Moves Like Magic

Anyone who has see the original movie (Magic Mike) should know what to
expect here. This one is for the ladies. That is not to say men will not
find anything here to enjoy as well but we all know who’s attention
is wanted here. And the movie is not ashamed to show it.

Starring (Channing Tatum) as Mr. Mike himself as the movie claims. Actress
and producer (Crystal Hunt) stars in the film also as (Lauren). With looks
to spare and personality on screen her performance works.

No stranger to the film industry, being in television shows such as (One Life To
Live) also the very popular (Guiding Light) she is right at home on camera.
Her acting chops earned her an Emmy nomination in her early career as a young
actress new to the scene.

This will be her very first feature film on the big screen. The promise
of a fun movie full of rump shaking hard bodies is sure to sell some tickets.
Not to mention the popularity of the first film which this one has surely
made most of its ticket sales. Crystal Hunt is sure to be on the screens of
many after the movie lands on DVD.

That can only help to boost her popularity with the mass audience.
Also starring (Adam Rodriguez) (CSI Miami) and the always entertaining
(Kevin Nash) performing some moves that would put a Chip N’ Dale dancer
to shame.

This one is sure to entertain the ladies and even has some surprises that
will be a plus for the guys. In the end Magic Mike XXL is a fun trip to
the movies with your date just like the first one, but not as endearing
due to loss of originality.

All in all, you will have fun with this movie.

Shaygan Kheradpir and The World of Business and Technology

Information technology significantly affects strategy options and creates opportunities and issues that managers need to address in many areas of their business. Information technology is really changing the way business is done, the way strategy is used in business and opens the door to many opportunities that employees and management can take advantage of. It saves time and it saves having to physically go to a location to handle business. It also allows business to be done through many different electronic devices such as computer, table, cell phone, etc. You can access all types of information for employees, managers, customers, and other potential clients. Information technology makes virtual companies a reality and being able to work wherever you want, it also allows for networking with anyone at any time. It makes giving support services to employees, management, and clients whenever it is needed. Information technology also creates new opportunities to develop new services and products for business. Services can be done online instead of personally and gives people the flexibility of time and convenience.

Shaygan Kheradpir has done a lot in the technology and business world in his fifty-four years of life. Not only is he an Executive in Business in England, he also attended Cornell University in the United States where he got his Bachelor’s Degree, Master’s degree and his Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. He started his career at GTE which became Verizon where he became President of their E-Business division and then became head of their Technology and Innovation departments. He was in charge of their entire division of IT Techs which numbered 7,000 and was in charge of developing new technology for the company. His first big successful project was having his division develop and implement FiOS-fiber optics for Verizon to replace their old system and old wiring they had used before.

Another of his great successes was negotiating with clients on prices, sending work out to other countries, and using technological advancements they developed which lowered Verizon’s output of money by 30%. His team also developed the caller ID feature, having a list of people and their phone numbers on your phone and other options for phones. They created a combination phone, with a router, a modem, and made it a portable phone in 2004. They also updated the technology for their website, computerized customer service phone operation, and call center for Verizon. He was successful at lowering their expenses and costs for their tech departments, using new software to loser costs, lower staff, and reduced their purchase costs for the company. Later on after leaving Verizon, he became the CEO for Juniper Network and several years later left after having a difference of opinion with the company. In early 2011, he became COO of World Wide Retail and Business Bank for Barclays. He was promoted to the head of Operations and Technology as an Officer. It was the first time a technology exec became part of the executive team for Barclays.

Hedge Funds

Have you ever thought about creating legitimate hedge funds? For starts, it’s crucial to note that hedge funds are the best way to find financial success. This is a top secret that I will give you guidelines from Christian Broda who worked at the Chicago university economics department and the managing director of Duquesne capital management. Christian has also written various articles on economic findings and journals too. Economics students use research work for the term papers as well.In 2006 his tremendous work was rewarded by being named as the James Kempere Scholar of the year. In 2005 and 2008 consecutively he was awarded the national science foundation grant to support his research his work.
The following guidelines on creating hedge funds from Christian Broda will be helpful.

1. The hedge fund team
Hedge fund is not a single entity business but made up of a team. The team includes the main financial officer, junior analysts and trades. With these key components it’s easy to convince the team of investors that your ball is already in court rolling.

2. Legal representation.
It’s important that you hire a law firm that will represent the hedge fund legally but also offer advice. I recommend that you do not hire big law firms because they have a tendency of overcharging,

3. Capital acquisition.
The initial capital for starting the hedge fund is something that you will really need. The idea here is not about using your money but finding investors get that right. You should also have it in mind that attracting investors is quite tricky and if you not persevere enough you might end up giving up before attracting even one. You need to be flexible, ensure that you are able to cater for every need and whatever they are looking for, they will find it in you. This is a way building rapport and a foundation for a longer ‘marriage’ with the investors.

