Yeonmi Park’s narrative of her great escape to freedom

Yeonmi Park was born in 1993 in North Korea. Following what she was exposed to when growing up, she later on became a human rights activist. With only one sister and her parents, Park enjoyed a loving and close-knit family. This was however cut short after the imprisonment of her father for illegal metal smuggling into China. Afterwards, Park and her mother were exposed to a repressive and brutal life in North Korea which forced then to flee to China to seek for freedom.
Life in China was not any better. Park and her mother were subjected to physical and mental disturbances. They received sexual harassments after they had been sold to human trafficking. This was great abuse of their human dignity and they felt they needed to get out of China. Their father joined them later on but unfortunately succumbed to colon cancer. Due to all this brutality, they surely couldn’t take it anymore and they set off on a journey to South Korea.
Finally Park was free from the oppressive and brutal life she went through in her childhood. She lived to tell her story of the price she had to pay for her freedom. Park had looked forward to reuniting with her sister who had left for China but the effort proved futile and was only left with her mother.
Recently, Park released a book, In order to live, where she comes out clean of all the bitterness she went through in both China and North Korea. She watched her mother give in to sexual harassment to guarantee for their survival. Inspired by a Titanic movie she watched while still in North Korea, she was equipped with a sense of love and humanity and knew there was much beyond North Korean walls.
In her book, she recognizes millions of people who still live under the North Korean brutality and torture. This is mainly what pushed her to become an agent of change and protect human rights. As an activist,Yeonmi Park is more than determined to save her home country from the fierce and brutal dictatorship causing great trauma.
The writing, categorized as a great narrative, is the main platform Park targets to have her compelling voice heard all over the globe. With her voice, she serves as a great face of hope for those still in the mysterious slavery of North Korea and China. She states she will determinedly work to deliver her home country from slavery.

Adam Sender Does the Unthinkable and Survives

Sometimes when a person does something that doesn’t quite make sense to the average person it can be a puzzle to a growing number of people. Fortunately, Adam Sender has been able to close a business that was doing well – the unthinkable – and move on to art collecting and still make a lot of money – the survival. I believe that Sender has been able to make the most of his journey, and I applaud the way that he made his exit.

Sender founded a hedge fund management company. He didn’t have any problems hanging the art in his building. This was the thing that made it a lot easier for other workers to see his passion. This is why there was no surprise. Sender was already well known as an art collector even though he was in the financial world. His employees should not have been surprised when he decided to close the doors on his company. Now that he has been selling art for millions of dollars it seems only natural for people that doubted him to realize that they did not fully know his plans.

Adam Sender has learned that it was important to become an expert in one thing before totally ditching something else. This is why he has been able to leave one thing (hedge management) and successful venture into something else (collecting and selling art) without feeling like he was making a bad decision. Sender was already in place to become an art seller. He has managed to hold upscale art shows for this collection of art. This is what has made him one of those people to be admired. I loved the fact that Sender was really to turn down money – temporary- in order to do what he loved the most.

I have always thought that the best time to pursue a new career is when you have planned out what you are going to do. I believe that Sender was planning all along. He has been buying art for decades. He was working with another hedge fund company before he founded Exis. He had been good at both hedge fund management and art collecting. It would take some time, but his love for one would finally overrule the over passion. This is how he was able to pursue his love of art with such vigor.

It is an inspiration to those that don’t believe that they could really make money doing what they love. I have a passion to write, but I have been scared of abandoning my day job. Sender has inspired me though. I feel as if I will soon take the plunge and venture into writing.

Handy: About Handy Home Cleaning Service

Handy is the perfect housecleaning company and can meet your needs. The company has a track record of providing outstanding home cleaning service. Handy on crunchbase has a dedicated team of home cleaning professionals, and can have your home looking great.

