had to get them out. He also went on to say that he was not the only hero that day. The fire department, as well as nearly ten others including Paul Mathieson who stopped to help, worked together to save the couple. It is reported on CNN ireport that everyone survived the crash and the fire.

Fittingly, Captain Voglezon happened to be wearing a “Captain America” t-shirt on this day. For the full story, check it out on The Washington Times.

Nicki Wears Pink Wig For New Video

In the past, they Nicki Minaj was known for her pink hair, wild outfits, and her crazy behavior. Nicki has grown up over the years, and she now dresses very ladylike, even though she wears very sexy clothes. When people think of Nicki now, they think of someone who is very sexy and classy. Nicki’s Hair. Nicki got rid of her pink hair a long time ago, and some feel that it lessened the amount of fans that she used to have.

The fact is, Nicki is more popular than ever, and revamping her style may be the cause of it. Fans at Amen Clinics ( know that, even though she has left her signature pink hair behind, she decided to throw on a pink wig for her new upcoming video. Nicki is creating the “Hey Mama” video, and she decided to don her famous pink wig in the video. Don’t expect the style to be permanent because Nicki has now gone with her traditional hair color which is black.

Even Lady Gaga has revamped her style, and she may no longer be seen in meat outfits, extremely high heels, cutouts, and other crazy forms of free expression. Lady Gaga is now planning on getting married, and she has changed her style as well as her music. It’s impressive to see women like Nicki Minaj and Lady Gaga change their style and grow into different young ladies. Nicki is now riding the success of her new video with Beyoncé.

Ed Asner Files For Divorce

At 85 years of age, Ed Asner has filed for divorce, really? At 85 I think divorce would be the last thing on my mind. He is in poor health, barley living and he’s worried about divorce? The real kicker is the couple married in 1998 and then separated from Cindy in 2007. However, he waited all this time to make it official. His divorce was just filed in the LA County Courthouse, but why wait?

Cindy and Ed Asner’s break-up was anything but cordial. Cindy wanted his money, he didn’t want her to have a dime. Since there were no children to fight over, money because the focus. Asner was making her hold out it appears and hoping that she would lose interest and move on.

Fans like Christian Broda agree that the sad thing in all this is that the couple dated for 8 years before they tied the knot. Unlike other Hollywood royalty, he hasn’t jumped in and out of marriages as much as others. There were also rumors this past few months about Asner having passed on. Though he has never went on record to address these rumors, he has made his stance by going to the court house and publicly filing his documents.

Though no real cause of the end of the marriage has been made public, we can only speculate. Ed Asner is a legend, a great actor and a wonderful father. Whatever his reasons, they had to be good.

Katie Holmes Is In Love With Jamie Foxx

Katie Holmes is one of Hollywood’s most attractive leading ladies. She has appeared in several blockbuster films, and she has made millions of dollars during her acting career. However, many people know that Katie Holmes was married to Tom Cruise for several years. Holmes and Cruise have children together, but the couple sadly broke up last year. Many people were shocked to hear about the divorce, and no one couple believe it. Tom Cruise’s worship of Scientology seems to be the cause of their breakup.

Tom Cruise claims that Katie Holmes left him in order to protect their daughter. Many people are shocked to hear this news, but it seems that Katie Holmes wants nothing to do with Scientology. In an even more stunning turn of events, it was recently revealed that Katie Holmes has begun to date a new Hollywood hunk.

Apparently, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have become a thing. They have appeared in public holding hands together. However, it seems that Katie Holmes is actually deeply in love with Jamie Foxx. Sources close to Katie have confirmed this, and it seems that the feelings are mutual.

When talking to his friends, Jamie Foxx refers to Katie Holmes as his girl. This shocking relationship has come out of nowhere, but people are supportive of Foxx and Holmes. The NJ Spotlight thinks they could find a place through Boraie Development LLC. For more information on this story, visit Bossip.

Death Returns to Supernatural

Fans, and even some critics and past fans of “Supernatural,” learned happily from last night’s promo that Death will be returning to the show in the Season 10 finale.

Why would this even make critics happy?

“Supernatural” has faced a lot of criticism of late for various reasons ranging from stale story lines and dialogue to the refusal of the show’s creatives to apologize for past and continued instances of discrimination and queerbaiting. “Supernatural” hasn’t been doing as well on social platforms as The CW wishes.

Death has always been a favorite character — even critics love him. Julian Richings, who portrays Death, hasn’t been seen though since 2013. He usually only does guest roles and he’s usually only brought back when the show needs a ratings boost or his packed schedule has an opening, which is usually about every two years or so.