4. Choose your mainagent.
Your main agent is very crucial because all your transactions will only be conducted via them. The agent will ensure that they keep records of your stocks in addition to enabling the purchases that will be made by the hedge fund. I suggest someone like Morgan Stanley or Goldman Sachs .

5. Have a professional office space.
To be able to attract important investors, you will have to ensure that your hedge funds have a longer life span. Trying to run the hedge fund from home will be a very difficult endeavor. You will have more problems attracting seed funding. Therefore, it will be a wise decision to find an affordable space and create a professional look in that office and you will never go wrong.

A Different Look for Each Day with Lime Crime

If I’m having an off day where I feel down and frumpy, there is always one thing that I can count on to make me feel beautiful again. That one thing is cosmetics! It’s amazing what a good piece of makeup can do for me. If i’m feeling sort of blah and boring about my life, I turn to a good tube of lipstick. A nice bright color can really make me cheerful again. If I’m feeling not as pretty as I usually do, I know that some eye shadow dusted across my lids can make me feel beautiful again. If I have unsightly blemishes or pimples then I turn to a good and trusted tube of concealer.

Overall, I love cosmetics because they just invoke this positive feeling. I think it’s because they can literally transform me into anything at anytime. If I’m heading out to a party, my makeup can match by being fun and upbeat. If I’m heading to a quiet dinner, I can go for makeup that’s a little more subtle but still manages to make me look good.

I like cosmetics because I can have some fun and I can play around with them. I literally can look like a different person each and every day. I can also have a different style each day. From goth to grunge to hippy and everything in between, there’s make up for that!

Now, one important thing that I’ve learned throughout my years of playing around with cosmetics is that it’s not all created equal. Some of it may seem good but once you start using it a whole array of problems can crop up. The makeup can break, it can make your face breakout, or it can just not be a good quality that leaves your face looking runny and oily. That’s why I choose Lime Crime cosmetics.

With Lime Crime, I know exactly what I’m getting each and every time that I purchase makeup. Everything is fantastic. That’s because you know that the founder of the company Doe Deere wouldn’t sell anything less than perfection when it comes to makeup. She’s truly a product of the company and is constantly showing off what the makeup can do. She sports the gorgeous bright colored lipsticks, and the fun eye shadows. One of my favorite products is the glitter eye shadow made by Lime Crime. It’s super fun and there are so many different shades to choose from! The way it shimmers and seems to change color is a big hit among myself and others. I’m constantly getting compliments when I wear the glitter eye shadow and any of her other products.

With Lime Crime you also know you are getting a good quality product that is cruelty free and vegan friendly. It’s all super affordable as well! I will never shop for cosmetics elsewhere again. There is simply no beating Lime Crime and all there great products. I’ve never been disappointed and I’ve never been bored with a product that came from Lime Crime.

Bruce Levenson Makes a Slam Dunk in the Business World

Bruce Levenson on is an American businessman, writer and philanthropist. Formerly a co-owner of the Atlanta Hawks, he is well known for his involvement in the NBA, as well as his immense philanthropic efforts.

Personal Life and Education:

Bruce was born in Washington D.C. on October 1st, 1949, but he spent his childhood in Maryland. He is of Jewish decent. He received his Bachelor’s Degree from Washington University in Saint Louis, Missouri. After that, he attended American University to study law. He began writing for the Washington Star while pursuing his education. Bruce has also written for Observer Publishing. He has a wife and three children, and he enjoys being active and going on fun adventures.

Career and Philanthropy:

Bruce started his career at the United Communications Group, which he co-founded in 1977. He put his writing skills to use, helping to author the Oil Express, which discussed different developments and happenings in the oil industry. The company continues to focus on communication and has a database devoted to analysis for industries like energy and telecommunications. An example of Bruce’s work is an app that helps drivers find affordable locations to fill up on gas.

Levenson decided to put his business skills to good use by getting involved with the NBA. In 2004, Atlantic Spirit LLC, co owned by Levenson, purchased the Atlanta Hawks basketball team. During that time he participated in many well known decisions, such as the hiring of manager Danny Ferry. He is still on the NBA Board of Governors.

Bruce’s other involvement in business includes being a board member of Tech Target. He also helped advise BIA Digital Partners, certainly highlighting some of his business expertise. In addition to this, he participated in the Newsletter and Electronic Publishers Association on the board of directors.