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When looking for a good company on to handle your home cleaning task, it is important to make a list of your needs and expectations before even contacting a cleaning company. Write a list of areas you cleaned around the house and where you don’t want cleaned. Determine how often you need the cleaning service. You can decide to sign up for weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service.

Also specify what furniture or items you want cleaned, like dishes, floors, ceilings, carpets and laundry. You can even ask them to make the beds. After making a list of your requirements, and have considered what you need from the home cleaning company, you’re ready to contact them.

It is important to find out what experience the company has. Does the company have experienced cleaners who can clean large houses or residential homes? Are they well versed in cleaning all areas of a house, from the bathrooms to the kids’ play room? A company that has been around for many years, most likely has the necessary experience.

Cost is a big issue for many people, and residential cleaning companies are often aware of that. Handy offers high quality home cleaning service at affordable prices, and many customers are happy with the company.

Every cleaning company should carry insurance, in order to protect the customer and them against accidents or damages. Ask to see the proof of insurance before entering into a contract with a company. You should also find out what kind of screening or background checks the home cleaning company performs before sending workers to customers’ homes, and ensure your keys will be handled safely when not in use. These are all essential when choosing a company to provide service in your home.

Handy only works with individuals who have been thoroughly screened and have passed a rigorous background check. Their workers are prompt and polite, and they are dedicated to ensuring your satisfaction.

Handy’s professionals also have access to all the equipment and tools they need to get the job done efficiently and effectively. They arrive at a customer’s home, fully prepared and ready to provide the best cleaning service possible. To learn more about Handy Home Cleaning Service, visit their website.


Susan McGalla is a business woman from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in the United States. She was born and raised in Ohio together with her two brothers. She graduated from Mount Union College with a degree in business and marketing. McGalla is married to a great wealth manager Mr. Stephen McGalla. The couple appeared in Whirl Magazine couple who make a difference. The ireport magazine publishes several events from fundraisers, business networking events, and major non-profit making galas. The McGalla’s were among the couples in 2011 that did a difference in western Pennsylvania. With their dedicated much time, energy and funds, they created positive change for Pennsylvania citizens. Susan and Steve McGalla chaired the Hillman Cancer Center Gala for two years. The center provides care and support for cancer patients. It has helped several cancer patients face their diagnosis with confidence and continues to offer them with significant support through the treatment period. Through the center’s partnership with the University of Pittsburgh, they offer the latest advances in cancer prevention detection diagnosis and treatment for patients. The university has excellent academic and research facilities for cancer. The Centers mission is to provide the highest level of clinical care to its patients. Ti treats up to 74000 patients yearly in its facilities. The center is also inspired to continue its cutting-edge cancer research. The Hillman Cancer Center hosts a gala dinner every year. The event raises millions of dollars for cancer research. Funds raised at the gala event have made the center the only comprehensive cancer center in western Pennsylvania. She has a broad experience in strategic planning and growth industry. McGalla career began by working for Joseph Horne Company where she held various marketing and managerial positions from was an iconic, regional department store in Pittsburg, Pennsylvania. The Pittsburgh flagship department was its first shop. It was the oldest store in the country founded in 1849. Joseph Horne bought the company from F.H Eaton store. The Company had a regional presence in the country and often overlooked. In 1994, the company ceased its operations after merging with the Lazarus division of Federated Department Stores INC. It was the oldest company in the industry having operated for 145 years and operated only five stores. In 1994, she joined the American eagle outfitters as a divisional merchandise buyer for women attires. The company has its headquarters south works in Pittsburgh. The firm was founded in 1977 by Jerry and Mark’s brothers being a subsidiary of retail ventures inc. The company target market is 15 to 25years male and females. It has several stores for American Eagle Outfitters and aerie. The company has several popular brands are low-rise jeans, polo t-shirts graphic t-shirts, Henley shirts, and swimwear. Susan McGalla held several positions in management and crucial roles in the management of the company. By her excellent performance in work, she became the president and chief officer in merchandise department. McGalla later became the president of the entire company and oversaw the company launch grand kid’s brands as aerie.

