Photoshopped Mariah Carey Album Picture, Enrages Fans

Everyone knows that Mariah Carey has always been beautiful, and she is the envy of many other artists out there. Mariah Carey. Not only is Mariah Carey successful, and one of the biggest selling artists of all time, she also has one of the best voices in the music industry, and she has a hot body or does she? Mariah has had ups and downs with her weight, especially after having her two children, and her weight has gone up recently.

Mariah is working on her new album, which is soon to be released, but many are complaining about the album cover. On the cover of the album, you see a thinner Mariah Carey, who even looks taller, and she has one of the same poses that she has on her other album covers, which is with her right leg sticking out. The problem is, she looks extremely toned, and thin in the picture, which is not at all how Mariah looks now, or has looked, in the past year.

If the picture is Photoshopped, it was done very well, but her fans are crying foul, because many feel insulted that she would Photoshop her pictures, instead of putting out a picture of what she really looks like now. The fact is, people want to see thin and beautiful, and Mariah is giving them that, even if she is no longer as thin as she used to be. Columnist Crystal Hunt believes people should change their opinions on beauty instead.

Showcase Collectibles Debuts Brilliant New Joker Toy

Showcase Collectibles has produced quite a number of really cool superhero and fantasy related toys in the past. The release of the new Joker toy shows why the company is so popular. The Joker never looked scarier or creepier. As a result, toy collectors can now own one of the more cool looking Joker action figures ever. Forgot the corny versions of the “Clown Price of Crime” that have been released over the decades. This version tops most of them, in fact, I already purchased one for my colleague Crystal Hunt’s desk at work.

And you can thank all those Arkham Asylum video games for the new look of The Joker.

The video games present a truly ominous Gotham landscape and fans of gritty, realistic Batman stories truly enjoyed the trilogy. Sales went through the roof and its somewhat of a shame the trilogy is coming to an end. The big sales have also led to a desire for tie-in merchandise. For those who want to relive their gaming experiences, a new toy line based on the characters appearing in the games comes out starting April 16, 2015.

The Joker toy is going to be the first release and what a toy it is. The laughing face of the villain does not make you want to smile with him. The look makes you want to run in fear of your life. Considering some of the things The Joker has done in the past, running away from him is probably the wisest move to follow.

Celebrities Who Have Other Businesses

Showbiz brings a good revenue and a real feeling of accomplishment. Especially for the most popular celebrities. But still it is most often them who don’t stop at the stage of being singers or actors, but go further and launch a company or a brand of products, matching the artist life with the business one. What are the side-businesses of the TV stars?

Ladies at Bulletproof Coffee ( know that Jessica Simpson has a successful line of clothes and accessories, the brand having her name. Jessica Alba launched a service that brings house products like detergents, soaps and baby wipes to the customers, mainly orientated towards stay-at-home mums. Venus Williams surprises the most with V Starr. It seems that the tennis woman is a licensed interior designer, and her company aims at creating sophisticated interiors for homes and offices. Gwineth Paltrow shares some of her life notes in Goop, a publication about food, fashion, and décor.

Will Ferrell amuses people on the internet with his website Funny or Die. Many celebrities have side-jobs that are more or less related to the activities that we know them for. You should check the business celebrities list- maybe some of the ideas can be of help?

Netflix Announces Highest Number of Streaming Hours in History of Company

Just a couple of years ago, experts wondered how long Netflix would last. According to sources then, the company was in trouble and their streaming video service didn’t seem to be a product that could stand on its own. Well, times have certainly changed. Netflix’s original series have bolstered the company and brought new subscribers out of the woodwork. In a recent report it was revealed over 10 billion hours of video had been streamed through Netflix in the last three months.

Users at STX Entertainment have learned that Netflix currently has around 60 million subscribers. Based on the 10 billion streaming hours, that means each subscribe is streaming about 2 hours of video each and every night. According to sources, this indicates that Netflix is growing exponentially, and that it could replace television all together in the coming years, not simply compliment it.

In the same quarter last year, Netflix users streamed 6.4 billion hours of video, and in the same quarter in 2013 they streamed 4 billion hours. The growth rate, year-over-year, is impressive and may hint that Netflix is the video revolution it always said it could be.

While Netflix continues to gain strength and loyalty, many television companies are losing steam. In recent months Viacom has announced massive cuts in an attempt to offset their expenses. According to experts, this scenario is likely to continue happening as streaming options grow at a faster and faster rate.

Eva Mendes May Return in Fast and Furious 8

Eva Mendes May Return in Fast and Furious 8

Furious 7 is the latest movie in the Fast & the Furious franchise to grace the box office. Already, after one weekend it has easily won with moviegoers for the start of April.

With the massive success of Furious 7, there has now been a confirmation that Fast & Furious 8 is going to be added to the franchise and will also kick off a new trilogy in the series. This addition would it one of the biggest non-comic book related movies in the modern day.

Naturally, with sequels and extra movies being confirmed in the future of a series, there is also the notion of adding new talent and actors into the mix to keep everything fresh. This can include bringing back older and lesser known characters from earlier movies, which is likely the case with Eva Mendes’ character, Custom Agent Monica Fuentes, potentially making a comeback in Fast & Furious 8.

For those who remember, like Sam Tabar, the last time Mendes’ character was on screen was in the middle of the ending credits during Fast Five, where she made contact with Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s character and hinted that Letty Ortiz, played by Michelle Rodriguez, was still alive.