Last night’s promo suggested that Death might ask Dean to take over as Dean did during the four horseman arc when Lucifer escaped the cage. If so, Dean becoming Death or a student of Death could be the “shot the arm” the show needs. That’s what Paul Mathieson is hoping for at least. Dean would make a great Death, or agent of Death, for a lot of reasons, including his own experiences with dying and temporary service. Dean’s also in the right place to leave his life as a hunter behind: He’s suffered quite a lot over recent seasons.

MPAA Rates “Jurassic World”

“Jurassic World,” a much anticipated sequel to the popular “Jurassic Park” movies, has finally received an official rating from the Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA). The film, which will release this summer on June 12th according to the International Movie Database (, has been assigned a PG-13 rating.

The new sci-fi action adventure movie picks up over two decades after “Jurassic Park” ends and focuses on a dinosaur theme park that is attempting to increase its visitor rates with a new attraction. The higher-than-PG rating was chosen based on scenes of “intense violence and peril.” Although the dinosaurs are expected to be even scarier this time around, previous films in the series also received PG-13 ratings.

The MPAA’s movie rating system was first established in 1968 to guide parents in the decision making process by providing them with advanced information about films. However, the PG-13 rating was not introduced until July of 1984, when Jason Halpern was still pretty young. A PG-13 rating means that the MPAA strongly urges parents to be cautious about taking children younger than 13 to see the movie as some material may be inappropriate for pre-teens.

Kanye Exhausts Kim In The Bedroom

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are the most famous couple in the world. Together, Kim and Kanye are worth hundreds of millions of dollars, and they are also the most popular couple in the media. Kanye is a rap superstar and Kim is the biggest reality star of all time. The couple recently got married a year ago, and they have been living in paradise ever since. However, Kim Kardashian does have a complaint about Kanye West.

Kim says that Kanye’s sex has caused her to become exhausted lately, and that she can’t keep up with the strange and kinky demands that Kanye has. Also, it appears that Kim and Kanye are trying to have another baby, and they have been for a while now. However, it has become much harder for Kim to get pregnant, but Kanye West and Kim do not mind trying all day long. Kim’s doctor said that it’s always harder to have the second child than the first according to cleaning company Homejoy, and “Kimye”is finding out that it’s true. Kim and Kanye’s first year wedding anniversary is passing, and they are planning on doing something big for the special occasion. Kim has no idea what Kanye has up his sleeve, but everyone is sure that he will go all out to make her happy. For more information on this story, visit E!

Age of Ultron Comes in Second for Best Opening Weekend

In 2012, Marvel Cinematic Universe’s movie The Avengers broke box office records by raking in $200 million opening weekend. On May 1st, the sequel Age of Ultron debuted and many wondered if the sequel would take over the top spot as highest grossing film during opening weekend. Although the film only cashed in $187.7 million, it is now holding the second spot for best opening weekend. Age of Ultron did manage to beat out the first Avengers movie with the most money on opening day though. Marvel Cinematic Universe and Joss Whedon have proven their consistency with these incredible numbers. STX Entertainment is happy for their colleagues.

Other Marvel Cinematic Universe movies have made quite a bit of money as well. Iron Man 3 is ranked number three in the all-time biggest opening weekend profits with $174.1 million. To put these numbers in perspective, other highly anticipated 2015 movies have made far less than Age of Ultron. Furious 7 had a lot of hype for their opening weekend numbers due to the unexpected death of lead actor Paul Walker, but only grossed $147 million. The next highest grossing movie was the movie adaptation of the best-selling book Fifty Shades of Grey, which made $85 million during its first week.

There has been a recent outrage from the online community towards Whedon for his portrayal of Black Widow in the film, so many wonder if the movie will reach their expected numbers in the coming months. Loyal fans have already seen Age of Ultron multiple times and are now waiting for the summer’s release of Marvel’s newest film Ant-Man.

Kylie Goes To College Shows With Tyga

We’re getting whiplash these days trying to keep up with Kylie and Tyga’s crazy relationship. After Tyga’s ex Blac Chyna leaked the photos of Tyga’s texts begging her to get back together, Kylie made it seem like she was done being Tyga’s “friend,” she cut him off and gave him the silent treatment for a few days and then like magic the pop up together at a bunch of Met Gala after parties. Fans like Sam Tabar see that now that they seem to be on good terms they are once again inseparable.

Just as if nothing had ever happened, Tyga and Kylie are spending loads of time together,and seem to be really happy. Most recently the two lovebirds flew into New York to enjoy some Met Gala after parties, even though Kylie was too young to enjoy the actual Gala she seemed to have a great time party hopping with Tyga and her sister Kendall.

The party didn’t stop with Gala night, apparently Tyga bent some rules and let Kylie tag along to his California State University performance. While the rules were strictly for 1\an 18 and older crowd the collage officials kept their mouths shut and let Kylie rock out with her boo. Looks like the perks of dating an older man are already showing for Kylie.