An Insight into the Brazilian Law

The law is a living fact that in undeniably inevitable. Each country or region is governed by certain regulations that vary in the way of formation. In our everyday lives, the law affects almost every aspect.

The system regulates the rules of conduct, protecting each and everyone’s rights; as is the case of lawyers and law in Brazil. Lawyers in Brazil are in abundance, and due to their large numbers, Brazil boasts of an enormous number of law schools. The schools accommodate the growing population of lawyers. In fact, Brazil has the highest number of law schools than every country in the world put together.

The Brazilian civil law is rooted in Roman law, which the Portuguese implemented during the period of colonization. Brazil elevates the significance of law that is codified over judicial precedent. Given the well-organized legal system of Brazil, then it follows that its lawyers have to be of the highest caliber of professionalism.

Brazilian lawyers have to go through three phases to become fully pledged professional lawyers. Firstly, they have to pass the vestibular exam, which is compulsory for every high school graduate student. After passing the exam, the student can be enrolled in a university then the last phase requires the students to pass the national bar examination. Even after graduating, apart from the usual vocational training an internship is necessary.

In Brazil, when one thinks of the law, he or she thinks about Ricardo. Ricardo Tosto De Oliveira Carvalho is a prominent leader in the Brazilian legal practice. He established the firm that went to become one of the largest firms in Brazil. His case was not like that of many other firms. He started in law at a small office and later joined a corporate litigation law firm. The latter firm was one of the most experienced in the area. He has worked on many nationally recognized cases. It ranges from defending large and significant Brazilian multinationals, the government, public personalities and many other known companies.

Ricardo Tosto has pioneered the adoption of many legal mechanisms that become the commonly used tools in the Brazilian legal community. Ricardo has an expansive and impressive resume. He is widely remembered for serving as the president of the Brazilian Bar Association, a member of the Board of Directors for a center for lawyer societies, and a known writer both in the legal and political arena. Numerous articles have been published in his name.

When You Need To Be You! Lime Crime Makeup Takes You There!

Some days ya just gotta be you. Am I right? Even if you walk with a bit of a different crowd. Everyone shows their true colors at some point. There’s a extreme makeup that allows you to be yourself. Lime Crime has the variety of makeup you just can’t live without.

If you haven’t thought about it, learning new things helps you have a better outlook. Challenging yourself to step outside the box takes guts. Not for the faint of heart. But oh how sweet is the reward.

Lime Crime Makeup and Hair Dye takes you there. For just a while you can be extreme. This makeup allows you to enhance your eyes, lips and hair. Oh how fun it can be. Having several shades of hair color really allows me to speak volumes. The lipsticks are smooth and not drying, and the colors are fabulous.

Doe Deere, founder and CEO of Lime Crime Makeup and Hair Dye. She continues to research and improve her products. Lime Crime launched in late 2004. Nothing feels better than to promote your own product. Knowing first hand that the makeup is for people who can handle the attention. You know you have made it when you walk into a room with blue and pink hair and the makeup that goes with it. Her company has noted that there are still a lot of surprises coming. Along with lipstick colors that are wearable but fashionable unique. For customers who want a more traditional look we will have a line for them. Doe Deere considers this forward step will round out her collection of makeup.

With Lime Crime Makeup, nail polish, and hair dye, there are bold colors and are smooth to caress your face. Your lips will never be the same. With our nail colors, you can be creative and love the way you look. The hair dye is fascinatingly creative. Definitely for people who find conventional, just boring.

Our website on storyexchange allows you to see the models with the variety of makeup and hair dye combinations. Your eye shadows are bold and wild. Lip sticks colors that make lips speak volumes without making a sound. There is nail colors say you just want to have fun. Lime Crime hair dye in what ever combination you can think of will make people say wow, I wished I could have thought of that.