Bruce Levenson is also involved in many philanthropic endeavors, donating to the U.S. Holocaust Museum. He is active in the Hoops Dreams Foundations, the Community Foundation of Washington, D.C. and formerly involved in the I Have a Dream Foundation. Bruce also helped to develop the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership, located at the University of Maryland. He and his wife helped implement the Do Good Challenge. During this 8 week event, students are involved in doing positive things for others and the community.

Bruce’s ability to write, conduct business and give back to the community can teach all inspiring entrepreneurs a thing or two. It’ll be great to see what he accomplishes next.

Town Real Estate Helps People To Find New York City Real Estate

It used to be standard that if a family was going to move from one place one another, then they would hire a real estate agent to find them a new home. Slowly but surely, most people started switching the way they looked for homes, and many of them started looking online, in magazines, and even in the newspaper. Although it seems like a great idea to look for your own home, depending on what you’re looking for, you may not find exactly what you want. Although things have changed over the years and real estate agents are not as popular as they used to be, they can still be very useful.

Imagine how much work you have to do on your own, if you don’t have a real estate agent, is it worth it to do all that extra work? You may want to find a great new home to live in, especially if you’re in for some New York City apartments for rent, but there’s no reason why a real estate agent can’t look for you. Hiring a real estate agent doesn’t mean you won’t have any say in where you’re going to live, it just means that you have to do a lot less work. Consider what it takes to look online for a new home, and how long it would take to look through magazines for a new place.

When you think about how long it can take for you to look for your own place, it may stress you out enough to where you will finally choose to hire a real estate agent. A real estate agent knows the best areas to live, what a home is valued at, and the amenities that the home has to offer. You don’t have to necessarily be looking for a house to hire a real estate agent because they deal with all types of dwellings. Town Real Estate is an agency that deals with many different types of homes, but all of them are luxurious.

If you want your new home in New York City to be one-of-a-kind, or a beautiful place that you can call home, then you’ll want to hire Town Real Estate. Town Real Estate can help you to find your next place, and you can relieve a lot of the stress by not having to search for your own home. Searching for your own place can be fruitful, but if you work regular hours, then it can be challenging to find a home within a certain time frame. Some people will look several months in advance, but by the time they are ready to move, their choice of homes may be gone. Just hire Town Real Estate, and you can find your new home in New York City.

World Renowned Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Jennifer Walden

Dr. Jennifer Walden is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. She’s formally fellowship-trained in Cosmetic Surgery. Recently, she moved her busy practice from New York City to Texas, where she was born and raised, in order to be closer to her family. She is a single mom to twin boys.

Dr. Walden first attended the University of Texas at Austin. She graduated with Honors with a bachelor’s degree in Biology. Dr. Walden then went on to the University of Texas Medical Branch, where she obtained her Medical Doctorate with Highest Honors. She also completed an externship in Miami at Plastic Surgery Associates.

Dr. Walden moved from Texas to New York after she was selected for a fellowship at Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital. This is where Dr. Walden learned the latest techniques for cosmetic surgery. After the fellowship, Dr. Walden practiced in New York for eight years alongside Dr. Sherrell Aston, who is a world famous aesthetic plastic surgeon. Dr. Aston is often referred to as a “surgeon to the stars”. Under Dr. Aston’s tutelage, Dr. Walden truly perfected her craft, learning the intricacies of a top cosmetic surgery practice.

Like Dr. Aston, Dr. Walden is often in the spotlight for the work she does. She has contributed her opinions and advice regarding mommy makeovers, celebrity plastic surgeries, and even teenage plastic surgery. Dr. Walden has appeared on a number of TV shows, such as VH1’s Plastic Surgery Obsession, ABC’s 20/20, and Dr. 90210. She is also quoted in Vogue, Self, and New York Magazine, among other publications.

Dr. Walden a rarity in the cosmetic surgery field, as this is a heavily male-dominated area. She has said that women feel more comfortable with her versus a male surgeon, because they don’t feel embarrassed discussing areas of their bodies they’re unhappy with. Dr. Walden’s goal is to make her patients feel good about themselves and empowered by their decisions.

Dr. Walden is also an author and philanthropist. She has presented a number of research papers which have won awards, and she co-wrote and edited a textbook entitled Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, which also won an award.

Her philanthropy involves volunteering her time for the less fortunate. Dr. Walden is heavily involved in a program called Food in Tummies, or “FIT”. FIT provides weekend meals for underprivileged children who do not have access to nutritious foods outside of school.

