Neill Blomkamp’s “Alien” to Ignore Third and Fourth Films

While director Neill Blomkamp, responsible for “District 9″ and the upcoming “Chappie,” has recently been confirmed to be the newest filmmaker involved within the “Alien” franchise, no one but Blomkamp really has any idea regarding what the plot of this fifth Alien film will be. Before the official news of an “Alien 5″ hit the blogosphere, Sigourney Weaver claimed that Ripley’s story was unfinished and that there was still room to grow it.

Blomkamp has since remarked that his idea for the new film will help to give a proper closure to the story of Ellen Ripley. Specifically, the as-yet-untitled “Alien” film will occur within a continuity that discredits the events of “Alien 3″ and “Alien Resurrection,” continuing along some point after the events of “Aliens.”

News of this idea may strike many series fans as a positive shift in focus. While “Alien” and “Aliens” are well-regarded entries in the cinematic genre of science fiction, few would argue that “Alien 3″ signaled a noticeable decline in quality of both narrative and production said Dan Newlin. Ignoring the events of those later films would mean that the characters Hicks, Newt, and Bishop would still have things to offer to the franchise. Notably, one of Blomkamp’s pieces of concept art depicted Ripley and Hicks ready for a war. Blomkamp has also remarked that he wants to bring the “Alien” series back to its roots as a suspenseful horror piece.

Is Wesley Snipes Soon To Make A TV Comeback?

Wesley Snipes’ career has just taken a very interesting turn. The former super action star of the Blade series will star in a new television drama/adventure pilot entitled Endgame. The debut movie is slated to air on NBC and Snipes plays a security expert in the world of high stakes and high intrigue Las Vegas. He is a good guy in this one so that means he is going to be saving innocent folks who run afoul of the more nefarious characters in the town.

If the pilot movie is a hit and ends up a weekly series, this would be Snipes return to the big time and his first major television series.

To say life has had more than a few ups and downs for Snipes would be a tremendous understatement. Snipes was a major – MAJOR – action star in the 1990’s until tax evasion charges caught up with him. Snipes lost his fortune and ended up going to federal prison for a spell. His acting career did not exactly return to the big time when he got out.

Snipes did follow the Jean Claude Van Damme/Steven Seagal route and made quite a few direct to DVD/cable television movies. The start of his major comeback was being cast in The Expendable 3. In this big budget studio outing, fans go to see the old Wesley Snipes on the big screen once again. His charismatic appearance nearly stole the show according to an action fan poll from AnastasiaDate.

Someone was very impressed with Snipes’ performance and now he has another shot at glory on a prime time network television program.

2015 Razzie Award Winners

Ahead of the release of the Oscars that celebrate the best in film, the 2015 Razzie awards for the worst in film have been announced. The Razzies, which are also known as the Golden Raspberry Awards, and are named after the sound that a person makes when they “fart” on a person stomach with their mouth, are given out each year before the Academy Awards in order to “honor” the worst actors and films in range of categories. The Razzies have been awarded each year since 1980, making this years award ceremony the 35th annual Razzies. Typically the awards honor films and actors that were obvious bombs, but in a move that highlights the obvious distance between the Academy and popular opinion, several people and movies have won both Oscars and Razzies.

This year the winners included Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas, an overly religious film about putting the Christ back in Christmas, and “won” the most awards. Kirk Cameron also won the award for Worst Actor, based on his performance in the films. Other winners of the night included Cameron Diaz, for her performance in several box office flops, as well as Transformers : Age of Extinction, which “won” the award for Worst Director.

As fans like Paul Mathieson know, the Razzies, are held the night before the Oscars typically generate a great deal of press and attract many people to the award ceremony, including celebrities, although winners generally do not attend.

Reactions of Beyonce Fans Say More Than Untouched Photos

Some members of Beyonce’s collective fan base, known as the “Beyhive,” are proof that extreme photo editing causes young girls and women to have a skewed perspective about the natural female body.

Although the days of professional Photoshopping models and celebrities aren’t over, recent images released of Cindy Crawford revealed that women around the world want the practice of extreme image editing to end. Female body acceptance issues are often caused by mainstream media promoting women in modern “ideal” forms rather than in their natural ones. Young girls and adult women who can’t live up to these false standards are more susceptible to eating disorders and self-harm.

When Beyonce images were leaked this week, the majority of Beyhive pointed out that any photos, especially untouched ones that could cause career damage, shouldn’t be published without her permission. Although girls and women thought Crawford’s photos were empowering, it turned out the images were leaked and not published with Crawford’s permission.

Yet, here’s the problem.