Investing in Gold with US Money Reserve


Lately it has been getting more difficult to find an investment vehicle for increasing assets. For years now, bank savings has been horrid. Most banks offer a savings account that provides an interest rate less than 1%. This is because the Fed has had to lower rates across the board as it tries to promote economic growth.

Another safe option is bonds, but like bank savings they only have a very low return rate. Bonds are never looked at as a way of growing wealth, but instead for maintaining wealth.

When it comes to putting your money to work for you, the best way for the last few years has been to invest in stocks. They have boasted returns over 10% for a few years, but now it seems the tide is turning. Investing in stocks can be dangerous because companies can go bankrupt and your whole investment can disappear. That is the risk you take on in order to get those high interest rates.

But the stock market has gotten very rocky this year, and indications are that it will only get worse. The stock indexes have been negative for a large part of 2015, and worries of a recession are becoming more real. The stock market has not entered a bear market yet and that is a scary situation because it means that things could get a lot worse. Especially since other country economies have been entering bear market territory, and that has an effect on the US economy.

Luckily, at the same time it is looking like gold prices have nowhere to go but up. Many analysts have said that the bottom is in now, and gold along with other precious metals like silver are setting up for a bullish run. It’s looking more and more like the time to invest in precious metals is now.

For investors that want to invest in gold/silver, the best way that I’ve found to do that is through US Money Reserve. They are trusted by all levels of investors for providing quality precious metals, and they have a large range of products that you can buy as assets. US Money Reserve deals in all kinds of precious metals from gold to silver to platinum and more. Investors have been buying up gold/silver in anticipation of smaller buyers eventually understanding that the stock market is entering a dangerous environment and only realizing too late that the best way to grow wealth now is through gold/silver.

Yeonmi Park fights for North Korea Liberation

Being free is the most amazing feeling one can feel this is according to Yeonmi Park, a twenty-one-year-old North Korean Defector. She grew up in fear and was owned by the state. The government of dictator Kim Jung Un had successfully instilled fear among the North Korean people. The Korean people don’t have the freedom that other people in the world have. They are not allowed freely or watch movies. There are some the things that we do in the free world that are unheard of in North Korean.

Yeonmi Park tells about the struggle of the Korean people in most of her YouTube narratives. She also attends various human rights meetings and conferences in a bid to enlighten the world about what the people of North Korea are missing. Savannah Guthrie, a news anchor, asks her, what she would like about North Korea. She replies by saying that for the very first time she now owns herself. According to her, the feeling is so powerful since one is able to do whatever they like without fear. Yeonmi Park has also a book on Amazon. She lets the world know that the Korean people are just like other people in the world and that is why she was appealing to the people of the world to help in bringing democracy t North Korea.

Basic human rights are violated by the dictatorial regime in the North Korea. People don’t have the freedom of watching movies and wearing fashion clothing like jeans. These injustices and human right violations are what Yeonmi Park is fighting. There is also slavery in North Korean. Yeonmi Park says that young girls the age of 14 and 15 are sold for around $200. The people in this country have lost the hope of ever having a good life. Living without fear and having the freedom to do ass one wish is a basic need that all the people I the work enjoy equality since all the people are equal. Her sentiments have not gone unheard; many people have offered the audience to her cries. She has over time amassed a following that is empathetic and sympathetic towards her course.

Yeonmi Park has been a victim of the injustices and cruelty that are a part of the life of the Korean people. She grew up I one of North Korean villages and consequently led the same life just like thousands of her fellow countrymen. She grew up being made to believe that Korea was the best country in the world to live in. however, after watching a movie by American actor Leonardo di Caprio, everything in her world changed. She began questioning the way she lived, the way everything was running in her country and the infringement of the basic human right in her country North Korea.

N conclusion, early life experiences shouldn’t dictate our future negatively. Instead, those experiences should be used to shape our future for the better. Yeonmi Park own early upbringing id not so rosy. Having lost a father at a very tender age; It’s a wonder that she is still alive and fighting for justice for the people of North Korea.

