Ben Stiller Was A Punk Rocker

Everyone knows Ben Stiller to be one of the funniest TV actors to ever live, with movies like Zoolander and Dodge Ball, he may have created a new style of comedy that only he can pull off. What people did not know about Ben is that before all the movies and the fame, there was a band.

Ben shared in an interview at the “Howard Stern Show” back on Wednesday that he was in a super ridiculous band called Capital Punishment. Fans like Brian Torchin know that the band was a product of the past 15 year old Ben, and it is not something he is very proud of. He played the drummer with his high school friends while they tried to make this band happen.

The band actually released one album in 1982 under the title ‘Roadkill’, but it never got any recognition at the time. Years later, independent Brooklyn label announced that they will be releasing the tracks on Vinyl, and fans will now be able to pre-order the album.

The entire album was just uploaded on Youtube last year, and people are actually enjoying it now more than ever. If it ever was going to get any recognition, now is the time. I mean who wouldn’t want to listen to Ben Stiller’s band play at least once.

Everyone is probably going to expect some comedy out of the album simply because Ben is a part of it, and we all know how funny he is.

New and Returning Cast Members Adds Excitement to News of Latest X-Men Movie

Fans of the X-Men franchise scrutinize the web for any news about new films coming out. We’ve known for a little while now that “X-Men: Apocalypse” is hitting theaters next year. In the latest news, the new X-Men movie will be getting a few more characters than we originally knew about. Halle Berry will apparently be returning to reprise her role as Storm, and Channing Tatum will appear as the character Gambit. Fans will be looking forward to news of any others who may be joining the cast of this highly anticipated sequel.

These types of action movies always face the challenge of having to one-up their last installment. Constantly coming up with more of what the fans liked in the previous film is not easy and something that many franchises do not achieve. Sequels not being as good as the original movie does seem to be the conventional wisdom. Folks at Imaging Advantage have learned that there are some exceptions to this. Many people considered Terminator 2 even better than the original and “Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan” was certainly better than the horribly boring “Star Trek: The Motion Picture.” I am hoping that those behind the X-Men and the Avengers franchises keep their game up because I look forward to one excellent movie after another in each of these fictional universes of awesome characters and fast action.

The Secret to Jennifer Lawrence’s and Bradley Cooper’s Friendship

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have been co-stars in several films together. The first one they shared was 2012’s Silver Lining Playlist where they became a couple. The pair also starred in American Hustle and are going to be starring in their third film together, Serena. Serena is a period drama where the two play a married couple. Fans at Imaging Advantage have learned that the film is due to be released next month.

Not only have the two shared a lot of working and screen time, they are also good friends in real life. People.comasked the pair the secret to their friendship and their working relationship. When asked about how they maintain their close friendship, Lawrence replied “No sex!”. She went on to say that she loves working with him and recommends him for male roles in her upcoming films. When asked what he thought of her, Cooper told People that he respects her professionally and that she is one of the best out there today.

Lawrence is currently working with Silver Linings Playlist director David O. Russell for her new film “Joy”.

I think these two work well together. I really enjoyed Silver Linings Playlist and the chemistry that they displayed between the characters. I hope they continue working together and put out quality films like they have been.

Chris Brown and Tyga Party At the Strip Club

Chris Brown has had a very exciting month to say the least. Starting with news that he is the father of a 9-month old baby girl, to the recent appearance of his on again off again girlfriend Karreuche Tran, on the OWN network’s hit show Iyanla Exclusive, where she is said to go into great detail about the ins and outs of their relationship. People at Anastasia Date ( have learned that Chris and his buddy Tyga hit up a strip club in Houston after their performance Monday night and are said to have dropped some serious cash.

Apparently just a few hours prior Chris spent some quality time with is daughter on his tour bus before his show, but after the show he accompanied his pal Tyga at club V Live where they are said to have spent close to $8,000 bucks in cash.