Some Beyonce fans, like Marc Sparks, aren’t complaining about the leak. They are complaining that the photos don’t look anything like the singer and do her a disservice. The reality? The images, unlike the ones of Crawford, only show a few small natural blemishes. Beyonce is stunningly beautiful in the leaked photos. Yet, some of her female fans only saw slight imperfections and viewed those imperfections as much bigger than they were in reality.

Fine Wine, Broken Records and Luxurious Wine Cabinets

A luxurious and rare-wine merchant, The Antique Wine Company was founded in London by Stephen Williams during the early 1980s; since then, it has grown to be extremely successful, with over 20,000 customers in dozens of countries across the world. Since its inception, the business has focused on creating fancy wines; today, they have over 10,000 bottles of this planet’s most amazing, quality wine in its cellars. Indeed, The Antique Wine Company is renowned for its events and ground breaking collections. A versatile company, they specialize in the sourcing of scarcely found wine, personal wine master classes and wine cellar arrangements.

In recent years, the wine company broke the worldwide record for the most expensive bottle of white wine ever to be purchased. Sold to Christian Vanneque at what amounted to an astounding $125,000, the wine – an 1811 Chateau D’Yquem – was exceptionally old and of the highest quality. Currently, one of the priciest of all alcoholic drinks is on display in one of Vanneque’s restaurants in Bali, the SIP Sunset Grill. Even so, the man has told interviewers that he eventually plans to enjoy the wine for himself; after all, he is a wine professional, – also known as a sommalier – and as he points out, wine is made for drinking.

Alongside Viscount David Linley, – a famous furniture maker – the business created some of the most luxurious wine cabinets called the Grand Chateaux Series. Handcrafted by Linley himself, they were modeled after several of the chateaux in Bordeaux, and each of these magnificent works of craftsmanship have eighteen bottles of wine from each estate respectively held inside of them. One of the models is even based on the Chateau d’Yquem, and it’s accompanied by one hundred and forty vintages wines, dating back from 1868. Not only this, but the collection also comes with multiple letters and antiques from inside the castle; arguably the most valuable collection in the world, it is said to be worth over one million dollars.

Dr. Rod Rohrich

Plenty of the rich and famous find themselves undergoing cosmetic surgery but it isn’t just for the elite.  Anyone can undergo plastic surgery.

Dr. Rod Rohrich, is a noted plastic surgeon and esteemed academic department chairman. He has been recognized internationally and nationally for his contributions in the medical field of plastic as well as reconstructive surgery, medical education, and facial aesthetics and anti aging.

Dr. Rod Rohrich is the current Professor and Chairman for the “Department of Plastic Surgery” at the University Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas (“UTSW”). Dr Rod Rohrich is the recipient of the “Crystal Charity Ball Distinguished Chair in Plastic Surgery”, the “Betty and Warren Woodward Chair in Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery”, and the “Rod J. Rohrich, M.D. Distinguished Professorship in Wound Healing and Plastic Surgery Award,”. He has previously served as editor in “Chief of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery,” which is the official medical publication of the “American Society of Plastic Surgeons.”

Dr. Rod Rohrich, is a board certified surgeon by the esteemed “American Board of Plastic Surgery.”

Dr. Rod Rohrich grew up on a simple ranch in the rural area North Dakota and conclued his undergraduate as well as his postgraduate studies with honors at the North Dakota State University and then the University of North Dakota.

Dr. Rod Rohrich continued his medical education from the Baylor College of Medicine, where he graduated with honors. He continued with his profession at The University of Michigan Medical Center and the Oxford University in England.

Dr. Rod Rohrich has also chaired more than 100 national and international forums and he has delivered more than 900 scientific speeches on various aspects of the topic of plastic surgery. Dr. Rohrich, in 2005, was the appointed chief editor of the journal, “Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery”. Dr. Rod Rohrich is the author and coauthor of more than 300 publications, thirty textbook chapters on the subject of plastic surgery and also the editor of four plastic surgery textbooks or monographs.

Dr. Rod Rohrich has also served as the President of the prestigious “American Society of Plastic Surgeons”, the “Association of Academic Chairman of Plastic Surgery,” and he was the “Director of the American Board of Plastic Surgery.”

He has authored various articles and medical textbooks on plastic surgery. More over, Dr. Rod Rohrich has also published over 600 medical peer review articles and has he has also authored over 50 medical chapters in numerous plastic surgery educational textbooks. Dr.  Rod Rohrich is also noted for being the co-author of the book Navigate Your Beauty: Smart and Safe Plastic Surgery Solutions.