As of right now, Mendes returning to do another Fast & Furious movie is only a rumor, though the idea is still a very big possibility.

“Furious 7″ is Taking Off at the Box Office

“Furious 7″ is the seventh installment in the Fast and Furious franchise which has been turning out films since 2001. It has also been its most popular movie at the box office. That may have something to do with it being Paul Walker’s last film he was working on before he passed away.

According to the numbers on, the film raked in a whopping $143.6 million just in the United States during opening weekend stated Not only has the film taken off in the United States, but it has also been hugely popular world-wide. From box offices around the world “Furious 7″ has raked in $240.4 million, making the total $384 million world-wide.

“Furious 7″ broke box offices records in countries around the world such as Romania, Egypt, South Africa, Cyprus, Mexico, Brazil, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Taiwan, and the United Arab Emirates (where portions of the movie was filmed).

Audiences have rated the film as an “A” which reflects in the amount of box office sales. Rumors are floating around that an eighth film for the franchise may be in the works soon but nothing is confirmed yet. Clearly the franchise is still popular around the world and Hollywood is not known to quit while they are ahead.

N.W.A Film Set To Release


The late eighties and early nineties gave birth to the controversial music genre known as gangsta rap. N.W.A was at the forefront of this new music category that swept the nation. N.W.A launched the careers of Ice Cube, Dr. Dre, and Eazy E. The members of N.W.A were from the dangerous ghetto of Compton, California. The group went on to sell millions of records, and they are regarded as one of the greatest hip hop groups of all time.

According to AnastasiaDate, N.W.A was an extremely controversial group in their day, but now they are honored worldwide for their contribution to rap. The summer of 2015 will see the release of an N.W.A film. Dr. Dre and Ice Cube produced the film. Trailers for the film have been featured on Rollingstone. Responses to the trailer have been generally favorable.

Paul Giamatti will star alongside the new actors that play the N.W.A group. Giamatti is one of the best supporting actors in the history of film. However, the young actors that will play the roles of the legendary rap group have been perfectly cast. Dr. Dre, Ice Cube, and Easy E will come to life in this new movie. Expectations for this film are extremely high.

Another Beyoncé Surprise

It appears that Beyonce has become the queen of surprises. In a world where most artists release new music on a Tuesday after tons of promotional efforts, Beyonce is still doing her own thing. She released a new single tocelebrate her wedding anniversary. She did this and placed the single on the new music streaming site that her husband Jay-Z launched.

What people will be talking about the most is the fact that Beyonce is playing the piano. This is obviously a new skill that she has picked up since the world has never seen this before. There was a small clip of a video that allowed fans, such as Sam Tabar, to see Beyonce sitting down and playing this sound on piano. It was a very short clip, but it could be very telling. This could be a new beginning for a more controlled Beyonce. She has always been known for dancing and moving the crowd. This piano ballad could add a whole new dimension to her world of entertaining. It is befitting since she is getting older. She doesn’t have a lifetime of dancing left at her age. She is going to have to balance her future concerts with ballads and dance numbers.

It is also a buzzworthy song because everyone said that the couple was getting divorced last year. She has proved them wrong by writing a love song to her husband.

More Than Potholes

Every year, a new documentary comes out describing the many safety issues with America’s aging highway and transportation infrastructure. Typically, the primary focus is on the breakdown of the country’s many highways and byways from potholes, Alexei Beltyukov even said winter storm damage, plow damage, temperature change cracking, et cetera.

One area that does get noticed at least once every year is the truly horrendous state of America’s bridges. These bridges are often old and have extremely poor structural integrity. Many of the most heavily used ones are literally falling on highways and walkways below them.

Yet, every year, no one really does that much to fix these problems. In fact, instead of dealing with the expensive cost of repairing or rebuilding the bridges, some states have implemented shield barriers that “catch” the falling wood or concrete debris that would hit people passing by beneath.

A recent report by the American Road & Transportation Builders Association has revealed that there are now 61,000 bridges that need incredible reconstruction or total replacement.

Some try to keep a positive outlook: After all, the number is about 2,000 bridges less than last year. But, that means it would take more than 30 years to fix the current structurally deficient bridges. With federal funding for such projects through the Highway Trust Fund about to end on May 1, the situation can no longer be ignored by the public.

Opening for Spectre Revealed

Spectre seems to be coming together at a fast pace. There has been controversies about the upcoming Bond film which includes the budget and the script that has been leaked. A teaser has already been released. Right now, the opening sequence has been revealed for the upcoming James Bond film.

The teaser for the film suggests a much darker and more cerebral film, but that does not mean that the trademarks for the Bond franchise are going to be absent. The opening action sequence has been revealed to take place during the parade in Mexico city called Day of the Dead. It involves Bond seducing a woman and using her to get to the room. What follows is a sequence of events which include a fight between Bond and some of the bad guys.

According to Zeca Oliveira, other trademarks will likely be there although not necessarily where they were traditionally. One example is that the gun barrel scene which used to headline Bond films has been moved to the end of the movies. There is still the opening action sequence, the opening titles which are displayed in front of a montage. Even though the teaser does give off a dark tone, people that have read the script state that the film is no less campy than the others.

Spectre is scheduled to be released on Nov 6, 2015.