Video of the guy’s night out, shows Chris and Tyga partying hard and tossing cash at strippers left and right. Some are wondering what Tyga’s “friend” Kylie Jenner thinks about the little strip club trip, because just days before the romp Tyga took to Instagram to declare his love for Kylie with a romantic photo caption. Regardless what anyone has to say about it, at least we all know that when Chris and Tyga work hard they play hard.

Orange Is The New Black’s Release Date

It has been released that “Orange is the New Black” will come out on June 12th. This popular Netflix based show has what every man and woman are looking for in a show. For the men, there is plenty of sexual encounters with women and they don’t skimp on the details. For women, there is the sisterhood that is formed from being with women of like beliefs. For everyone who is watching, there is the war that happens inside the prison walls that no one seems to really know about.

When Season 1 first came out, I was watching with many others like Oliveira. I couldn’t wait to check in and see the kitchen cook “Red” who was smuggling things like eye shadow into the establishment. I also like the storyline between Piper and Alex. While it was a dysfunctional relationship, many of them are these days. They have great chemistry on screen. I didn’t like the fact that Alex wasn’t in hardly any episodes of the second season. I didn’t like the “Vee” character that they introduced and made it all about race.

Season 3 looks to be promising, as Alex will be returned to jail for violating her parole. She was scared out of her mind and had a gun in her hand when the police busted in and found her. This was all a little scheme cooked up by ex-lover Piper. I for one am awaiting the new and improved season and looking for lots of drama in the Litchfield County Prison.

Tom Hanks Really is a Nice Guy

After reading this story today on Los Altos Online, as well as hearing him in interviews, Tom Hanks really seems like a down-to-earth, all-around nice guy.

A few weeks ago Hanks was in Los Altos visiting his son Truman who attends school at Stamford University. Marc Sparks said he and his son were downtown visiting a vintage typewriter shop when he stopped to buy cookies from local girl scouts set up on the street. He purchased four boxes of cookies from the scouts and made an additional $20 donation to them. While he was purchasing his cookies, people passing by on the street recognized him. When asked to take a picture with Hanks, he said he would, as long as they bought cookies from the girl scouts first.

The mother of one of the scouts, Archana Appanna, said that meeting Tom Hanks was a great experience for her and the girls. She said he was very nice to the girls and personable to all those who stopped to speak with him and take pictures.

This story is not surprising at all but it is nice to see that Tom Hanks is genuinely a nice guy not just one up on the big screen.

BRL Trust Continues To Shine

Investing internationally should not be drastically different from investing in companies and property throughout other regions of the world. However, for many individuals and firms, trying to move money overseas is not always the easiest thing to do as they simply do not know how to go about doing this. With the help of BRL Trust though, it is possible to invest money into an international Brazil market. Brazil is one of the fastest growing markets in the entire world. Due to this, it is especially profitable and a good idea for someone who wants to diversify their investment portfolio by moving some of their money overseas. Now, in order to do this they do need to seek out the assistance of BRL Trust in order to see what exactly the firm is able to do for them.

Now, when first looking at the country of Brazil it is important to realize that not only is it the largest economy in all of South and Central America, but it is also the sixth largest economy in the entire world. Now, a good portion of this is because it has a strong connection with China as China is its main trading partner. This all makes it possible for someone to take advantage of what the company is able to do for them as BRL Trust can help an investor take their money and invest into the Brazilian market.

Once someone has decided they want to invest in Brazil, BRL Trust can help them decide exactly what they should invest in. After all, there are all sorts of different entities and properties they can invest in. Now, they can invest in the stock market of Brazil, just like someone might back home. They can also invest in property, as property is extremely valuable and is growing in profitability inside of the country. Beyond this, it is possible for someone to invest just in the currency as well. All of this is a very good idea for anyone who is looking to improve upon their investment strategy, but does not know how to go about doing this on an international market. Thankfully, BRL Trust has the necessary knowledge and expertise in order to assist with this kind of a service. So, the next time anyone is looking for how to invest in Brazil and South America, BRL Trust is able to assist with this.