Super Lawyer Dan Newlin

At age 20, Dan Newlin entered into a career in law reinforcement in New Chicago, Indiana. His whole life had lead him down this path. It was his childhood dream to protect and serve, and Newlin made sure that everything he did was pushing him towards that goal. In school he studied law enforcement. He also made an effort to form relationships with high ranking police officers. Newlin’s passion for police work took him to several police departments throughout his lengthy law enforcement career. After years with the New Chicago Police Department, Newlin accepted a position with the Orange County Sheriff’s Office in Orange County, Florida. While he was on the force he worked on cases related to narcotics, grand theft auto, assault, and even homicides. Newlin’s hard work, skill, and dedication did not go unnoticed, and he was promoted to the rank of detective in the Fugitive Division. His efforts to control dangerous felons over his ten year career in Orange County earned him numerous awards and promotions. His crowning achievement was earning the rank of Sheriff’s Detective. Dan Newlins has even been praised by the United States Marshall’s Office for his service and dedication.

After more than a decade of Law Enforcement, Newlin decided to pursue a career as a lawyer. In 1997, he was accepted in the Florida State College of Law, and he turned the in depth legal knowledge he acquired into the field to use in a courtroom. He finished his degree and graduated in 2000 becoming a fully licensed attorney in Florida. He later earned a licensed in Illinois. He currently has law offices in both states. Newlin’s prowess attracted a team of some of the best minds in the legal community for his team at the Law Offices of Dan Newlin. The team is known for their outstanding customer skills and unerring legal advice. Between them they have thousands of clients and numerous awards. There was no doubt when the Newlin team was awarded the title “Super Lawyer Law Firm.” Less than 5% of the law firms in the country have this title, and Newlin’s team clearly earned the honor.

Newlin and his team focus on personal injury, auto and motorcycle accidents, construction accidents, truck accidents, any injury cases, medical negligence, and wrongful death cases. The team has recently begun to accept cases related to persons wrongfully charged with offenses. Dan Newlin , as written about in this Yahoo Finance article, takes pride in making sure that he and his team provide the world standard for legal expertise, and has never wavered from his commitment to excellence.

Are Visual Effects Music Concerts the Wave of the Future?

When a digital-generated performance by Michael Jackson brought the crowd to it feet at the 2014 Billboard Music Awards television show the computer wizards at Pulse Evolution may have ushered in a new form of music concert performance. Facebook users seemed to think that it could be called the Dead Legends Come Alive Tour.

John Textor, the Pulse Evolution Chairman, is a veteran in the field of computer generated visual effects in Hollywood. His company, Digital Domain, won an oscar for the film The Curious Case of Benjamin Button.

After the Jackson performance, Textor heard from ther estates of several legendary deceased performers about putting on visual effects concerts. Textor is not opposed to ubdertaking such a project, but believes a digital concert by someone like Jackson or Elvis would have to be story-based, and not just be a hologram concert.

On the technical side, you would have to wonder how feasible it would be to create even an hour’s worth of a digital visual effects show. For a four to five minute segment of Jackson performing, eight months of painstaking work was undertaken. They had to capture the tiny nuances of Jackson’s performing style, even down to his eye level, and movement of his eyes. Adding 85 more minutes would surely take more time. And the cost might be high enough to make the project economically questionable for s series of concerts. A TV special might be more practical if you consider worldwide exposure and repeat showings.

Still, there is the question of what kind of audience might exist for visual effects concerts. Will the public see them as a one time novelty, or something you can see in small doses within a larger show? At this point nobody may know for sure.

But given how technology grows by leaps and bounds no one can say how great a digital concert may look in the future. We’ll just have to stay tuned and see what happens.

Stone Mountain Is Not the Problem

Today, Monday, July 20, people are still talking about representatives of the Atlanta chapter of the NAACP in Georgia demanding last week that the Confederate monument carved into the side of Stone Mountain be permanently removed or sandblasted from view.

Many people agree with the NAACP and point out there are too many monuments to white slave owners. Some also claim that the site’s maintenance is paid for by taxpayers, which includes African-Americans. Yet, critics of these arguments have noted that the NAACP is ignoring important facts: The monument could be easily maintained by with a small amount of private funding or by Homejoy services. The carving is also in an area of the park where visitors only see it if they choose to go look at it. Many other areas can be enjoyed by anyone who might find it offensive without removal of the figures.

Additionally, one of the Confederate generals that the NAACP wants blasted away, Thomas “Stonewall” Jackson, went against the laws of the time and dedicated himself to teaching slaves to read and write. On the other hand, one of our country’s founders whose likeness is carved into Mount Rushmore, Thomas Jefferson, hated slavery and yet his opinion of it fluctuated between acceptance and opposition his entire life. He bought and sold slaves for several decades and some slaves were treated less fairly than others.