Boeing Wins Bid for Next Air Force One

Although it will not be in service for almost another decade, the next United States Presidential Plane better known asAir Force One will be made by Boeing. Identified as the 747-8 airframe it will be a substantial upgrade from the current plane that is a VC-25. However, most of the upgrades will be noticed more by the flight crew than its prestigious passengers. This is because the major difference between the Presidents plane and the civilian air equivalent will be in the navigation, communication, and electronic systems of the planes. From what Lee Slaughter understands, Air Force One is designed to be the White House in the sky while the President is traveling a significant distance from Washington DC. The functionality and comfort of the President and First Lady are given a top priority, but essentially will remain the same as earlier versions of the air craft.

The closest competition for which plane would be the next in line for presidential service came down to Boeing’s 747-8 and the Airbus A380. Both are enormous planes and would offer state of the art features within the airframes. But only Boeing is owned and operated in the United States. By being based the State of Washington, the airplane manufacturer had the leg up on its competitor when the country’s image is reflected in almost everything the President does and especially what he fly’s in. The 747-8 will be in the air in 2017 and after five years of experience and testing will be expected to be in service to the nation for the next 30 years.

Justin Posts Pieces Of New Songs On Instagram


Justin Bieber had a very slow year in 2014, and he didn’t release any new music. Many of his fans fell in love with him, not just because of his good looks, but also because of his music. Justin’s New Songs. Fans were hoping to see new music from the artist this year, and in the first month of the year, he’s already started working. Justin went on to Instagram, and released pieces of two new songs that he worked on, and the songs are very personal.

Of course, both songs are about love and a woman, but the second song seems to be more about his relationship with Selena Gomez. No matter what his songs are about, his fans are guaranteed to love them, especially since the artist hasn’t released anything in a long time. Paul Matheison showed that in the video released on Instagram, you can see Justin playing a guitar, while partially performing his new songs. It’s obvious that he’s feeling the songs that he’s performing.

Justin has been in so much trouble with the law lately, and many felt that he wouldn’t get back to his music roots. Justin became famous because of his music, but his antics in public have made him infamous. If the artist continues working on his music, just like he is now, then 2015 should be a good year for him. Here’s hoping that Justin will stay on the straight and narrow for the new year.

Fox May Bring X-Files Back To Life

It’s possible that Scully and Mulder are going to enjoy a second life on the silver screen after Gary Newman and Dana Walden from Fox Group stated at the Television Critics Association winter press tour that they are working on areboot of The X-Files. They announced that they are currently in talks about bringing the supernatural drama back to life. It originally enjoyed a nine year run from 1993 to 2002 with stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson.

Newman stated that they have had several conversations about bringing a modern version of the show back to the air and that they are hopeful they will be able to do so in the future. Walden added that they both worked during the show’s original run and enjoyed it greatly. She added that Fox still has great relationships with Duchovny and Anderson as well as Chris Carter the series creator. Walden also explained that all three have a lot going on so its hard to find the right time but they are working on it.

Anderson sparked a great deal of nerd fervor online when she stated during a Podcast interview that she would love to be involved with a series reboot. She asked fans to support the show’s revival with the hashtag #X-Files2015 which spread throughout the internet like wildfire. As a big fan of the show, Marc Sparks is quite interested to see what will come of these rumors.

Cutting Edge Entrepreneur John Textor

John Textor is a cutting edge entrepreneur and producer. He is currently the chairman of Pulse Evolution Corporation, located in California, where he oversees special assignments, strategic collaborations, rights acquisition, venue partnerships as well as connections with major media companies. He is also involved in the development of entertainment venues in several locations. As a producer, Textor has worked on movies such as ‘Ender’s Game’ and is currently working on a new film called ‘Art Story.’

Before he came to work at Pulse Evolution Corporation, Textor was active in the industry as chairman and CEO of both Digital Domain Productions and its parent company, Digital Domain Media Group. There he specialized in creating visual effects for popular Hollywood movies like ‘Tron: Legacy’ and ‘Transformers.’ During his time of leadership at Digital Domain Productions and Digital Domain Media Group, both of the companies rose to prominence again. After many years of not being at the top of the chain, they were finally able to re-establish themselves as a force to be reckoned with. This also led them to win many prestigious awards for the movies they worked on. One of these achievements include the Academy Award for Achievement in Visual Effects for their digital animations in ‘The Curious Case of Benjamin Button’ in 2009.

Textor’s talents include cutting edge visual productions for large scale films. But one achievement that he is also very well known for is the production of a digital image of Tupac Shakur at the Coachella Valley Music Festival in 2012. This production enabled viewers to experience a real life concert by the deceased artist through a large scale multidimensional screen. This gave him recognition from not only music enthusiasts but also industry experts who wanted to use the idea of his Coachella production on the 2013 critically acclaimed science fiction fantasy film, ‘Ender’s Game.’