Neill Blomkamp’s “Alien” to Ignore Third and Fourth Films

While director Neill Blomkamp, responsible for “District 9″ and the upcoming “Chappie,” has recently been confirmed to be the newest filmmaker involved within the “Alien” franchise, no one but Blomkamp really has any idea regarding what the plot of this fifth Alien film will be. Before the official news of an “Alien 5″ hit the blogosphere, Sigourney Weaver claimed that Ripley’s story was unfinished and that there was still room to grow it.

Blomkamp has since remarked that his idea for the new film will help to give a proper closure to the story of Ellen Ripley. Specifically, the as-yet-untitled “Alien” film will occur within a continuity that discredits the events of “Alien 3″ and “Alien Resurrection,” continuing along some point after the events of “Aliens.”

News of this idea may strike many series fans as a positive shift in focus. While “Alien” and “Aliens” are well-regarded entries in the cinematic genre of science fiction, few would argue that “Alien 3″ signaled a noticeable decline in quality of both narrative and production said Dan Newlin. Ignoring the events of those later films would mean that the characters Hicks, Newt, and Bishop would still have things to offer to the franchise. Notably, one of Blomkamp’s pieces of concept art depicted Ripley and Hicks ready for a war. Blomkamp has also remarked that he wants to bring the “Alien” series back to its roots as a suspenseful horror piece.

Is Wesley Snipes Soon To Make A TV Comeback?

Wesley Snipes’ career has just taken a very interesting turn. The former super action star of the Blade series will star in a new television drama/adventure pilot entitled Endgame. The debut movie is slated to air on NBC and Snipes plays a security expert in the world of high stakes and high intrigue Las Vegas. He is a good guy in this one so that means he is going to be saving innocent folks who run afoul of the more nefarious characters in the town.

If the pilot movie is a hit and ends up a weekly series, this would be Snipes return to the big time and his first major television series.

To say life has had more than a few ups and downs for Snipes would be a tremendous understatement. Snipes was a major – MAJOR – action star in the 1990’s until tax evasion charges caught up with him. Snipes lost his fortune and ended up going to federal prison for a spell. His acting career did not exactly return to the big time when he got out.

Snipes did follow the Jean Claude Van Damme/Steven Seagal route and made quite a few direct to DVD/cable television movies. The start of his major comeback was being cast in The Expendable 3. In this big budget studio outing, fans go to see the old Wesley Snipes on the big screen once again. His charismatic appearance nearly stole the show according to an action fan poll from AnastasiaDate.

Someone was very impressed with Snipes’ performance and now he has another shot at glory on a prime time network television program.

2015 Razzie Award Winners

Ahead of the release of the Oscars that celebrate the best in film, the 2015 Razzie awards for the worst in film have been announced. The Razzies, which are also known as the Golden Raspberry Awards, and are named after the sound that a person makes when they “fart” on a person stomach with their mouth, are given out each year before the Academy Awards in order to “honor” the worst actors and films in range of categories. The Razzies have been awarded each year since 1980, making this years award ceremony the 35th annual Razzies. Typically the awards honor films and actors that were obvious bombs, but in a move that highlights the obvious distance between the Academy and popular opinion, several people and movies have won both Oscars and Razzies.

This year the winners included Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas, an overly religious film about putting the Christ back in Christmas, and “won” the most awards. Kirk Cameron also won the award for Worst Actor, based on his performance in the films. Other winners of the night included Cameron Diaz, for her performance in several box office flops, as well as Transformers : Age of Extinction, which “won” the award for Worst Director.

As fans like Paul Mathieson know, the Razzies, are held the night before the Oscars typically generate a great deal of press and attract many people to the award ceremony, including celebrities, although winners generally do not attend.