New York Real Estate Developments Grow

New York City has always been a major hub of real estate success stories. Who would not want to build prime real estate in the Big Apple? While some might think that getting projects off the ground in NYC apartments for rent is difficult, the truth is big deals are launched frequently. Per the New York real estate news site, The Real Deal, scores of huge projects are slated for development. In an interesting article, the top ten major real estate deals coming to NYC are mentioned.

In the month of September, major real estate developers acquired a very large number of permit applications. These big names include SL Green Realty, Somerset Partners, The Chetrit Roup, and more. All of the sections of New York with the exception of Queens are going to be home to major projects. Brooklyn will see four huge developments and the Bronx is going to get three.

SL Green Realty’s One Vanderbilt project is the largest and most impressive. The scope of these projects is huge with each and every single one exceeding 100,000 square feet. A giant office tower will be built and comprise 67 stories and 1.3 million square feet. This is the top project and the other nine are fairly interesting as well.

Lincoln Ave will see the Chetrit project along with one on Third Avenue in the Bronx. Greenland Forest City Partners is going to build a huge Pacific Park development in Brooklyn. Halcyon Management is slated to launch an affordable rental building in Brooklyn, Z&K Realty Developers is readying a residential building in Brooklyn, and L+M Development Partners and Hornig Capital Partners is also planning on building affordable rental units. Rounding out the top projects is an expansion on the all-girls Marymount School, Douglaston Development’s 161 residential building, and another new residential building to be created by Anshel Friedman and Aaron Karpen.

Those interested in learning about impressive projects should check out Town Residential. Town holds the distinction of being one of the top luxury real estate services firms in all of New York. The company’s website is a great resource for news, information, and, of course, amazing real estate listings.

For those who want to learn more about the top ten projects, simply check out the article in The Real Deal. The article provides a bit of insight into the “movers and shakers” of the New York real estate scene.

Nobilis, The Leader in Spinal Surgery

Surgery is often required as a result of spinal injury. Spinal injury is quite complicated as it involves the nerves. When anyone is in either a car accident, vicious attack or something as a bad fall off a horse or on the slopes that is always the first thought of everyone involved especially those awaiting news on the patient’s condition. We have, sadly seen too many of these type of injuries, superman, Christopher Reeves was a classic tale of the dangers of spinal injury.

When an accident occurs it often results in an injury that can or has caused paralysis. No one ever wants to wake up alive being so thankful only to be told you are paralyzed from the neck down. It is inevitably one of the hardest things to go through ever as a patient. There is nothing worse than the recovery that is involved. It takes not only physical surgery but it plays a large role in the way the mind and emotions cope.

It is often a wise idea to go in and see a therapist after such a tragic event. Active person or not losing one’s abilities is so truly hard in every aspect. It also affects the family of the person affected. When a person loses their ability to walk or parents see their son go through that, it is a loss and a grieving process must take place. Hopefully the patient is close to a Nobilis center.

The Nobilis surgery centers are experts in this kind of injury. They have national level specialized surgery centers, so that the client is getting every single best doctor and nurse available. The thought is that if Nobilis take an expert approach by running, staffing and maintaining facilities in which they concentrate on knowing everything about the spine. They are well versed in issues at a natural level as well as an accidental level. It is a false sense of well being to think that bigger is better. By this we mean it is dangerous in assuming because it is a big practice that specializes in everything that one will get client centered highly specialized care.

If you went into a box store and bought a purse would it be the same quality as Coach? For the men in the audience it is the equivalent of sitting in the nose bleed section just for the experience, the view on the television is better so why bother trying to change things. If it is too expensive to get tickets that are close is there really a point? Yes, for the love of the game, better bring binoculars. It is best to be as close as you can when dealing with one’s health. It is hard to hit the target if one can fix everything. It is better to deal with someone who can fix more than just one thing.

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